The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

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The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:40 am

We have been encouraged not to thread this article and the issues contain there in under our name instead – use the forum. We wish to explain we are writing this tread in our capacity as an interdisciplinary management executive some 25 years experience and practice.

At AKS Forum and the new Community portal Network had made the effort to underline that we acquired those two Network portal with the assistance and help if our Seychelles archaic/fraternal and Christian Italian Heritage.

Given that Mr Ralph Volcer and those around him at the time of our exile in Britain understood reasonably well some of the functioning of our Italian archaic/fraternal, Christian heritage. The vast many complex issues we had to entertain, copewith, get involved – those involved and in instance make our contributions. These were very thought time indeed.

It would seem that like relative are there only when there is great need, so to the issues of archaic/fraternal and Christian practices. Irrelevant which in question our French, British, Jewish, Muslims, Christian archaic/fraternal values – their associated heritage.

The decision on our part - to make the effort and step to come into contact with our Italian archaic/fraternal European heritage Network has come about because of the terrible development in EU, the world and the Indian Ocean – Seychelles.

In spite of the terrible nasty human practice in Seychelles –" the bloody mindedness and the former engineer who build the Coral Strand Hotel" use to put in then, at the time of Sir James Mancham Government. In short the extent and importance, quality of our contributions and in put in the vast issues which lend to build a Nation and keep it going – any acknowledgment being completely ignored. Some of the threads we have written prior to the financial melt down in the USA and since then – the current grave situation in Seychelles and the surrounding Small nation their government and the issues of IOIMF.

We decided not to adopt “let them rot” attitude – the temptation is very great.

In the past rather over the past 30 years of our living in Europe the time such archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage have come into play rather called upon to function. Fully aware of those around the world who have and are ruthlessly exploiting our Communities Sechelles – Seychelles complex European heritage and our lack of man power and adequate resources to cope with this situation. The pillage and grand scale theft. At the end of the day our Community is penniless and we cannot function.

Equally among these archaic/fraternal , Christian heritage of our ancestors are the/our Irish heritage. We cannot and do not wish to entertain the thought – had they not been around when our community and people were compel to live Seychelles and seek exile in Britain – the state of things, there was the Colonial situation -, the politic of independence, the enormous pressure for Britain to shed its Colony and how they went about this – Seychelles being one. The shoddy deal we had been handed and the result and outcome – the Coup d'etat which anybody have educate or versed in Colonial issues had foreseen and would have confirm.

The way we our community, families were treated – to remind those who do not know – there had not been mass killing, the loss of one lively hood, property, family and country caused and created havoc in our lives and those who have come to seek exile in London for the next 15 years including those who had some saving and connections.

We could not run to our old and existing Seychelles community in Britain or those from East Africa – they had very little. So we turned to the Irish Communities across London and indeed Ireland and the Northern Ireland Irish people -those in Australia, the USA, Canada and France.

Given that we have underlined the importance of the Seychelles archaic/fraternal , Christian heritage – those who understand the importance, stressed it is important “to reciprocates when other do you a good turn , help and assist you.”

Our ancestors and grand parents of French, British and other mix origin had drummed this into us as children and young people growing up.

Hence our underlining over these past 18 years since we have had multi party reintroduced in Seychelles those who have ignored, neglected believe that such friendship are there just to be used and abused. The next time there is a cal for help they will not or may not respond.
Some of the issues of our Seychelles EU communities Networking with the Irish people goes over the heads of the average community member and individual in Europe. We trust they will make the the effort to grasp and understand a bit how it function and what is at play.

Given the political constellations in Seychelles – the government have had to cal on outside help in many issues and department – had it been a different government they would have had to revert to the same practice. We lack the national expertise if we have any they go for better jobs or become to arrogant and refuse to serve the people and nation – unless you say “Hewaala”.

We have kept underlining the reason at the last election we underlined the importance of having in place a government and individual who will be able to cope with the forthcoming world development – we have informed former President FA Rene bluntly we can expect our people and nation to function not through a mega earth quake and Tsunami the impact – far worse a heightened warring or military situation. You need people and individuals who understand what are the issues involved not the polite niceties we keep reading in the Nation or hearing in the Seychelles TV. How the government is to cope.

On account of the situations we had and have live in Britain some of which FA Rene and his past Ministers know too well -= we find ourself involved and part of this global development. Beside the Current development of have in Seychelles those managing the Policing system of Seychelles namely the Irish. Every nation have their nasty and terrible sides. Rather than have the South Africa, Australian or new Zealand coming to manage our Police Force the use and involvement of the Irish expertise.

The question we want to pose this morning how come – the Irish were good and handy when it come to sacrificing and doing all the dirty deeds and battle on many front during the time of the one party state and our Exile community in Britain – how filthy and dirty we will have to wait and tell the story beyond the grave or over the rainbows and among the Sunflowers.

