Seychelles Communist Steal From Emirates!

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Seychelles Communist Steal From Emirates!

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:59 pm

Seychelles Communist Steal From Emirates!

History repeats itself the saying goes. In the case of the $500 Million development -investment project by Emirates Hotels, a branch of Emirates Airlines, the saying is painful for it's lost innSeychelles, Cap Ternay Mega hotel development.

Last week James Michel, the President of Seychelles, announced he will not permit this project to go through after it has been approved by the Planning Authority and the Consul of Ministers, which Mr. Michel presides over weekly.

$30 Million Lost Overnight

With this announcement, Mr. Michel, accused for taking on habits of a king or monarch most recently, cost Emirates Group $ 30 Million in losses from fees paid for the land, taxes, kickbacks, and survey fees, security fees, site clearing. Surveyors alone had spent two years on the site methodically drawing up a topole or site diagram to assist designers on placing units.

With Mr. Michel making such an abrupt turnaround, the Emirates money disappeared over night.

Emirates Airline Pullout Next

Emirates runs 14 flights a week to Seychelles. sheikh Mohammed has said on SBC the gay rights national broadcasting corporation program, that : " if we are not wanted here, we will just go. Our assets are all movable, we can just cut the flights. We have not built anything yet".

How Many Investors Have Been Burned In Seychelles

Comment -
This is the second time we address this issues - our wish that when the Police in Mauritius opened the safe of Dr Navin Ramgolam - they ought to have found the person of President J A Michel.

Our Friend on Facebook vanished over night about the time the decision in Sechelles Seychelles took /was taking place - We have addressed the important reason why the Gulf nation are interested in Seychelles - for a personality of the caliber of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, very surprised and concern.

We have written that Palm Jumeria Development, those form Costain, Beatty Balfour and Mc Alpine who went to the Prince with the project using our dynamic and synergy what ensued. They owned my person money and never paid a cent.

We protested and the global meltdown and some near 30% got wiped off the Gulf region Sovereign Fund - that is a massive amount of money and things have began to improve. Nobody learn.

The coming of Emirate to Sechelles Seychelles our contribution and input again - {" That infernal satanic rage/rage, Mad cow criminal phenomena "} those using, abusing and applying it in high corporate issues then afterwards.

It is interesting to note that, that Development would have cost $500 million plus 20% cost overrun. The same amount of money as that SIROP program. President FA Rene and J A Michel would like to believe they control that program/make other believe they do.

My /our person worked form a High Interdisciplinary management prospective with his late Father, and before that - his own apprenticeship and current position.

We have this situation - have read Mr Christopher Gill Blog.


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