When fecas -ecsvs forum is down the state of the Nation thread here

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When fecas -ecsvs forum is down the state of the Nation thread here

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:05 pm

Leaders discuss issues vital to people’s lives - 12.03.2009

President James Michel and leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter yesterday discussed key issues affecting the Seychellois people and also repeated the call for unity at this difficult time.

President Michel and Mrs Potter during the meeting yesterday. On the right is secretary to the Cabinet Mohamed Afif

Talking to the media at State House after the first high-level forum that Mr Michel proposed between himself, the leader of government business and the leader of the opposition, both leaders expressed regret that Wavel Ramkalawan had missed an important opportunity.

“It is unfortunate that the leader of the opposition declined the offer to come and discuss issues of national importance,” said Mr Michel.

“I think it is a missed opportunity, but the door is still open and he is still welcome to join the discussions, which I think are very good for the country, for our democracy and to help us face the challenges presented to us by the global economic crisis.”

Mr Michel said he and Mrs Potter spoke about how to improve relations between the National Assembly and the executive, and about the economic reform, its challenges and progress achieved so far.

They also discussed how government can intervene to improve the situation more quickly, which will improve the lives of the people, and other issues such as law and order also featured in the talks.

Mr Michel said it is important, faced with the present world economic crisis whose effects are bearing hard on our small economy, that we unite our efforts to find ways to face these challenges.

He said the invitation was made to the two leaders in the assembly because they represent the people and know their aspirations and all issues affecting them.

He said he began the reforms despite knowing they would be painful because he has always put Seychelles first and knew they were necessary to create a modern economy to bring prosperity to the people in years to come.

“Since becoming President, I have been implementing my vision for Seychelles, which is to create a Seychelles where unity, peace and prosperity reign and where a modern economy could develop and the country could earn its rightful place among the international community,” said Mr Michel.

“We are a civilised and educated people, and in spite of our various differences of opinion it is important that we as leaders continue to meet and discuss issues of national interest, putting our country first. This is why I have always believed in consultation.

“At this difficult time it is important for the people to come together.”
Commenting on the conditions set for dialogue by the leader of the opposition, Mr Michel pointed out that some of the demands – such as implementing a report by the Law and Order Committee and the Reilly report, as well as setting up an electoral commission – no longer apply because he has set up a Constitutional Review Committee to decide on how best to address these issues.

And as for the Reilly report, it is being taken into consideration in reorganising the police force with the help of the Irish experts.

Describing the absence of Mr Ramkalawan as regrettable, Mrs Potter said he has missed a great opportunity to voice his concerns on various issues. Their role and responsibility as leaders is always to seek ways to build on and not destroy what we have, she added.

She said most Seychellois will find it difficult to understand how a leader could decline an offer for unity – it is important to forget the past and move forward.

Referring to the fact that in the past many references were made to kile lopozisyon (move aside the opposition) and today it is Koste Seselwa (Come Together Seychellois), Mrs Potter said the message of the President has always been “a heart for all Seychellois”.

She said that in all modern and civilized democracies all parties put aside their political campaign issues and come together after an election to develop their country for the continued prosperity of the people.

She said the opposition has missed an opportunity to bring forward all the concerns it had and share ideas on better ways to move forward, especially on issues affecting the people directly.

She said apart from addressing many issues, she discussed with Mr Michel ways to mitigate the direct effects of the reforms on the lives of the people.

“The best way to unite the people is for them to see their leaders talking, and as leaders we should be setting the right example,” said Mrs Potter.

The leaders are expected to meet as often as possible to address key issues for the country.



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Our threads EU abgers at Seychelles government, SNP Rs 20 millions for Presidential election - our comments young police Officer H Edmond - seyeu.com portal is down

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:26 pm

Our threads EU angers at Seychelles government, SNP Rs 20 millions for Presidential election  - our comments young police Officer H Edmond  4/1/2016- seyeu.com portal is down

Markets fall on back of worries about Chinese economy

FTSE suffers worst stock market start in 16 years as China-led malaise wipes £38bn off index
US markets tumble after a 7pc Chinese share price plunge batters confidence on first trading day of the year

Stocks sink around the world on first trading day of 2016 - possibly worse to come

China selloff sparks gloomy 2016 start for stocks

China Worries Send U.S. Stocks Tumbling; Dow Down 1.58 Percent


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Seychelles EU Connection Facebook

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:47 am

Yesterday over $40 billions got wiped of the global Market the worse to suffer was China ( I/we sat on Seychelles Presidential election night with a group of young Chinese in particularly a young Chinese Female over 21 years old and discussed in detail Seychelles China special relation the past 40 years and the current situation economic and otherwise - we could have chosen the company of a nice prostitute many on the road or some other person - I/we shared information with her you do not normally share in public with strangers - we talked until 2/3 am - those who was watching me from East Berlin and the White House were not happy) I explained to her/them the past two years my personal efforts - the situation in London/Britain to find solutions which can benefit and impact China economy.

