The thousand British Aid organizations and our working shack/lean to.

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The thousand British Aid organizations and our working shack/lean to.

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:15 am

The thousand British Aid organizations and our working shack/lean to.

We have over 25 years experience and knowledge in Voluntary, Community and Grass Root sectors.

We added two very important threads on our community forums yesterday – the one about selling Air~Force One Two of Madagascar, among the reason for the downfall of the previous President of Madagascar and the article of Seychelles e news about the the super rich homes and villa in Seychelles. The impact of the financial and economic meltdownn.

Among the reason for adding these two threads is the Social state of things in Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comor – those corrupted, dishonest politicians because they appointed themselves as Gods to lead and decided what ethic and what is right and wrong for the world and society – the economic meltdown the suffering which will affect everybody in the Indian Ocean region – whilst they have feathered their beds, they have creamed, they have skimmed, they have stolen , they have pilfered the wealth and riches of the people and the poor. They have elected to stand above the heads of the people.

Should most or all of them take the time to look themselves very closely in the mirror they will see the revolting filth that make them up and their arrogance. Why are we saying this.

We have tried very hard in England or France to get a small holding for the past 18 years where should the worse come be able to grow our basic vegetable and some kind of place to sustain our self and our community.

In line and accordance with the above mention political corrupted crooks we have helped, contributed to millions of individuals making money, amassing vast fortune, building bing houses and some of the money investing – buying large property in Seychelles, Mauritius or Madagascar, whilst we live in what amount to, below poverty in England – the police, the politicians and the locals who threaten us daily if we talk, write about our situation and protest what they will do do us – threats of imprisonment etc – these people have no respect for the EU Laws or Judicial system.

Where everybody have a small container as a last resort to work from we have acquired the back of a lorry which is leaking and cold. With the help of a family some chestnut logs and bought some used corrugated iron sheets and made a shelter to work from 90% of the work was finish last week.

Why we started our threads with the 1000 of British Aid Organizations – we are reasonable well known in London and some EU countries for our involvement and work in the community, grass root and voluntary sector.

Beside the facts that we have helped the British people and their economy in varied degree and in instance very importantly for the past 25 years. If/should these be added up they would amount in £billions and trillions.

Like those same people some 300 years ago went to the Indian Ocean or Africa or India and pilfered their wealth – turn round and massacring them, turned then in economic slaves, abused them. They are the same and one people they have not changed.

Yet one read in vast array of news paper what important work they are doing in Africa, India , Asia and other place in form of Aid organization and the such.

We have just got that tin roof together the insults, the threats, the racist insults and a long list of other nasty practice have started including former Prime minister Blair, his family and entourage.

The question we ask you and the world, what kind of individuals are these people - we have explained on our portal for the past three years the work, contributions to change the situation in the Indian Ocean, African and former COMECON -

People this is a crappy tin lean to we have put together and their reaction. This in England.

This is the same Tony Blair who have become an religious lecture in one of the USA most prestigious education establishment - this is the Blair who wanted to become the first so to say President of EU.

These are not just individuals having a good windup of somebody or the such – these \are supposedly to be the elite and the educated of this country. What kind of mind do they have after all that have occurred the past 25 years and some of the terrible events they have taken part in it means nothing.

These same people and individuals turn round - they are the custodian and guardian of the world archaic/fraternal/Illuminati or Freemason or Christan heritage – world something is very very wrong.

We underline – this is a tin lean to we have put together and this is EU. They want their children, their elderly and themselves to work from proper comfortable working buildings, sheds and the such.

The recent Pope visit to Africa he underlined the need for Africa to renew its faith, commitment and energy to being Christan – what kind of example when those in Africa who will hear and read of our situation in England – what kind of people and humans are these people.

We have added a BBC News Link:


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