Can anybody point this tread to member of the Italian family

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Can anybody point this tread to member of the Italian family

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:16 pm

The reason we have introduced this incident is because of the corrupted practice right across the world - the media and those so call great economic and Stock experts the reasons the mega USA crash came about- anybody involve in creating or managing a very important project will know the many aspects synergy/dynamics positive and negative this is providing and causing and the many side effects.

We have been watching abd monitoring the Stock Markets across the world since we started building those two Network platform for our Communities.

The important impacts on that Heading it created with just the name, then the EU Commission and the Parliament and that 3/4 part of the archaic/fraternal image. How the market began to react.

Because we are dealing with human scums we will break the rules and speak out - having said that those for the Seychelles Italian archaic/fraternal and Christian - ( family/Mafiosi) who encoyuraged to start those two two Network platfrom and indeed he /they have been monitoring events and Developments.

It was some people around FA Rene who suggested early on Monday about 5/6AM that we ought rebuild that platfrom Heading and those from the Commission - the number one himself. We had a cup of tea said our prayer first and started work - we were at it uuntil 8pm and we monitored many developments and impacts - because we have loaded a number of very important and powerful archaic/fraternal christian and other synergy/dyanmic in the system. ( Those in London who had buzz us that the Market was reacting and why)

Around where we were are doing the work the cars, lorry etc driveng a very high speed breaking regulation raving/raging the isssues, the dynamic and synergies coming out form the work we were doing and the impacts this was having.

Like over the past 15 years or more those experts lies and the wonder the like of Madoff and other because you cannot build such big business if you do not know how and what is making it work - they knew and have known.

The filth, we as a person the worker and owner have not made a dime. All those great fiancial experts across the world al the armies of workers - we get the crap going and they just cream us off.

We have been listening to all the buzz from all our important community individuals to this project and their fears and concern. Those of you who have lost your job, or have just about enough food in the house and the children concern.

Why we said what we did about Bruxelles because the way we have build the portal Head is going to cause major dynamic/synergy at several EU system and institutions.

This is scandalous - those abusing this system and practice are asking and courting big problem because the system talk - inform what is going on and everybody can check and have feedback.

Below the garbage about the reason they have given for the Stock Market to rebound - recall also the Frame we are using is hosted and developed in the USA. The important synergy/dynamic benefits this give to them too. Their blatant lies afterwards - Once again the reason for the Madoff and the Police in Kent have been harassing us yet again because of putting those Network together. The thieving/corrupted scums.

We ask FA Rene to point our thread to those in Boston, New York, Sicily,
Northern Italy and Central Italy of our Seychelles archaic/fraternal, Christian and family connections who have help us get those two network going - they will not be amused to read or hear this crap and global rip off.

Dollar Weakens as Global Stock Rally Reduces Demand for Safety

March 10 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar weakened against most of the major currencies as global stocks rallied after a Citigroup Inc. memo said the bank is having the best quarter since 2007, reducing demand for the greenback as a haven.

Sterling fell against the euro on a report showing U.K. housing sales dropped to the lowest level since at least 1978. The yen fell against currencies including the Australian and New Zealand dollars on evidence Japan’s recession is deepening.

“People might be willing to take on a bit more risk if equities bounce,” said Benedikt Germanier, a currency strategist at UBS AG in Stamford, Connecticut. “That would help the euro, hurt the dollar.”

The dollar weakened 0.2 percent to $1.2638 per euro at 2:42 p.m. in New York, from $1.2611 yesterday. Europe’s currency appreciated 0.2 percent to 124.84 yen from 124.65. It reached 126.08 on Feb. 26, the highest level since Jan. 8. The dollar was little changed at 98.82 yen, compared with 98.84.

Foreign-exchange volatility, a measure of risk implied by option prices, was close to a four-month low, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. index shows. Options traders see currencies of the Group of Seven industrialized nations fluctuating by an annualized 17 percent in the next three months, compared with 27 percent on Oct. 24, the most since the index started in 1992.

The Dollar Index, which the ICE uses to track the greenback’s performance against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners, fell 0.7 percent to 88.369 after stock gains eroded the safety demand for the greenback. The index touched 89.624 on March 4, the highest level since April 2006.

Krona Versus Dollar

Sweden’s krona and South Africa’s rand were the biggest gainers versus the dollar among the major currencies. The krona appreciated 3.5 percent to 8.8988 after sliding to a 6 1/2-year low on March 5. The rand gained 3.1 percent to 10.3150 as higher copper prices spurred local stock gains.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rallied 5.2 percent as Citigroup Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit said in the memo obtained by Bloomberg News that the bank’s current share price doesn’t reflect its earnings potential or capital position. The MSCI World Index rose 4.7 percent.