There are those who hold the view let them stew or rot/wallow in their mess.

We trust we are addressing sane humans this morning not nerds/half baked and the such. We hear of the Many Muslim extreme issues, the wars, the killing and the refugees -it is mostly because of the West lies, Europe, very dishonest workings, system that we have landed where we are and worse to come. The wanton lies that gets spread and dubious explanations.

I have written many articles, threads and private correspondence explaining to very many the workings and importance of that Seychelles EU Connection portal - functions. Including he Seychelles Nation , Communities across the world,Mauritius, Reunion, IOC nations and their receptive communities across the world - our Seychelles communities in Australia, Canada and USA how in turn this help work the Nation system and economic. We have reached a stage in the world workings where only super thieves and crook exist and can survive - that portal is not about super thieves and super crooks and criminals and very dubious humans. This is what make it unique and the capacity to work and help drive national economic topics and their Markets. For all the super crook and thieves this is music to their ears and the want more.

We have addressed the many instance things have gone wrong specially in Britain then Blair people and today Cameron/conservative people knowing the capacity of that Portal how they use and abuse it. Yet their utter lies and dishonesty.

The money involved for Hosting in reasonable - the problematic is the management and time required and energy, health and efforts and other requirements. Again it mean nothing to the thieves, crooks and what have you.

Since the 26/12/15 we have been having a personal situation - I addressed the Manure Kentish and Judge EJ Stiven Christmas wish to everybody knowing the terrible mess we are in - it meant very little and the many we just have not send a proper Christmas greetings this year.

We are addressing PM Cameron and his chancellor and elite Conservatives - on Monday that Portal started going offline and our correspondence and communication is available on line and comments - given that we are shadowed, spied upon round the clock -how this impacted the global markets and some $40 billions got wiped off and yet what the so call experts are writing and telling us - there are those in the current conservative government well aware of my role in helping contributions to managing the Central Bank of this country and the Official involved.

In France, Russia, the Situation is not much better an Germany/EU and its leadership.

This Portal is now offline and the need to find some solution overall - and to all of you out there because that portal played a important role in building many blocks and related economic and finance project is will have major or impacts as long a it is off - no amount of manipulation will help this.

My question to James Michel and his lot including the Opposition, those in Bruxelles, Strasbourg, the Main cities of Europe and London specially, do you think you are wise - a wise human will not let a system worth $200 in hosting and $500 in monthly management maintenance wipe of in one go $40 billions of the Market - they must be highly abnormal in their intelligence and information management and those involved or something worse.

In France we had been discussing of rebuilding a new platform all those who would have benefited and been important helped very big multinationals if that Portal was rebuild in China the same effect and impacts.

On the one hand we have to work/face such challenges and then so to say come down to earth and communicate and work out the issues with our families, friends and acquaintance and they all refuse to understand take due note, cannot understand/comprehend. The those who believe the end of the world is coming soon - we should have allowed it to come sooner.

In Hounslow the many communities and indeed the Seychellois who have benefited. By the way we have other problematic, we have attempted to get special groups, ONG and companies to audit/report on the workings and impacts of that portal in Britain/London and France those who have made this impossible.

The hosting company we use have been involved in some many mergers and counter mergers today they form part of Block/group worth £60/70 billions.

Just a brief word that Portal affects/impact the Royal workings of Europe if/should your hear strange news do not wonder and the same the many Illuminati/ their institutions in Europe and that of the European Union.

