Australia deports 24 Irish people over alleged building scam

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Australia deports 24 Irish people over alleged building scam

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:18 pm

Australia deports 24 Irish people over alleged building scam

We added after two years of working that SIROP portal 2012, a small article about the Seychellois Catholic belief in Australia - have not to date followed/studied and impact in the Australia media - our view what for for the "cats and dogs". We do expect other to point them to us too/please.

However this Saturday morning this article, Australia is very big - it is not right to go for the "small fry" as they say and the very big fish who have been making very vast fortunes, $ millions/billion since 1987 on the back of that Historic exile/refugee program, the person of Mr Rupert Murdoch among others - yes, in case our 25/30,000 Seychellois community in Australia do not and have failed to be informed on that back of that SIROP program and more so Australia economic woes 2008/9, how this have changed since we have had that portal two years ago running. Hence that Catholic Church article on our exile/refugee portal. Those who used the European Terror Legislation to shut us up not take about our SIROP important contribution to that country economy, politic, social development - progress. and they are at it again. This is when we break the rules and write what we are not supposed to share in public.

Can some of the Irish Seychelles Police point this thread to your friends/government, NGO and very many others.

Australia deports 24 Irish people over alleged building scam

Link to the Seychelles exile portal article Catholic Church/communities in Australia.'s-RC-Church-Bairnsdale-Vic-2.jpg

News International phone hacking scandal Wikipedia

Here's what a court in London decided on the News of the World's phone hacking scandal

The utterly dishonest/highly corrupt approach of President J A Michel government - yesterdays 23/1/2015 first meeting of the Super national Forum also covered in that article - their agenda Communication/media and the announcement in Nation 24/1/2105 President FA Rene Book to be promoted and displayed in London. The near thousands of Academicians in that Sechelles Seychelles their qualification who refuse to think critically - refuse to challenge the contents of that book.
Former President Rene’s biography to be launched at the Brunei Gallery in London


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