The Historic visit of President Obama and wife/ USA First Lady to Queen Elizebeth

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The Historic visit of President Obama and wife/ USA First Lady to Queen Elizebeth

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:43 am

The Historic visit of President Obama and wife/ USA First Lady to Queen Elizebeth

Beside the fact that this 1st of April was a very wired Day – very many reasons, the issues of angers – Loire 18 years ago. Very strangely enough President Nicolas Sarkosy all those who swore at us in Europe , specially the Royalty and the Fraternal establishment over our important Jewish connection we took to angers -SVP in relation to that SIROP etc Exile return program all the documents, the issues of the COMECON changes, USSR change, Berlin Wall and German reunification – Sarkosy position and stand on the G20 Summit on the global financial restructuring.

The hand of fate and history also play April fool with human if need be – why so.

We also watched the terrible situation and degradation on the streets of London specially by the Bank of england and Royal Bank of Scotland – the blood of those young white, who have worked hard, studied, believed in the system and are being let down – the rip off - their thieving big corporation , the big boss and the methods. Our Son the reason he was born in angers – Loires – SVP and those who have done everything to disconnect, cover up, lie about what really took place in angers and the contents of those suitcases – those suit case contents – most important the suitcase of Mrs Epstine – the sister of Lord Beloff – Lady Tacther former advisor and we had seek his advice on that SIROP etc Exile return program.

There are those who have known and we say this for those of the greater public who have forgotten or do not know – we went to Angers – Loire, SVP with certain powerful Austrian – Vienna connection. The So call Red Barons of Vienna and their meeting place – the important role they played in the politic and economy of Austria, the COMECON, USSR. Very strangely the mega financial fiasco which have hit the Austrian Banking and financial system and their economy in a very major way – the many letters, email , articles we have written , our portal project those politicians and Fraternal high parties who have behaved in atrocious way and this G 20 Summit in London. We are not in the business of spinning or slanting an issues to our liking or needs – we try our best to state the issues as they are/were or shut up.

Most important with yesterdays events – was the visit of President Obama and his wife to the Queen. President Obama before he became an important Senator work and involvement in the Voluntary and NGO sectors and those who marched and protested in London – equally very relevant the very reason he was elected in case the USA and British media forgets in their efforts to cash in , make their big money and kill. The USA Military and Pentagon. He was elected/put there because of those who had known the issues of the WDM – the dubiousness of it all,, the lie – the methods that Blair and Bush patched/hatched the WDM so that they could kill two birds with one stone – maintain their grip and stronghold on world affairs and power and make vast fortunes for their boss or allies.

Now we come to the import part of the thread – President Sarkosy government stated they will deport migrant from France - Black and others because of the migration politic and issues of Africa and EU. The economy of Africa. The position the EU is adopting.

We have also followed and have contributed to President Sarkosy Mediterraneans economic entity etc. thew Muslim Nations their positions.

It is very bizarre and strange on the very day that President Barack Obama and wife - the first colored USA President to visit the Queen - those young mass white who wanted to storm the Bank of england – what this spells the real powers and politic of big money and finance for the past 18 years.

Most important the situation that before the crises of Northern Rock – those who appreciate and understand in archaic/fraternal – masonic – Christian term the meaning of Northern rock – those leading politicians and other individuals who refused to listen and the first big bust up – the ฃ100 billions they had to pump into that Bank to safeguard it. And son on.

Followed by the rapid deterioration of the financial system in the USA – the important link the British Financial system to that of the USA for those who know including former Alan Green span and others.

It would be good or important if somebody could add up meanwhile the domino reaction which have affected the world,financial system and the economic system and other aspect of the world functioning, in total the $ trillions. What has this to do with President Obama visit to the Queen – everything – can anybody ask her Majesty and other to recall the issues of Anos - Anus Horibilus what they were all about and her Majesty very comment and remarks.

We have written some very strong threads about the AU and the role of Ghadaffi, the issues of United State of Africa and those who want what – why. Meal while th real situation in the village, the towns and the cities or regions of African Union.

We have written of the Edinburgh summit of those involved to write off Africa debt and what hapenned to the $500 billions.

The very same sinister way those $500 billions evaporated in African Union debt issues, the same approach they used to build the WDM issues – the same approach they used to cove the Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayad killing /accident. This is the uniquenesses of President Barack Obama visit to the Queen.

The amount of money meanwhile used to bail out the corrupted financial system, their big boss and the many economy have amount4d more than the $10 – 15trillions.

The issues of the liaison of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed – the Kasoghi involvement – the big money issues. A very great deal have not been said in public about Princess Diana important link with our /Seychelles EU community – the Royal, nobility, archaic/fraternal link etc. Those who knew and have covered up. The issues of those involved to destroyed those two units we had in Kent at Caple Court Country Club – Courage Breweries – the issues we addressed the Canterbury court. They did this so that we could not get out of Eng;land and they could continue to manipulate, abuse and rip us off. Princess Diana and the Al Fayad/Kashogi was aware and very many other the big building companies their consortium's.