For this very good reason even when Seychelles had been made a multi party nation and those of you enjoying the Sun we keep writing and underlining that they had acted as dishonest and ungrateful individuals and politicians or militants.. Those of us left behind and the issues of Mr Ralph Volcer compelled to return to Britain and others – the issues of Northern Ireland Peace Process and Prime Minister Tony Blair. The World media and the English Establishment have never given our community an ounce of credit – there are those in the USA from the Kennedy family, the Clinton family, the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA who know unofficial the important role our community European combined archaic/fraternal and Christian heritage was called into play and involved in the Northern Ireland peace process and the very many issues since and nobody pays attention or want to know – yet those who go on using and abusing – until the state of things last years.

We have mentioned many instance the part of Seychelles in the affairs of the OAU and todays African Union as such when you have important friends and such archaic/fraternal , Christian connections and heritage how you work, network and liaise – their lobbies and group of interests.

The problematic which developed and ensued like we have mentioned above of the situation of relative being there only when there is a burning situation or needs – the Irish, the Seychelles the Mauritius, the Jewish , the Muslin and many other terrible practice when the going is good they keep to themselves and forget their friends and relatives.

As a com unity we have en devoured to share and pass what we deemed needed informations on EU issues to former President Chirac, those in Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and indeed those at the European Parliament, and the Commission. For them to know who we are and how we work some of the archaic/fraternal and Christian issues we have presented and addressed them. Most important the way we have gone about putting together that Network portal of Seychelles EU connection and the issues presented.

There are specialized bodies and individual who know of the impacts of that project on very many important issues of EU , the world and the Indian ocean as such why.

IN the 1980's at the very many Voluntary Training and Forum participation – those who addressed the issues of “class Room experience including the many Irish communities in Britain – London and other ethnic communities” Those bad pupils or good pupils in the class room and indeed Lady Tacther used to underlined this very often. How we were considered and graded because of those who associated with us and those we Network including the Irish Nation and the Northern Ireland Irish people and their culture and many facets or political factions and their archaic/fraternal and Christian heritages.

There are very important aspect of our Seychelles EU community archaic/fraternal and Christian mechanism involved in many of EU important process way back in the early 80's to date including the last debacle of the “EU Lisbon Treaty” what we have written – most important those who know of these issue at very important EU level -

Having mentioned our past Irish links and involvements the issues and debacle of the Lisbon Treaty – the Irish media and the politicians who misguided their people and big business – the Irish economy and these big development which had come to Ireland be it it the Republic and the North was based on the back of that SIROP etc/CDU/DP/MPR/SNP /Alliance combined exile program linked other changes in the COMECON, USSR, Germany Reunification, development and expansion of the new East European EU Nations. Like it had its impacts on Asia, China, the USA who wanted to grab to much of it became bloody greedy like school boys when they see cakes, and Africa or the Arab and Gulf nations. Those media and those so call experts dishonesty.

We have equally underlined that those who keep building on straw and disinformation would have a very heavy price to pay sooner or later – if you do not know what and where you main energy and dynamic is coming from or originating. This requires special understanding, knowledge . Those from Davos or the club of Rome their mis informations.

Because of our community involvement and understanding our concern and we stated so last year that should that Lisbon Treaty not move ahead those who argued and opposed it – given the state of the world and EU inevitably there would be problem developing. Most important the Irish debate and the development almost on the eve of the election the forced resignation of the Irish Prime Minister the New Prime minister having to explain the issues of the Lisbon Treaty and as those who may say his miss selling and the end results. Because of our involvement in very many important and complex issues of EU we can reasonably say had the Irish voted for that Lisbon Treaty with all its pitfall – there would have been sufficient dynamic and positive synergy to avoid the mega financial and economic collapse we are now facing.

Having said the state of development in France on the streets, across the former COMECON, in Austria, in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia – the meltdown is forcing [people to come on the streets. They have trusted in the politicians and they have not delivered. Again some of the issues we have addressed on behalf of our EU communities.

Note: the system do not permit large page contents we have had to post on the second page


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Re: The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:43 am

Continuation from the above page

These development and situation extending to Africa the terrible economic and food crises – the recent development in the French Overseas Department, Madagascar, Comor, Reunion, Mauritius – indeed India and surrounding Asian nations situation.

There are those who are well versed and specialized in the issues of “Class room situation the Class room of EU or the World – those who are goo or bad pupils and their behavior in the class room – like they have reacted in France, . Spain, Russia and former COMECON – the reaction we have been seen developing in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic leading to the Incident of 8/03/09 the attack on those army and police, the debacle and issues which had been gradually brewing and foaming for sometime before this incidents – the Irish temperament and their limit of toleration of what other dish to them, and indeed the very complex way they work as a population.

The blame and onus should be place at the feet of those politicians, those involved in that Lisbon EU Treaty – they ought to have know that should there be a major deterioration in the Irish economy violence would inevitable return.

Like every where in EU around the world the tense political and economic situation- what this is leading to governments and the politicians in power using oppressive methods to control and suppress the populace instead of finding due or adequate solution to the economic situation. It is very bad enough the anti social practice – the rave/rage of the cars and individuals involved. Those group and communities or nations who will not wait and take the issues onto their own hands.

