Recognition 09-12-2014

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Recognition 09-12-2014

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Recognition 09-12-2014

Andrew Padayachy crowned Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

The second edition of the SCCI’s Business Awards was a huge success. The glitzy event took place last Saturday at the Eden Bleu Hotel on Eden Island.

Flashes lit up the red carpet at the second edition of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (SCCI) Business Awards at Eden Bleu Hotel. The event kicked off with guests being treated to a red carpet photo shoot, champagne and light jazz and blues music courtesy of Trio D’Enfer.

The prestigious charity event, which was attended by some 250 leading personalities from the local business community, included a sumptuous dinner and live music by Emmanuel Marie.
The main aim of the award ceremony is to recognize the achievements of Seychelles’ entrepreneurs and their contribution to the local economy. It also provided an opportunity for the business community to join together in celebration of their achievements for 2014.

In total, 103 businesses and individuals were shortlisted for 10 awards. The categories were: Best Tourism Establishment, Best Retail Services, Best Artisan, Best Manufacturing Award, Best Product Innovative, Best Banking and Financial Services Award, Best Environmental Sustainability Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR).

The chairperson of the SCCI and mastermind behind the Seychelles Business Awards, Marco Francis, described the event as a way of, “recognizing the contribution of our business community and to reward those who have been remarkable in their fields this year. Your presence is testimony to your faith that we can generate growth for Seychelles and power our nation’s progress in this world where the pace of development is fast and furious”.

Furthermore, he noted that, “the past twelve months have been tough for all of us and even as the year ends, we are still facing certain uncertainties. However, that has not stopped us from pushing ahead, forging new paths and defining visions which are at the same time profitable and sustainable in the long term; not just for the private sector, but equally for this beautiful land – our home.”
Mr. Francis also paid tribute to three business individuals – Chaka, Deenu and GS Pillay for their immense contribution to the economic growth and development of Seychelles.

Part of the SCCI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the event raised funds for the North East Point Old People’s Home and Hospital. The Health Minister, Mitcy Larue, thanked the SCCI and other sponsors for their kind contribution to the home and urged private business companies to come forward to support this noble cause.

For its part, East Indies Company Limited contributed a cash donation to North East Point Old People’s Home and Hospital as part of its CSR drive. The cash was handed over by brand manager Michael Saldanha to Minister Larue.

TODAY spoke to the head of iBoost Events and Communication and organiser of this year’s SCCI Business Awards, Glenn Pillay. He said that, “the event has been a success story for the business community. This prestigious charity event has raised funds for the 210 in-patients residing at the North East Point Old People’s Home and Hospital that will improve the living standards, comfort and well-being of those being looked after by these institutions.”
Commenting the donations, Mr. Pillay stated that, “both institutions will receive bed linens, pillow cases and towels; our local airline, Air Seychelles, sponsored the air freight of these items.”

Here are the winners and nominees in each category:
Best Tourism Establishment Award – La Plaine St. Andre
The nominees were: Domaine de L’Orangeraie; Inter-Island Ferry; La Plaine St. Andre; Eden Island Marina; Café des Arts – Praslin; Masons Travel; Maharaja Restaurant; Blue Sea Divers, Hotel l’Archipel; and Chateau St Cloud.
Best Retail Services Award - JOUEL
The nominees were: P&J Supplies; Abhaye Valabjhi; Pillay R Group; Global Supply Centre; Jivan Imports; JOUEL; ISPC; Chaka; BODCO Ltd; Mohan Shopping Centre; and Chez Deenu.
Best Artisan Award – Maria and John Sullivan (Exotic Scents)
The nominees were: Joachim Hoareau; Egbert Marday; Ridley Rose; Merina Nourrice, Georges Camille; Colbert Nourrice; Tom Bowers; James Payet; Maria and John Sullivan (Exotic Scents); and Francis Loizeau.
Best Manufacturing Award – Seychelles Breweries

The nominees were: Seychelles Breweries; Tropical Foods; Indian Ocean Tuna; Shark Ice cream; Kreolor; Takamaka Bay; Food Pro; Soleil; BODCO Ltd; and Ems Furniture.
Best Product Innovation Award – Iles des Palmes
The nominees were: Padayachy Furniture shop; Takamaka Bay; Seychelles Trading Company (STC); Bossy Products; Cable & Wireless; VCS; Laser Pro; Iles des Palmes; ISPC; and Airtel.
Best Banking and Financial Services Award – Mauritius Commercial Bank

The nominees were: Development Bank of Seychelles; Cash Plus; Nouvobanq; Mauritius Commercial Bank; Double Click Exchange; Barclays Bank; UAE Exchange; Seychelles Commercial Bank; TROP-X; and Seychelles Credit Union.
Best Environmental Sustainability Award – Nature Seychelles
The nominees were: Seychelles Breweries; Mont Josephine Pure Water; Rosebelle Farm; Sea Harvest; Nature Seychelles; Dawn Dew Farm; Fresh Cut; Printec Press Holdings; Larue Glass Work; and Mahe Shipping.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Mike King Harman (Hunt Deltel Pty Ltd)
The nominees: Kathleen Mason; Vijay Patel; Soona Oliaji; Lucy Hickerson-Luc; Mike King Harman; Laxmanbhai; Joseph Albert; James Mancham; Micheline Georges; Geva Rene and the late Mr. Deenu.
Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Andrew Padayachy
The nominees were: Andrew Padayachy; Mary and Albert Geers; Mike King Harman; Christopher Gill; Joseph Albert; William Rose; Rowny Vidot; Kathleen Mason; Jose Pool; Mrs. Iqbal Ebrabim; and the late Mr. Deenu.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award – Rotary Club of Victoria Coco de Mer
The nominees were: Barclays Bank; SACOS; Vijay Construction; Airtel; Cable & Wireless; Mia Dunford; Lise Church (Friends of Seychelles); Rotary Club of Victoria Coco de Mer; Myriam Hoareau; and Jean Paul Geffroy.

Comment- We hate to sound like a busted old gramophone record - What the like of President FA Rene, and Dr Maxime Ferrari compared the Seychellois mentality/nation. What really compelled Mr Guy Morel, Mr Mario Giovanni Ricci, Dr Ferrari, Mr Fayon and a few other decision to start SIM in Seychelles 1978. Those important personalities in Austria, Paris and Italy who helped/were involved.  Those were the Cold War and Communist Days. One of these Days you will compel our person to really break away from certain Illuminati practice and benchmark - the decision not to change Sechelles Seychelles by a Military action instead by that SIROP program - behind it some of the greatest and most affluent personality of the world and their institutions - among their science, the need to note in scientific term workings, European benchmark - not English, when something have/has impacted your economy, finance and bread and wine providing needs - this involving he Church/christian aspect - to acknowledge this - unless their brain/mind have been eaten by some reptiles and insects.  Do you know as children we had the capacity to help the rain and lightning - what our elders and grand parents attributed such issues and practices. We have spent 36 years studying this science and discipline. There was a reason those who knew we were heading for a coup d'etat 37/40 years ago did nothing and allow events to take its course.  The fool and imbecile of our person to have helped and intervened so long. We remind all those names cited and great business entities in that Sechelels - what led/cause to three global melt down and those last one - these mechanism are manageable. Do not be like the rest of the world had become blind by greed and nastiness - because when crunch time comes - it is not very amusing.


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