Seychelles Police had indicate we had not informed them - they can follow us on our Community forum and Facebook



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We have posted our issues/situation - the importance of that Chinese embassy Seychelles St Louis

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:08 pm

The Delhomme Stevenson/De Chermond/Souyave Family property played/plays an important function in our Franco Seychellois workings and the very reason the Chinese bought that property - lending that hey buy, synergized, drive to buy other properties and Business in France

China Said to Intervene in Stocks After $590 Billion Selloff

China moved to support its sinking stock market as state-controlled funds bought equities and the securities regulator signaled a selling ban on major investors will remain beyond this week’s expiration date, according to people familiar with the matter.
China’s Managed Markets
Government funds purchased local stocks on Tuesday after a 7 percent tumble in the CSI 300 Index on Monday triggered a market-wide trading halt, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the buying wasn’t publicly disclosed. The China Securities Regulatory Commission asked bourses verbally to tell listed companies that the six-month sales ban on major stockholders will remain valid beyond Jan. 8, the people said.
Chinese policy makers, who took unprecedented measures to prop up stocks during a summer crash, are stepping in once again to combat a rout that erased $590 billion of value in the worst-ever start to a year for the nation’s equity market. While the intervention may ease some selling pressure, it also undermines authorities’ pledge to give markets more sway in the world’s second-largest economy.
“The market has got some help from state funds and that will support shares in the short term,” said Wang Zheng, the Shanghai-based chief investment officer at Jingxi Investment Management Co. “However, in the long run, the market will need its own strength to hold up. It can’t always rely on the national team.”
China’s CSI 300 index rose 0.3 percent at the close, after earlier falling more than 2 percent. The plunge on Monday triggered the nation’s circuit breakers on their first day in effect, dealing a blow to regulatory efforts to calm one of the world’s most volatile bourses. Authorities are trying to prevent market turmoil from eroding confidence in an economy set to grow at its weakest annual pace since 1990.

Markets fall on back of worries about Chinese economy

European markets fall again after euro inflation gloom - business live


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Talking of that portal project back in 1991

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:00 pm

We began working those issues in London back 1987

Local context shapes social innovations in welfare services helping communities WILCO focusses on: young people looking for work and affordable housing, youmg families and single parents, old and new immigrants in 20 European cities. It also determines the levels of citizen participation in shaping services and living arrangements. This video introduces some of the innovations studied as part of the WILCO project.


Facebook Comment -
We all have a role to play in this world and society - nation, for what have been said about Mr Christopher Gill - all those of you who equally read our protests, emails and complain - his decision to comeback and confront what he saw as gross inequality - the abuse most important by the SPPF/PL of those two Portal projects and the many Seychelles government invention creative media. We thank him for this. The majority of you just kept quiet and many from the SNM Camp too - as well as Seychelles many NGO's We have also praised Mr Pat Pillay for his vigorous challenge of corruption in the government - which he ought to know very well - it did not go far enough to point to the SPPF/PL gross abuse of those two portal workings. J A Michel and his supporters may say - in Europe, rest of the world are doing it - so what. Those two portal have helped build national Institutions and infrastructures, neighboring nations Infrastructures and systems, the COI member nations, including the might OAU and EU and the UN and the Commonwealth, including the IMF. What about the public education, Cultural education and history/heritage, what about democratic education, finally economy and small business - you do not need Terrorist or Taliban, only bloody fools who think they know what they are doing - in building block, engineering and the such you learn very fast beware of the mechanism, discipline and those involved in helping you build, create your system and structures - they can be undone just as easily.


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Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:37 pm

Mitchel J Edmond http://www.theguardian.com/.../stock-markets-slide-after...

Stock markets slide after China suspends trading again - live updates

Mitchel J Edmond http://uk.reuters.com/.../uk-britain-stocks...

FTSE falls on China concerns, mining and oil indexes hit 11-year lows

Mitchel J Edmond To all the Seychellis ladies and those who still have some Brain- is it not great - the Father of this young artist wrote the famous song Ferdinad mon bon Zami and the super manure with that SEYEU.COM portal nobody is listening doing like monkies figur...See More

Intro page
This project formed part of British history refugee and exile project put in place by Evelyn Oldfield Unit ex…