The yen declined 1.9 percent to 63.67 versus the Australian dollar and 1.5 percent to 49.45 against New Zealand’s currency as evidence Japan’s economy is sinking deeper into recession undermined demand for the currency.

Japan’s Cabinet Office reported that a leading index of business conditions fell to 77.1 in January from a revised 79.4 in the previous month, below the consensus forecast of 77.4 in a Bloomberg News survey of 14 economists. The coincident index, which shows current economic activity, dropped to 89.6 from a revised 92.2.

Machinery Orders

Machinery orders slumped 4.8 percent in January, according to a separate Bloomberg survey of economists before a Cabinet Office report tomorrow.

“Japan’s numbers are just horrific,” said Adam Boyton, a currency strategist in New York at Deutsche Bank AG. “People are conditioned into buying the dollar when equity markets go down and selling the dollar when equity markets go up.”

The pound declined as much as 1 percent to 92.48 pence per euro, the weakest level since Jan. 29, after the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said the average number of transactions in a survey of real-estate agents and surveyors fell to 9.5 per respondent in the quarter through February, the lowest level since the data began three decades ago.

“The housing data was bad, and we’re nervous about the economy,” said Jeremy Stretch, a senior currency strategist in London at Rabobank International.

Outlook for Pound

Sterling may extend its decline against the euro because the Bank of England’s plan to start buying gilts will probably narrow spread between U.K. and German government bonds, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. said. The difference between yields on 10-year gilts and similar-maturity German notes decreased to 12 basis points today from 19 basis points yesterday.

“With the Bank of England taking far more aggressive steps than every other central bank, bar possibly the Fed, the pound remains vulnerable to the downside,” wrote Derek Halpenny, the London-based European head of global currency research at Bank of Tokyo, in a note today.

The euro gained against the dollar as European Central Bank council member Axel Weber said at a press conference in Frankfurt today that “the bottom line” for the main rate should be 1 percent. The central bank cut the target to 1.5 percent on March 5, a record low.

Repatriated Income

The 16-nation currency also advanced on speculation European investors bought the euro to repatriate income from abroad as they closed their books before March 31.

“Investors in central and eastern Europe appear to be repatriating funds,” said Hideki Amikura, deputy general manager of foreign exchange in Tokyo at Nomura Trust and Banking Co., a unit of Japan’s largest brokerage.

The South Korean won advanced 2.5 percent to 1,510.77 against the dollar on speculation its plunge last week to the lowest level in more than a decade would be hard to sustain. The currency slid 26 percent in 2008 and touched 1,597.45 on March 6, the weakest level since 1998.

To contact the reporters on this story: Molly Seltzer in New York at; Oliver Biggadike in New York at

Note: In assocication with the above crap and Google canceling our community account inspite of our involvement to get Google search engine started - because we have had that link of Unite Europe by Eurovision song contest Toto Cutogno - how this have affected Google decision and their decision - we have been involved in coultless of such issues, practice and outcomes - so we know what we are talking about the fans and people do not know. How it work.


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Re: Can anybody point this tread to member of the Italian family

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:56 am

Terrorized and harassed by Minister Mandleson over that new Network

We are not endevouring to attract glamor or otherwise, in plain English language the massive load of crap we received from the direction of Minister Mandleson – Trade Ministry over that thread we published yesterday in relation to the sudden Stock Market surge world wide and the issues we addressed. With out having to mention names those high parties from USA, the Commission, the Parliament, France, Israel very many in London, Italy, Davos and Seychelles. “ How he had wanted to mull us over this article and the issues contained”

Befor going to sleep last night the issues was very much on our mind to try and get rid of it instead of going for buzz we decided to go cycling in the rain – those helped but not much.

We had also read the sad news about Mrs Adi Karkaria – in this filthy world we live however strong we have tried in the past to remain quiet on many issues. That family shared their children school mean or other wise with us, they looked to us like one of their children, when we needed advice they gave us the best advice and so to the children as they grew up our attachment and the very many issues.

{what we had failed to mention in that thread of the Stock Market was the issues of the Save the Children shop – we have been going in since November their new logo those who know us and the things we buy and discuss – because of those two Network portal – our Italian archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage we had gone in there to buy something – we cannot tell everything – there was a lady net to us and we decided to ask her advice about a small clock – she was from the continent. We also got a pewter mug. For the past two months outside Boots and that shop there had been a person “playing his guitar with fury and foaming at the same time” when we went to pay we told the staff of the incident of the clock left on the fire place of the former House of Mr John Pillay, we told the staff the who the family is and was The former chief of police, the daughter, the grandfather being a very staunch Protestant and a Minster and planter – that little clock and we also told them the first time we had drank from a pewter mug was when Lady Oxford and Lord Oxford was in Seychelles}

Somebody from DP early morning decided to introduce the issues of coconut plantation in Seychelles and how best to manage it – the issues of multi crop or crop diversity and the issues of if we had a small acreage, this resulted in a very nasty exhange with one of my sibling over the family property at Capucin.

