‘Cap Ternay hotel project decision bold but not politically motivated’

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‘Cap Ternay hotel project decision bold but not politically motivated’

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:28 pm

‘Cap Ternay hotel project decision bold but not politically motivated’

The decision taken by the government to call off the Cap Ternay hotel project development is a good and bold decision which has nothing to do with politics, President James Michel has said.

President Michel made the remark to the press after delivering his State-of-the- nation address on Thursday evening during which he announced that the project has been called off.

“The decision was not politically motivated and it was not to gain political mileage as we are a government who has a plan and work according to established structures and decisions are made when the time is right. In the case of the Cap Ternay project, the decision was taken when the results of the studies related to the project were received. If the results were to have been received in two months, they would have been announced then,” President Michel stressed.

Asked about the government’s position with regard to the Grand Police development project around which issues of concern related to the environment had also been raised by citizens, President Michel said he is not aware of those concerns but pointed out that he knows that the same small group of people is using the project for political campaign and for their own political gains.

He stressed that the project has gone through the same mandatory Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

“We mean what we say and we take action to ensure that our environment is not only protected but well managed for future generations to benefit,” President Michel pointed out.

To go back to the Cap Ternay hotel development project, President Michel stressed that nothing specifically prompted his decision as there are in place proper structures that govern all decision-making with regard to large projects and the Cap Ternay hotel development was no exception. It had to go through an EIA process as well as other scientific research and evaluation that had to be made especially regarding the coral reefs,” President Michel said.

He noted that after all these research were conducted the reports indicate that it will adversely affect the environment and the ecosystem of the place especially the bay where we have the most beautiful corals.

“The decision I took after studying these reports was in the interest of Seychelles and the Seychellois people and to protect our environment for future generations. As a responsible and civilised government we do not just impose our will and make declarations before informing the promoters,” President Michel explained.

He noted that after being informed of the decision the promoters agreed, adding that they were not aware of the seriousness of the situation and they would not do anything that would endanger or affect Seychelles’ reputation with regard to its leadership role in the protection and management of the environment.

President Michel said it is unfortunate that certain people have decided to play politics with the Cap Ternay hotel development where he himself has been accused of destroying the environment and Seychelles reputation.

“You all know that if there is anyone who has always defended our natural heritage, our environment and continues to do so it is me,” President Michel said in his address.

He went on to say that on the international scene he has defended the cause of the environment, of the small island states with the same vigour, the same passion and conviction.



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