When the Kent Police and those involved forced us to return to London – in spite of the unique role and contribution's we had played in the COMECON , USSR, Indian ocean Germany Reunification - , the Irish people North and South knowledge and involvements – those in London or Britain who did not gave a hoot like the WDM issues, their thinking and many other terrible incidents. They had wanted to make a bigger kill. They knew and had known all the detail role and involvement we had played in getting that Channel project started, the issues of the Nord Pas de Calais, the Med Basin economic program, the Nord Alpine economic program – the issues of the refinancing of the Channel Tunnel. Those who had wanted to use us and our ability and connection to force the Market to make the announcement about the building of the Morocco Channel Tunnel Link – the many threads we have written and explanation. The Masonic Lodges in Islington and London – the terrible condition we were forced to live in in and to set up the situation – put us to live with drunkards, mental case and the such they could use these individuals they had programmed tor to cream , us off – get vital information around our person and work and pass that on to the city and the scums on the streets – the Head quarter of the leading Scot building company at the back of Hibury and Islington hotel – Jewish Care and other who help us get a place to stay - the owner Irish/Jewish.

Most important the satanic rave/rage, crack vibe and such mechanism that was being used and applied two weeks prior to the death and accident of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayad – those who know hwy and what they were used for to manipulate the press, to manipulate the \markets and manipulated big business to make a decision on the go ahead of that Morocco - Spanish tunnel estimated ฃ10 – 15 billions those who had wanted the Contracts and involvement by using us. Princess Dina was aware and in the know even if the like of his Butler never spoke this in court and others.

We have said and stated we protested – we said bluntly and those who wanted to get rid of us because we did not want to take part in the scam and con – our community important Italian archaic/fraternal – Christians heritage and involvements. The Al Fayad and Kashogi knew about this and the dangers if they cross certain line what may and can happen even if the had ฃbillions at their disposal. Past large corporate development and attempts had proved them this. For this reason we had also written to Princess Diana – given our archaic/fraternal. Christian education, knowledge – European royal connection tried to explain certain issues to her.

Having said this the current situation African Union , those who have been watching us from African Union - those who are there just to cream and build their position in African Union – former Dr Kofi Anan is fully aware of what is going on.

The EU and Britain involvements in the African Union migration, economy issues including former Prime minister Blair. Those in Strasbourg and France their point of view.

We have added a link of the Morocco Spanish channel Tunnel on our Portal and explained certain issues – the cal for investors and the way those interested because they are dealing with Arabs/Muslims and Africa drag their feet, manipulate, played their very dirty politic – the role of Preside Ghadaffi.

From the $15 trillions that have been used to back the bad banks, the financial institutions and the destruction of the world economy – had those crooks and thieves and dishonest so and so like they say there is no money for the hospital or the school or the unemployed if they had use a fraction of that money to finance that African – Spanish link and a modest economic program for Africa – the massive migration to Europe would have slowed. - those African youth would have seen the commitment and believe that the Europeans and those who control the world financial system really want to do something for Africa. Instead of those from African Union attending the G20 like dogs waiting for a bone to be thrown at them – they could have had what decent dogs get to eat alt least. Not just bones if they wanted to adopt this attitude.

We have written about our link to Kenya and Kenya to Britain the colonial heritage and education system – given the reason President Obama came pot power was elected – this G20 Summit not just the young white bleeding and protesting – in Africa, the dreadful situation and the migration situation. Him meeting the Queen and dining with those who were there. The 18th year those luggage we left in Angers – Loires France – the ancient castle of the French kings, nobilities and lords - their archaic/fraternal Christian heritage, those who know what we are on about. Issues which have started the first and second world ward the same mechanism.

We also draw every body attention to the very important issues Pope Benedict addressed on his Africa Tour/Mission - his call, what it was all about given the state of things in the world.

Foot note:

We have been listening to “Sir” Bob Geldoff interview on CNN about the situation in Africa and his article in the Financial Times today.

We have noticed the BBC news of the “ important pick up in property price” this morning left it to those manipulating the News because of the G20 Summit.
However when we listened to CNN explanation why the World Stock Market was “suddenly up and doing well from yesterdays performance” we had to add this foot note.

There are those who know what they did yesterday evening and through out the night that this morning the Markets responded and reacted differently – we had suspected and was aware that was what they were up to – because of the G20 those who know our connections and abilities to influence the Market what they can do to further manipulate the Market and the media - those involved will not be able to manipulate the market tonight and do what they have done – the Market will be down tomorrow morning.

{ By the way those involved they have not made any money or profit except they will talk or brag about what they have done been involved in/rather been instrumental – this is what we term the depraved practice and Bench Mark in England may be the bird got an extra worm and the cars/vehicles on the road got some more juicier information to run about with }

We politely ask those of you who have the nerves to point out thread politely to President Obama and his entourage.
Thank You.


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