Mitchel J Edmond How many have listened to Chancellor statement/speech today - What led to the wobbliness in his statement just before Christmas - forget Seychelles government, Ministers and Elected - the situation we have in Seychelles - the capacity of the issues we work with to influence British and Europe economy and yet the combine Opposition they just glare or gap back at us - You need to be m ore serious if you are going to take over and change that System it begins by studying and listening what we are writing - we also not the comment of our Facebook contacts. ( Was I the Chinese Government I would say/tell them give us back the gift of the Parliament and Palais de Justice you do not deserve them unless you pull yourself together and start acting like responsible nation/people and politicians - ( I had related the story of chopping my left thumb with a big Chinese square knife on the Estate of our grand parents shouting for tender coconuts and decided to do it myself and almost shop my thumb up - What we mean in High Interdisciplinary Management you do not work and act alone there are vast many out their to help, support and act together - the modern China should also know this. Yet We Seychellois have suffered because we just refuse to listen - do like Europeans come back to us and ask question and become engage - you fail/refuse to do this you will bloody regret / rue the day you force /demanded for a change in that country) Just to sweeten everybody/our coffee - all the big ideas, buzz, efforts of a major conference in January, all those in Bruxelles/Strasbourg, Germany and the Police who ought to know and the situation is rapidly sliding down the slope,

Mitchel J Edmond Where is Mr Soro and a few other we worked the past situation the younger generation cannot cope - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/.../China-stock-market-shares...

Markets hit by Shanghai’s new 7% plunge


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FTSE starts 2016 with weakest first week since 2000

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:52 pm

FTSE starts 2016 with weakest first week since 2000

People walk through the lobby of the London Stock Exchange in London, Britain November 30, 2015. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett
People walk through the lobby of the London Stock Exchange in London, Britain November 30, 2015.
Top UK shares took their biggest tumble in the first week of a year since 2000 on Friday, as China's decision to let the yuan weaken rattled global markets.

The UK's FTSE 100 .FTSE had opened higher after Chinese stocks regained some poise following a plunge the previous day.

However, traders said the unpredictability of the previous week prompted investors to sell out of their positions before the weekend for fear of being caught in volatility on Monday.

"We saw a bit of buying early doors, but that seems to have petered out, as no one wants to go into the weekend holding long positions, given how volatile crude oil and other commodities are at the moment," said Manoj Ladwa, head of trading at TJM partners.



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Get ready for the new school year

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:32 pm

Get ready for the new school year


Students get ready to say goodbye to the lazy days as it's time to turn your attention to the new school year which is a refreshing time, when you get to start anew.
The 2016 school year will start on Monday January 18 – exactly a week from today – and it is best you start planning out and resetting your daily schedules so as to make the often harsh transition a lot easier if you want to start the school year off on the right foot.
In order to be ready for school students are being encouraged this week to slowly move bedtimes and wakeup times back to what they should be during the school year and to also reset meal times or other regular routines if they had been changed.
It is important for parents to help their children block out the school schedules – holidays, test days, etc. – as well as after school activities, times for studying, exercise, and other essentials on a calendar and put it in a prominent place for all to see.
Don’t wait until the last two days prior to the start of the school year to stock up on the supplies you need, including exercise books, pens, file folders etc.
Another way of preparing for the new school term is to review your previous academic achievements which can not only energise you for the new school year, but can help you identify areas you might want to work on more this year.
One of the most important things all students should do is set goals for themselves for this school year. Setting goals and sticking with them is an important skill students of all ages can learn and please do not set vague goals like ‘get good grades’. Instead come up with smart ones like ‘I will do my homework at a specific time after school hours and turn in my homework to my teacher the next day. I will revise this goal after receiving my first result’.
Also try to get to school early, talk to your teachers and make a checklist of what’s needed to be done.
Try doing some of these things and we are sure they will help you get a good start on the school year.
According to the general academic calendar for state primary and second schools produced by the Ministry of Education, all three terms will comprise 13 weeks.
The first term will comprise 62 days and it will end on Friday April 15. The mid-term is scheduled for Friday February 26 and Monday February 29.
Following a three-week vacation, students will resume school on Monday May 9 for the second term which will end on Friday August 5.
Mid-term is on Friday June 17 but students will be away from school for four days -- on Thursday May 26 (Corpus Christi), Monday June 6 (Liberation Day which falls on Sunday June 5), Constitution Day (June 18) and Independence Day (June 29).
Exactly a month (four weeks) later the students will be back at school for the third and final term of the year which will come to an end on Friday December 2. Other than mid-term which is on Monday October 31, students will only benefit from one public holiday on November 1 (All Saints Day).
Remember as students you need to display a high level of discipline in class, in the school compound and everywhere you go as discipline is the key to success.
The following is the academic calendar for the year.
Ministry of Education
2016 General Academic Calendar for State Primary and Secondary Schools


