Obama picks University of Chicago for presidential library

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Obama picks University of Chicago for presidential library

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 01, 2015 9:26 am

Obama picks University of Chicago for presidential library

Obama presidential library to be built in Chicago – reports
Expected site is at University of Chicago, where president taught before becoming a senator, on land pre-approved by city council for the purpose


President Obama has picked the University of Chicago to host his future presidential library, according to multiple news reports.

The university was picked over Columbia University in New York , the president's alma mater, as well as the University of Hawaii and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum - Wikipedia

Comment - It is very interesting this news breaking - this morning after praying Mr Rawat made a very strong remark specially after the issues/info we added about the Young Mauritius leading athlete and her inspiration to help us put that SIROP program online in 2012 and the  massive synergy/dynamic it released/developed and those who manage the Rawat multinational their respective management reactions.

He felt/judge we had been dishonest and had not written the important Muslim/many Arabs countries, national process, economy and politic impacted by that SIROP program - we had retorted given the very grave sensitivity, we would need the white House special clearance, the USA Senate and State Department. Mr Imran Khan is of the same view too we had been dishonest and not told the world of the important Muslim/Respective Arabs countries involvements and impacts, development. Eventually the UN and the European Union - part of the effort we made last year/2014 with the pan European Union - to discuss such issues. Had Dr Otto von Hapsburg been alive - his important support and involvement when he was alive- those from Austria Dr Bruno Kreisky, President FA Mitterrand Family and Institute.

Now that the President Barack Obama Library is decided  - like we worked, with president Reagan Library, President Bush and President Clinton - Trust this will be a very special work from those who will be managing this historic project. Beside President Obama himself.


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