Le jour où le FN a suspendu Jean-Marie Le Pen

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Le jour où le FN a suspendu Jean-Marie Le Pen

Post  Sirop14 on Tue May 05, 2015 8:35 am

Le jour où le FN a suspendu Jean-Marie Le Pen

Une journée particulière conclue lundi soir par deux décisions spectaculaires: la suspension de Jean-Marie Le Pen de sa qualité d'adhérent du FN et la tenue d'un congrès extraordinaire. Le siège du parti cerné par les journalistes, une ambiance électrique, l'attente de décisions inédites… Tous les ingrédients du suspense politique étaient réunis à Nanterre, sur fond de crise historique entre Marine Le Pen et son père. La première estimait que les provocations du fondateur n'étaient plus compatibles avec la ligne, les statuts et les objectifs du parti. Le second considérait que son statut et sa liberté lui autorisaient presque tout. C'est dans ce contexte d'incompréhension mutuelle, conforté par un 1er mai un peu chaotique, que les instances dirigeantes ont entendu, dès 10 heures, Jean-Marie Le Pen lundi, ...


Jean-Marie Le Pen ne souhaite plus la victoire de sa fille en 2017

Approuvez-vous la décision prise par le Front national de suspendre Jean-Marie Le Pen ?

Le Pen-Streit: Vater torpediert Präsidentschafts-Pläne der Tochter

Comment - 5/5/2015

For the past 7 days have been watching many of the old Black and white film 1938 era, Manon de Sources - modern version of Jean de Florette and the many old Black and white film by the same director  - Topaze - Fernandel - Marcel Pagnol  - How many remembers the new version of Topaz then 1979/80, the new version of Manon de sources - Jean de Florette and many others.

For us the importance is not the quality of the image but the contents of the film, the Black and white gave you the original story and less/no hypes compared to the modern / versions.

The Human and society values back in those days and left for those who care to study/ relive in those old Black and white film.  Among our favorite is Topaz - given our education as a child SDA school Bel Eaux very conservative and the British and French Colonial residential ares by the School. How we and those children were educated and the values of the Teachers. In Austria the path we choose and my respective responsibility as an Interdisciplinary Management Executive some 35 years experiences. By the way the actor look so very much like PM Berlosconi.

This particular teacher lands though giving after school/Tutions to this young person and his parents after he was sacked for proposing to the Head of the school daughter. ( We had Today's Bishop Chang Him and Today's Dr Brian Barbier, then Mr Stenley Durup, Head of then Mont Flurie Secondry school, to give us after school help/Tutions. ) France politic then.

- Those who have ask of us another of those old Black and White film we like - we were taught to eat /appreciate Bread Pudding at a very young age the Family Bakery at St Louis, beneath the Delhomme - Stevenson old Property and the  De Chermond/Souyave, Telfer, the Sovage Old Property the SDA church there today, the Morel, the Hoareau LIZ Gardner of Jehovah Witness, Stravens/Adeline, D'hailluer/Calais, Point, Confait, Denousse, Loiseau,  Mein and Tall  family, the Lefevre/LeFebreve, Family  one of the Classic is "La Femme du Boulanger" -

He is offered a job and those of us who have found our self in similar situation and the story.  Corruption then and corruption in government today. Right across the board.

From an Interdisciplinary prospective how watching these old Black and White French film is impacting many issues and we will not wast out time/other to write about them - "what for for the dogs and a Cats".  In those days those/the application of that infernal Satanic rage/rave mechanism just did not exist and the massive gap and difference in society' world workings today how this impact so many issue and ye the soc all experts, media, politicians, police, justice and judiciary their dishonesty, cover up lies and distortions. They use and abuse this infernal system.

Back in the early days of the Seychelles exile/refugee politic then Cold War  - those who fought and opposed communist/ Communism and Mr Jean Marie Le Pen and his associates - how they helped and supported our cause against the communist system in Seychelles , Africa  and the world -

There are very many in  and across France who know ad are very aware of our Seychelles EU community workings and that SIROP program in spite of the two masonic lodge current position, the French Media and many others. Our respective responsibility and what we have written.

It was and have been watching that old 1938 Black and White film which influenced and impacted that the Front national withdraw Mr Jean Marie Le Pen Member ship - we will be watching those Old Black and White film until and after the British 7 May, 2015 election.

In case me Jean Marie Le Pen fail to read this comment those who would have the decency to inform him or point it to him get him to read our comments. We know the French police, Intelligence Service will be reading this comment. Other EU Officials and Authorities.

The point being had I to be in France, Spain or Austria, the Indian Ocean this day or the past two weeks the British election would have been very difference and yet what the blasted media and those in the USA are carping about their utter dishonesty/lies.

Many may dislike our approach and having address this issues here - we have been battling the EU for some 20 years what compelled them to go/pass that Terrorist Legislation, what ensued and across the world  - it was that infernal Satanic rage/Crack vibe mechanism and if France is going to be destroyed people its citizens need/have right to know,  beside I/we have very extended Family roots in France  several , their children and workings today we owe then to account/explain share our issues.  

Two days ago we addressed openly the issues of an after election of a Conservative Coalition - their decision to withdraw form the EU Justice and European Union - over the past five years our efforts to get UNHCR to resettle our person under the UN Protocol on the continent - going to PM Cameron or the UKIP Leader to sign our papers - the procedure - we can and may also call on on Mr Jean Marie le Pen to support our application. His Party and Old Official like those form Pan European Union know of our role/work to help change the super cack in that Sechelles Seychelles and our respective fate today. We have also worked with many Catholic relevant institutions, past 35 years  - but will not ask for their help.



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