Chinese praise for President’s university vision -

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Chinese praise for President’s university vision -

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:59 pm

We address those in Paris, Berlin, the White House loosing their temper with us - here is anther typical crap as Mr Ralph Volcer would say. We started pestering FA Rene to Start a Seychelles University and our thread can still be read on our forums - until JA Michel made the announcement the Seychelles government would be starting a University in Seychelles.

Now the bit that gets past occupant and present occupant of the White House mad, Paris, Berlin , London - we have stated we helped the chinese get that last Olympic game and those who call themself Freemasons, archaic/fraternal - Christain, the reason the world /we are in the economic and financial mess - those who are there to serve the people instead of abusing them.

The Chinese ought to do their research - it is not the great insight/vision of JA Michel that got that Seychelles University started. We had wanted this as part of the SIROP etc exile return program, like the Stock Market, like the Senate project, like the call that all Seychellois around the world be allowed to vote.

If and should the chinese with all their mega resources have the insight they ought to have a notion or clue why the mega financial and economic

Chinese praise for President’s university vision - 25.03.2009

The head of the Ocean University of China yesterday hailed President James Michel’s vision of launching a university in Seychelles.

Dr Wu (left) during his call on President Michel

University president Dr Wu Dexing said the project will greatly contribute to the country’s economic development and give Seychellois the chance to study here instead of having to go abroad.

Dr Wu was speaking at State House after his delegation called on President Michel and moments after signing a memorandum of understanding with Dr Rolph Payet, chairman of the Seychelles University Foundation.

The signing took place at Maison Queau de Quinssy, attended by members of the university’s foundation committee and witnessed by, among others, principal secretary for foreign affairs Joseph Nourrice.

“What impressed me most is that the launch of the university is the dream of your President,” said Dr Wu, expressing confidence that the university will train good professionals who will contribute to the further development of the country.
“We are also very impressed by the attitude that your President has towards education,” he said.

“Although your country has a limited land area, it has a vast sea area which is very rich in marine resources and natural gases, and maybe oil. Your country is also very rich in marine organisms and plants. All these provide a very good foundation for your country’s economic development.”

Dr Wu said he and President Michel talked about areas of cooperation and his university’s willingness to cooperate in the launch of our university, particularly in the areas of fisheries and oceanography research.

Calling the agreement a milestone which will be very valuable, Dr Payet said it marks the first such cooperation with another university, though similar ones are in the offing.

Dr Wu and Dr Payet exchange documents after the signing

The Ocean University is renowned for its marine and fisheries sciences and is one of the key comprehensive universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It offers courses in science, engineering, fisheries, economics, literature, medical sciences, philosophy and law.

Its main campus is situated on a hill with a view of the sea in a scenic area of Qingdao, a coastal city with a temperate climate, in Shandong province.


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