We could not sleep -, suddenly Minister Mandleson went for us "out of the blue" as they say and it was terrible the exchanges . ~as we have stated above those who got involved.

We have and keep complaining of the terrible practice Minister Mandleson position and point of view all throughout the financial and economic crises until yesterday.

As a community in EU under the many respective national and EU Legislations felt and decided to; there is the need to safeguard our communities, its members and the individuals – interest and that of Seychelles, our parents, relatives and friends - eventually Mauritius, Reunion and the surrounding nations. Suddenly the offer by those Italian European archaic/fraternal, Christian heritage of ours – we have been praying and those from the Christian communities who know we have been praying and why.

Based upon past experiences, knowledge and abilities of make such positive input and interventions we decided to put together a system for our community Network. The responsibility and accountability factors involved to all concern. As we have mentioned the progress, positive and negative issues. Very important we started addressing all four forums of our community almost a month ago on this project – where was Minister Mandleson. The British police and the Council who have monitores our Emails.

Over the past many years we have equally address and stated that we have and been all these work and not getting paid a cent – when the many of Minister Mandleson friends have made £billions and acquired vast fortunes and property on our back and work.

Given this very terrible world situation the army of idiots who are trying to sell their ideas of how to make money and get the economy going – we have not bragged – we jut got down and did it – instead of saying thank you. The very nasty and ugly threats from him – all those who picked the issues up.

We will not go into unnecessary issues here – we just trust those in Washington for the many USA high parties, those we have mentioned above including President Sarkosy and Mrs Simone Weil will explain to Minister Mandleson this is not the time for the time for the type of “ralbolage as they say in French” we have stated there are graver issues and we could say “let them rot” in the past over the same practice, those who specialize in harvesting strategic and vital information – corporate and other wise how they integrate them in their issues, debate and take credit and the source is left out – in our case threaten with elimination or the such. The issues which have surface at international; level and the conflicts international which have come about – resulting in the USA using force to sort things out. Then blaming the Talibans or some other folks.

Over the past 25 years there have been many who have purported the have a very great deal of knowledge and other abilities when it came to our European archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage working and the many terrible fiascoes – we trust somebody somewhere will underline this to Minister Mandleson. Why we have been compelled to go for our ancestral archaic/fraternal Christian heritage mechanism to get these tow network going.

We have not had the time to check the Market performance yet. { The other town in Italy we forgot to mention was Naples the issues since the previous Berlosconi government – that of Mr Romano Prodi and the current Berlosconi government – the issues involved}


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BBC news this morning and the Stock Market news

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:23 am

Bank to use 'newly created' money

Quantitative easing is unprecedented in the Bank's history

The Bank of England is to launch its latest attempt to boost the supply of credit and stimulate the UK economy, using £75bn it has, in effect, created.

It will offer to buy up to £2bn of government bonds from investment institutions and individuals, in the first of a series of auctions.

The aim is to get the Bank's newly created cash out into the wider economy and encourage greater lending.

The policy, known as quantitative easing, has never been tried in the UK.

The Bank said last week it would pump £75bn into the economy, having cut interest rates to an all-time low of 0.5%.

Starts with £2bn purchase of government bonds
Size and type of weekly purchases announced on Thursdays
Two auctions every week on Mondays and Wednesdays
Results announced immediately
£75bn to spent in first 3 months

Q&A: Quantitative easing
Analysis: Bank takes first steps

It has government permission to inject a further £75bn into the economy if it wishes.

The first "auction" will take place at midday when the Bank will invite offers from investment institutions and individuals to sell government bonds, known as gilts.

Two hours later there will be a second stage of this so-called reverse auction, allowing banks to participate. The results, including the average price and the total amounts bought, will be published immediately after the auction.

Similar auctions will then follow twice weekly.


The hope is that those who sell the government bonds will use the money from the Bank to lend to individuals or companies or invest in business activity.

Gilt prices have surged over the last few days in anticipation.

Such an approach is unprecedented in the Bank's 315-year history but is now considered necessary as interest rates approach zero and deflation becomes a growing possibility.

Deflation - or falling prices - is bad for the economy as it encourages consumers to delay spending in the expectation that prices will soon be lower, potentially worsening an economic downturn.

The governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has admitted he does not know how long quantitative easing will take to have an effect but claims it will "eventually work".