Nouvo lekol primer Glacis pou ouver Lendi


Bann zanfan lekol primer ki al lekol Glacis pou retourn dan zot nouvo lekol ki fek ganny rekonstrir Lendi zour larantre premye trimes pour sa lannen.
Sa nouvo lekol in konstrir dan menm landrwa kot sa enn vye ti ete e ti dan en lasal kot sa nouvo lekol ki Minis pour Ledikasyon Macsuzy Mondon ek lezot reprezantan sa minister ti pli boner sa semenn rankontre bann paran pour donn zot plizyer lenformasyon e osi donn zot sans klarifye okenn konsern ki zot ti annan.
Minis Mondon ti profite pour dir bann paran ki en nouvo lekol litousel pa ase me ki sipor ek korporasyon bann paran i tre enportan dan ledikasyon bann zanfan.
«En lekol nef pa ase akoz i demann bokou plis pour fer sir ki zanfan zot aprann byen , i demann bokou plis ki sa lanvironnman ki nou pe donn zot e i annan bokou keksoz ki nou bezwen fer konman paran ek ansennyan pour fer sir ki nou bann zanfan zot aprann byen e ki zot ganny bann bon rezilta,» Minis Mondon ti dir tou sa ki ti prezan.
Nou ava rapel ki 4-an pase letan vye lekol Glacis ti ganny demoli tou sa bann zanfan ti al lekol primer Bel Ombre.
Minis Mondon, osi byen ki direkter zeneral pour bann lekol, Odile Octave, ti remersye bann paran e osi bann ansennyan pour zot pasyans, sipor ek korperasyon pandan tou sa letan ki sa travay konstriksyon in deroule.
Nouvo direktris sa lekol i Madanm Vivienne Preira ki’n deza travay pour 2-an oparavan avek sa lekol.
Bann paran ti eksprim zot konsern vizavi laranzman bis pour bann zanfan, zot sekirite kot lekol vi ki lekol i tre pre avek semen piblik, bann servis tel parey servis danter e osi lezot travay dan zalantour sa nouvo lekol ki pa ankor konplete.
Me sekreter prensipal pour Pti lanfans, primer ek segonder, Merida Delcy, ti asir bann paran ki i annan plizyer lekip ki pe fer bann travay lo teren e tousala pou’n pare pour larantre Lendi.
Antou sa nouvo lekol Glacis pou akey 186 zanfan – 35 dan lakres e 151 depi P1 ziska P6.
Lendi se bann zanfan lakres, P2 ziska P6 ki pou retourn lekol tandis ki bann zanfan P1 pou al lekol Mardi.



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That portal hosting can impact and affect the forthcoming Referendum on Britain exiting or staying in Europe -

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:40 am

That portal hosting can impact and affect the forthcoming Referendum on Britain exiting or staying in Europe -

Facebook Comment

The world has flipped - we have been writing for 4 years about that SEYEU.COM portal all those who talk of money and land scandal in Seychelles had we to publish /write of the hundreds of mega sandals associated with that portal workings you the people of ~Seychelles would demand very radical solution just as you want the SPPF/PL out for robbing/thieving/squandering a few million - working, managing those issues can make any individual very change. Then nobody want to understand. This is just that SEYEU.COM portal. In Australia those any person managing such high responsibilities the appreciation.

Intro page
This project formed part of British history refugee and exile project put in place by Evelyn Oldfield Unit ex…
We can take a unilateral decision and the fall out in that Seychelles Indian Ocean and Europe - other parts of the world what will you say then - this is Facebook in the past we did not have this platform we are communicating/talking to you - do not scream and yell afterwards. That portal hosting can impact and affect the forthcoming Referendum on Britain exiting or staying in Europe - Our respective community/communities. families  and friends is small in Europe compared to Australia - hence the benefits and impacts, it is the big institutions, multinationals other ethnic grouping and France or French speaking who benefits and of course several of the Indian Ocean Nations, South Africa, Kenya, North Africa. How they use it/this portal to leverage their respective interests - we are talking of very big finance and issues here/politics.

Facebook comment
There is an energy debate going on the construction of new Power plant - we remind everybody how EDF came to Britain, the PM Blair government - the came on the back /leverage of that   SEYEU.COM  portal and those who knew the issues during/under the Blair Brown administration and suddenly everybody choose/have forgotten. There are  several of such topics. Working with such big multinational  you cannot have a situation we brought/bring you in for a number of years a government is in power they they go somebody invent a different story.  This is what encourages governments to be very corrupt in Africa, the Indian Ocean.

