Near 4 years ago we went through deadly incident in London

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Near 4 years ago we went through deadly incident in London

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:12 pm

After our return from Sechelles Seychelles in 2009 the efforts we had made to go there, the issues of the Money and Mr Savy coming to Seychelles, the failed attempt to meet with former President FA Rene 13 times - those who had said they would kill us or have us/my person killed over that SIROP program and other money using Masonic mechanism.

In March that year was going to attend Islington Council issues and as we/I passed the Bull Pub on Upper Street suddenly was engulfed in a massive ball of fire, smoke and flame. People ran out of their shop, the wine business opposite and the Sainsbury Store to look and laugh  either because I/we had not been killed or harmed seriously after the smoke and fire stop. The fire and smoke which kept coming out.  I thought it had come form the basement of the Pub.

Reported to the council, fire Brigade and wrote to the many officials - their reaction and attitude, went and bought a camera and took pictures by the time I came back the London electricity People were repairing the cable and they told me what had happened - the previous year they had change all the cable and their was this 330,000 Volt heavy cable they were told not to change as I passed it exploded the officials had said it was an 11,000 volt cable. Between the City of London and the Electricity Company to shift the responsibility.

We wrote to the many in London  and they deny it ever took place and the issues is ongoing - the damage to my leg muscle and the Doctor as all the NHS GP they said if I had no physical injury they could do nothing.

Meanwhile in the media so many of such Incidents and out comes. { Safe in our case because we are form Sechelles Seychelles an exile they threaten and intimidated our person with Masonic threats, bullying and intimidation if we press the matter or start a court case using that infernal Satanic rage/rave/Mad Cow and anti social mechanism We wrote to the UNHCR, visited other law firms including wrote to Judge Ben Chataway Doughty Street Chambers - the attitude of their Receptionist and the Lady/future wife o Mr Geroge Clooney, wrote to the Islington Labour MP and now shadow Justice Minister, informed Seychelles and Mauritius, all of my Children and close Families, our Community online, the SDA Church and Catholic church, our consulate and Embassy in London, the French Government }

In the Evening Standard of 16th September they carried another article of such incident Page 18/Cable firm boss blames rain for increase in pavement explosions in London

I/We are posting  the picture here so that other get an idea what we had gone through  - it was not a laughing matter.

Bull, Islington, N1

Manhole explodes in London street, injuring five people

Evening Standard 16/10/14


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