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Car phone Ware House acquire Tiscali British interest – BBC News

Post  Sirop14 on Fri May 08, 2009 10:15 am

Friday 8/05/09

Car phone Ware House acquire Tiscali British interest – BBC News

We have interrupted what we are doing - meant to be doing to address this issue

We ask all those of you form the relevant EU high officials, the Policing authorities, the competition authorities, the media, the consumers and very many others to refer to our threads at AKS Forum, Kote Zote Mauritius portal, three forums of the Seychelles community in EU linked to our portal platform about the debacle and the issues of Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange those we have written in Mauritius since Orange decided to move their international Operation to Mauritius, the taped conversations for two years whilst the debate /argument was going on with Orange about their faulty system – times and time again we told the staff on the phone and in the shop the important corporate link/gearing capabilities we have because of that portal project and vast many international connection how this affects and can affect a given company large or small we work or have to use. Beside our archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage – discipline and related mechanism.

We have underlined we are fully aware of working benchmark. Those who abuse us and then refer to the benchmark. How we have contributed to Freeserve growing, the the acquisition of Wanadoo - the Orange acquiring Wanadoo why and how this works, the lies, cover up, media deceit and the vast fortunes they have made and we still had no proper service – we were robbed, made to over pay. Normally in continental working you have a serious important customer that can make you company millions and billions and massive profit on the Stock Market you meet him half way or give certain concession. In Britain this is no th case, they spy on you, use intimidating methods, threats, racist methods and Terrorist regulation to shut up so they can abuse and rip you off – you must not complain. The warning we gave Orange and since closing our account with them the corporate development.

Equally we state when we would move to Car phone the similar phenomena would take place. The same attitude and approach by Car Phone Ware House and their constant police threats.

Last week the issues that they had become so big they we going to separate their operation Talk Talk – Today rather this morning news they are going to acquire Tiscali British interest.

Dear EU commission President, Council of Europe, the European Parliament – this is what we call terrible Bench Mark double practice which we began to complain almost 15 years ago and instead of anybody doing anything we were labeled Terrorist – with the mega financial melt down and economic meltdown, the state of things in the UAS and EU – where those use rave/rage and such methods which the media or the relevant institutions, the police and judiciary do no mention or refuse to acknowledge their use, existence and application – the the experts say they have and are the only one to say what is right or wrong – the massive dishonesty.

Here is an Italian - Sardinian company we were involved many years ago from very basic – those who know our Italian archaic/fraternal – Christian heritage , workings – those around the late GMR and how they gave us sheer hell, treated us like dirt after using us and the bloody fight we have had with Tiscali ever since. It is not logic that you help somebody to build something they make millions and billions of £/$ then they turn round threaten you, insult you and more to get away with their scam smear/sleaze you that you are mad. This is the high of Corruption. We have important Italian diplomatic representation in Seychelles and indeed Rome and their Archaic/fraternal – Christian counter part some of you to point our thread to them. Particularly Prime minister Silvio Berlosconi – before he start insulting us as traitors and what nots over this incident – we have done our part. We do not have the means to send special curries, write long letters and get lawyers involve – we do not have the resources. We forget the Italian family where ever they are and to be found who know of the issues.

We have also written a very great deal to countless international institutions, the UN the International court of Justice – the mega battle by those who dimmed that our community were criminals by applying and relating to the Italian archaic/fraternal – Christian discipline and their application. Some of the mega bust up and some very terrible. Those in Italy currently or Sardinia or Indeed Europe, Bruxelles, Strasbourg and London – how because we are using the Broad and Telephone providing system of Car phone Ware House and – Talk Talk because of our important Eu community Platform how this impact and affect their many working environment and management, corporate and Stock market, the lies of their analyst, their experts. This Morning their statement.

The reason we are writing this thread – because we know as long as we continue to use their Service they will benefit massively in £/$ billions – we will have to pay, they will continue to insult and threaten us.

We address President Sarkosy and those French Broad band providers and Telephone service – get our Intelligence and those half educated not bloody morons to study the issues. France could have benefited instead - you will all listen to you crooked, dishonest experts and the experts of those from and around Car phone Ware House.

May be it is high time somebody like the former Seychelles High commissioner who want to take over our community – he is all about greed and money start a telephone providing and broad band service company - we will transfer our Service to him – then he will see the big money he has always carved and wanted come in. then he will turn round and sleaze us a as liar, mad or the such - We hope the EU relevant officials and their responsible Office are directed to this thread.

It is important to remember that in the application of our European Archaic/fraternal – Christian mechanism – they have control mechanism and what happens when they are applied – call into account.

Note: There are other issues related we have not wish to mention here


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Re: Can anybody point this tread to member of the Italian family

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