Facebook Comment -
We have had a telephone conversation with HEG head office explaining our situation the past 3 weeks - the person we spoke with requested that we can put our situation in Writing or better still give the complexities to come to their office in Koln. ( Our phone communication and internet is monitored in other words those who need to know know what we talked about.)

We Fall under this Office of EU for Legal Issues







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Re: When fecas -ecsvs forum is down the state of the Nation thread here

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:17 pm

Yesterday in the news the report that a Royal heirloom had been stolen worth some £250,000 beside other items - we made a brief note then.
This morning in the news the Dutch royal Family had been robbed also -
Time and time before we even put that portal together endeavored to share with those who managed them before our Arcadian, Maastricht, Sechelles Seychelles heritages to beware, after putting that portal together the length we went to include our European Royal workings, Russia , how thi works and why - those who refuse to think and see. They form part of your/our existence and functionality. ( That portal have been involved in royal Marriage, birth, their many events the past 9 years)
Many think/talk you exclude certain creatures this the best way the world can/will function. Their modern thinking.
Now we have some 36 years working those topics and phenomena - they/it is linked to that portal malfunction/none functioning. The n we get those from the conservative who opposed our comment and they edited our comment on Facebook.
These European royal Families are very christian too. They believe in God.
We do not have the time to locate the Facebook news feed. Others could be helpful and link the news thread as comment - w have noted some of our Facebook Friends posting too.

Facebook Comment
There are Seychellois and Seychellois - Our Italian friend and you Seychellois know our Italian friends - this one is a chartered Accountant and have taken to giving us a thumb when needed this is what he posted this morning. How many remembers when we did not have that portal and everybody was kicking us/you up the buts. https://www.facebook.com/137094763058577/photos/a.318536048247780.57043.137094763058577/779606272140753/?type=3&theater

Facebook Comment
How many of you have looked at Amsterdam New Station - it is a great architect and building - the dynamic/synergy. We related to you the incident of the necked white person who stripped and then came and sat next to us at that station all the camera, several police officials and station officials they took pictures and other person - what this implied and meant. We had attended Chancellor Helmut Schmidt funeral, gone one to Berlin, then Vienna and intending to visit my Family. The other white person sitting as still as death also on the same seat - those who thought we would freek out - let me shares a nice story with you all - we had been residing at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent when the mother of Dr Otto von Hapsburg passed away - the very many highly complex issues thematic we had worked with her and others - decided to make three pumpkin cakes using the Horner family old oven they had passed on to my person for that Flat, beside other furniture, ( the Hooper Mr and Mrs got a slice of the cake) the Pumkin purchased from the local Irish Community and share one with the Community in Hounslow ( then UKSCA Executives/Officials Ms Kathleen Pillay , Mr Philippe Boulle, Mr Paul and Mary Stravens, Mr Allan Hoareau with his car all different tyres make, Mr and Mrs DeComarmond - Family ) - what took place in Seychelles and Mauritius and Britain, Austria, Germany, Ireland - we were not inventing or imagining.

Fürstin Eilika of Leiningen Dies A Few Days Before Her 88th Birthday


Un TGV heurte une quinzaine de sangliers


Facebook Comment

While writing the above the real situation - we have been requested by HEG Host Europe Group head office to write to them about the issues o come and meet them in Koln - it would be great if Judge Jacque Hodoul was available, Mr Philippe Boulle or Lawyer Pardiwall Towmey, Lablach - cannot really discuss our slated fish with those European Lawyers. What about Judge Rasool or one of the Delhomme daughters/half sister. What about the Frichot Family/lawyers.

