Many individuals – Seychellois brand our nation as savages – Berlusconi New Party

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Many individuals – Seychellois brand our nation as savages – Berlusconi New Party

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:17 pm

Many individuals – Seychellois brand our nation as savages – Berlusconi New Party

We heard of the news of Silvio Berlusconi forming a new Ultra Right party via German TV Phoenix some two days ago – brief news. We had and have been following political development in Madagascar given that the former President Marc Ravalomanana was an Ice cream Seller at least that is the way the media have stated. The mega political distortion in Madagascar leading to the former President becoming the richest man in Madagascar and owing just about everything.

We have also been monitoring political, economic development in Italy since 2008 given the issues of Davos – those, their statement in 2008 – the G20 Summit, our community and many friends in Italy – the issues we have addressed towards our Italian Com unity pager and Alitalia, including the political change Mr Romano Prodi party loosing the election – those who know what we know – including our so call exP2 lodge connections, what we have come to term our archaic/fraternal – Christian connections or heritages.

For the past three years there have been many upheavals in many countries in the Indian Ocean surrounding Seychelles – Seychelles intelligence Service, Special police – the army. Their resources as such their capacity and ability to analyze and grasp or interpret what is going on. Including recent development in Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Comor - those in Seychelles who have been calling for the formation of a New Political party or the merger of some of the political force to change Seychelles because President JA Michel government, the SPPF Ministers just will not listen.

The reason we are threading this article in case those of you in Italy, Switzerland, German , Austria and other large Italian communities wonder or ask what has this to do with Silvio Berlusconi and Italy's Politic. A Very great deal.

The use and application of archaic /fraternal – Christian mechanism, related disciplines from time of ancient is and have always done with due/important reservation – given the many complicated termed Grey areas and methods use.

Polite and briefly we stated on out community forums that we can lend/contribute to Alitalia being saved and events which followed. The mechanism applied and our long and standing friendship as not just a Seychelles Indian ocean Nation our ancient French /European heritage and we as a EU community for some 50 years.

We also explained that because of the situation – the situation that we found our self stuck and not moving forward those from the Italian EU Institutions who have come forward and contributed – helped that we activate those two large Network the EU Seychelles community Network with vast possibilities given the economic situation in the Seychelles – the Indian ocean and EU – then the COI – RIM Association Network. { the decision of President JA Michel to announce that the COI has been working on such project since 2006. }

Beside these two very recent joint efforts our Community have participated in hundreds of such issues , project and efforts – we have not found it necessary each time to explain or put in on the big bell.

However given the very grave and dangerous financial and economic situation – the role and position Italy and their politicians have played in particularly instance Silvio Berlusconi – what transpired and came about. The media distortions, those from other archaic/fraternal – Christan institutions who explained it otherwise and manipulated events other wise. The terrible mess which have come about.

Suffice to inform those of you who need or wish to know our Seychelles EU community combined project have the capacity to influence and contribute to very important EU and their National political developments – including that of Italy. Those around former Mr Romano Prodi who knew and Mr Silvio Berlusconi who knew and know.

The same Community mechanism was used and applied the last time Mr Berlusconi was compelled to leave Office – the issues. Resembling that of the Madagascar President and the current JA Michel Seychelles situation.

For this reason we believe there is the need to underline why those who call us as Seychellois savages for all the gloss – when you go to church or eat a half decent meal or have a glass of decent wine and turn round and behave they way we do in Seychelles something is very abnormal and very wrong – hence those who call us a nation of savages.

To underline what we are trying to say her for those who will make the efforts to understand. Please recall FA Rene Timer and then Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci the peak of their powers and ability to influence not just the little Seychelles but regional and world corporate, political and important social issues. { politely saying our 19 780's archaic/fraternal; - Christian heritage/mechanism} Mr Silvio Berlusconi was not in politic and would never have come into politic - had it not been for some of these very important connection and issues -

We have stated and written a very great deal of that SIROP etc exile return program, the 3rd Republic in 1993, the conception of our EU community Coat of arms, the restructuring of our Seychelles EU community – important not just to our Pied Noirs or French connections but our Italian community connection – We had been stitched by the then Pro Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci Conglomerate – those who believe in Italy, the USA and Sicily only Mr Ricci had the powers and ability to make such important input or impacts. The decision on our part to look around in Italy for those who would understand and support our efforts to find some form of Justice, then Pope John Paul the ll and the position of Silvio Berlusconi then, the political issues, then in powers in EU. Our community decided to use its and these connection to propel, support and contribute to numerous important issues that lend and led Mr Silvio Berlusconi to come to the fore front and finally get elected.

He is not the first and last Individual , organization ,,institutions our Seychelles EU community have approached, supported and expected that our cause and efforts will be respected or honored as the case may be – the length we we to explain to then Prime Minister Tony Blair aspect of our Seychelles EU community working his many visits to Seychelles and friendship with our government he and others decided to stitch us to take our community for a long ride to have no respect for our Seychelles EU community archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage after we had assisted, helped and explained our position – the out come for those who have worked and studied such issues over the past t/6000 years know the outcome. When such instance are abused and became abused.

We will be adding the link of Mr Silvio Berlusconi wikipedia and the new ultra right political party. Those in Italy and other part of the world which have underlined that we need to create a new political party in Seychelles.

We went through a very hard and brutal school of apprenticeship under FA Rene. The Social, economic and political state of Seychelles – what happened in 1986 leading to the so call opposition going on the street, then Parti Seychelles and the rest history. The outcome, the energy and resource wasted.

IN Seychelles we are not Africa, we are not Arabs we are not the jungle of Asia or that of India. Our ancestors founded Seychelles and gave us the education that if we follow and live by it we could become a very important and prowed nation. Those of use in spite of have been badly stitched by FA Rene, Sir James Mancham and J A Michel government to work towards this ancestral practice.

President JA Michel believes there a God or some kind of God. In case he cannot or do not have th time to read our thread - somebody explain to him very briefly.

The abuses and one sided situation cannot go on - a relation to work must have a two way traffic. Especially in the use and application of archaic/fraternal – Christian mechanism their disciplines and our ancestral heritage.

Finally if we are in the situation where we are is is because all those who have high position in/towards the functioning of those above mention heritage who have abused and positioned themselves as Gods – forgetting the criteria through out ages those who have been privileged and called to take such important responsibilities – and when they abused and failed the consequences and heavy price.

Having said the above we have a youth how have important access to information - what will they become or what do the government and current President of Seychelles want them to be or turn out.

For this reason and in instance we have broken the rules and so cal silence and tried to explain what is at work and what compelles certain issue to work and other to fail.


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