EU Announces Plans to Create Digital Single Market

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EU Announces Plans to Create Digital Single Market

Post  Sirop14 on Wed May 06, 2015 1:12 pm

EU Announces Plans to Create Digital Single Market

BRUSSELS—The European Union unveiled a signature plan to unite the region’s fragmented online markets and crack down on possible abuses by U.S. Internet firms, a move policy makers hope will boost the economy and help spawn Internet giants to rival Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.

The plans, six months in the making, are a cornerstone of efforts by the EU’s recently appointed executive arm to jump-start growth. They contain 16 initiatives ranging from an overhaul of the region’s telecommunications rules to harmonized copyright and tax regimes to cybersecurity and even better parcel delivery.

A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission sets out 16 initiatives to make it happen

EU prüft "Preisstarrheiten" im digitalen Binnenmarkt

Bruxelles enquête et veut régenter les géants du commerce en ligne

Comment - We have written of the role/importance that SIROP program played in the CERN deployment of the WWW, the Mitterrand Issues and the Minitel.

Equally, the important role of that SIROP program in the Silicon Valley IT mega development - those officials and authorities who were involved.

From 1991 the many issues, project like Window, Linux, Google, Yahoo, the Facebook, not because these are well know sever other projects.

The many Stock market and Exchange issues we have supported and driven.

We have two large portal projects driving and synergizing some of the issues and the need to rebuild one of them and when this is done the important leverage/dynamic it will provided in many of EU Digital Union Program.


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