Facebook Comment
What we did was give a call to the Institute Francois Mitterrand - had hoped to take contact with the person entrusted with the Foundation - our reason both President F Mitterrand and Mrs Daniel Mitterrand they risked their neck, they helped and guided us those who ought to know, the European Union Officials, Council of Europe and Institutions and those in Rome then in the face of opposition form Britain/London it is only normal that you turn to those who have helped importantly in/before taking such decision/explain get their views. ( We do not suffer form whatever syndrome - note that TGV concept they were developed with synergy dynamic, discipline form that portal Projects to all of you who use and apply Illuminati disciplines)


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The impact of our Community heraldry on Development and Socio development Between Staplehurst and East Coast of Kent - 1998 to date

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Apr 09, 2016 4:07 pm

The impact of our Community heraldry on Development and Socio  development Between Staplehurst and East Coast of Kent -1998 to date

After the thematic of loosing the Mobile Home - and Princess Diana Minuette Swift caravan Caple Court Country Club - between Dover, the Historic ancient French link and Folkestone,   the many important impact on Europe, East Kent, Fran e and the Indian ocean - much more important the important impact on then Communities of Travelers/Gypsies between Dover and Folkestone and the region. We have written and explained why  and how. The point being like so many topics that gets work in England, those who choose to forget for given reason and those who choose to continue working them for other set of reasons. Those from the Roma, Traveler and Gypsie community.

After the global economic situation, in  Seychelles and London , we decided to use this Community heraldry to drive and energized a number of thematic relevant   from Staplehurst on Farmer Catchople small Industrial Estate - beside the English Families and Farmers who knew about this project and the business Community bu the Traveler, Roma and Gypsies community who had been with us in Dover, Folksestone and the region at the time of conception,  they too go to know and became aware of its functions, impact and workings properties. They were involved in some of the negative incidents/events which led to the flooding and the Petrol Strike. The practice as in Caple Court Country Club those hell bent that we are there, work and develop such projects  just to be manipulated and abused, cream/milk our information to leverage and gear/drive their own interests.  We have covered several thread and forum topics - address to the EU institutions.

After scouting around for a while and in contact with Prof Dr Jose Souyave among other Seychellois personality - landed/choose Headcorn - Kent, we had looked at two other quiet places. Taking due note of what we have said above, across Europe and London some of the very important personalities of this land. The work we started from Headcorn - the regional Financing authorities for Small business, the above mentioned and the Indian Ocean , South Africa those who used/having learnt our situation  and lack of adequate recourse, Manpower.

At this stage we want to address the Chief Justice who did her studies in  Canterbury and now Chief justice.  In Britain and Europe the role of the Justice/judiciary in Heraldry/Heraldic workings. Those who utterly ripped us off, the debacle of Seychelles government and FA Rene - finally the Earthquake and Tsunami killing some 250,000 in the Indian Ocean and $100 billions of economic destruction. The corrupted experts, Officials, media and TV.

To very many given that we have experience a global melt down in 2007/9 which almost brought  the world to a 3rd World War. For those involved in abusing those who cannot adequately protect themselves  - it is means nothing forget all the writings and warnings.

We have had a European Union election to clean EU of the mega corruption and scandal yearly costing Euro 250 billions. Those Roma/Traveler/Gypsies community of Europe know of the practice, corruption and theivings on a grand scale - their own system, network and their share of the takings.

The point being in 2004/5 around Headcorn there were very few Traveler, Roma , Gypsies sites.  We have tried very hard to recoup the money owned to us and these people know of our issues, how they would have gone about it - no pussy footing, the violence associated. .

We decided to put all those information on a portal shortly afterwards 2006 that is the SEYEU.COM and the founders of SEYNEWS>COM how that portal began to impact a great many topics in Kent, London  and across England and UK, beside Europe, the Indian Ocean, the America yet what was being written about us. - these we want to being to the attention to chief Justice Mathilda Townmey.

This said how our portal became know and those who used it to leverage large construction projects, Developments  and those Traveler, Gypsies, Roma have ears and have got to know how they also used and began using that portal of ours, to leverage their respective interests in  the region  - purchasing of many properties in the region and redeveloping them today,  the state of things and the future. Yet what the authorities, media and politicians are saying - attributing.

Again we want to  address chief Justice Mathilda Towmey - in Ireland be it Republic and North Ireland or the Irish communities in Britain , USA, Australia how they work - when you have a community or system, network that helps your interests, the need to pay something back or say thank you  - when this is  not done the violence and ugliness of things that develop.  

Not because we have a referendum under a conservative government - for a very long time those who have been criminally active and then threaten us - with the Referendum their saying we will take you in our Courts and their so call  Courts and values/benchmarks  - on the other hand we have the Roma, Traveler and Gypsy their comportment before the justice institutions of this land and country.

We are going to add a couple of Headcorn debacle links.



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Illegal traveller sites facing 'tough' new law - News - Kent ...

Traveller sites in Headcorn and Staplehurst opposed


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