We have time and time again address , protest and complain those who know who we are in England, the local communities, the officials and the media who criminal elements have manipulated us – used very abnormal process and abnormal management practice which in turn have caused the death of many across the world and those in Ireland North and the Republic who know, remember and recall those practice and what this led too. With the current economic and politician uncertainty of the Lisbon Treatym, the terrible development which can come about and the British media will lie, con, manipulate and the politicians fly out of control. We have addressed these issues to incoming President Barack Obama.

In addressing the above issues we want to remind once again to our Irish friends and those who will read this thread – the reason those of then Italian Seychelles EU heritage their archaic/fraternal and Christian institutions that have been called into play and action that we can put that Sechelles – Seychelles Network portal project forward and those from our communities their respective reaction – very strange. Like the situation in France in Seychelles they need people who can come forward and lead – not individual who are scared of loosing their plate of food or their comforts. Yet the media treatment and the so called political elite of the world how they treat such individuals as mavericks and outcast after they have contributed to important solution and like in our case - call for our sanction or elimination.

In the current “Class room situation environment there is a very important need to pull together – we do not need teacher that bully and intimidate or those teachers who have their favorites or those children from good connection and power families”

We have had to refrain from expressing certain issues -, however we trust in Seychelles those from the Irish Police and other government Irish Advisor who know or do not know everything about our community relation with the greater Irish people to try and read what we have addressed here and in turn point them to those in Ireland the Republic and North – indeed across the world, the USA, Australia and South Africa and Canada.

Because the Irish people are a people of action – we say it again, we have important mechanism which can lend to important global turn about in all sector of things affecting the world currently. Do not turn you back to us – join us like you did in the early 80's and we can together go the next bit of the road – journey. Like school children who recall every deeds and events of their school life and time so to the Irish people ought to remember their relation with the Seychelles Community in EU and the Seychelles people across the world and their archaic/fraternal Christian heritage how it and how we work and network.

They ought not to forget our very important relation to the the White House occupant over the past 30 years, today and the future.

Note: We have a work load and the inability to edit this thread adequately.


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Re: The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:51 pm

L’Afrique touchée de plein fouet par la crise

Pour la premiére fois depuis 60 ans, la croissance mondiale sera négative cette année. Le continent noir, vulnérable, sera particuliérement touché par ce «tsunami financier ».

« ALORS que la communauté internationale trouve des centaines de milliards de dollars pour résoudre la crise, je ne peux admettre notre incapacité à mobiliser des centaines de millions pour les pays à bas revenus » , s’est indigné Dominique Strauss- Kahn, le directeur général du Fonds monétaire international ( FMI), avant- hier, à l’ouverture de la conférence organisée à Dares- Salaam ( Tanzanie) pour étudier les « nouveaux défis et nouveaux partenariats pour la croissance en Afrique » . Ce que le numéro un de l’institution internationale appelle désormais « la Grande Récession » est en train de fondre sur les pays pauvres aprés avoir balayé les pays industrialisés, puis les pays émergents.

Pour la premiére fois depuis soixante ans, la croissance mondiale sera négative cette année et l’Afrique, qui a réalisé un + 5,4 % fort honorable en 2008, ne devrait plus afficher qu’un progrés de + 3 % en 2009.

Selon les calculs du FMI, cette troisiéme vague du « tsunami financier » parti des Etats- Unis va frapper de plein fouet 22 pays particuliérement vulnérables et dont le trés grand nombre se trouve en Afrique subsaharienne.

Le Fonds a élaboré un scénario de sauvetage de base qui requerrait 25 milliards de dollars.

Dans un scénario catastrophe, a prévenu Dominique Strauss- Kahn, « les besoins de financement seraient significativement plus élevés » : 48 pays en difficulté auraient alors besoin de 138 milliards de dollars pour préserver leurs maigres réserves de change tombées sous la limite fatidique des 3 mois d’importations.

La contamination des pays à bas revenus était fatale. Bien que leur secteur financier n’ait pas goûté aux « subprimes » vénéneuses, ces pays sont intégrés dans la mondialisation et la chute de la demande de matiéres premiéres depuis six mois provoque un important recul de leurs recettes et donc de leur développement : un point de croissance mondiale en moins ampute de un demi point celle de l’Afrique subsaharienne.

Plusieurs pays sont en train de vivre ce violent coup de frein, notamment l’Angola, la République démocratique du Congo, le Soudan et le Nigéria.

La peur du risque pousse les investisseurs à délaisser des pays certes trés rentables, mais trés aléatoires.

Les investissements étrangers dans ces pays pourraient ainsi diminuer de 20 % en 2009.

Deux poids deux mesures

Mis au chômage par la crise, les travailleurs émigrés dans les pays développés ne peuvent plus envoyer chez eux l’argent habituel.

Aux Comores, ces envois pesaient 21,2 % du produit intérieur brut en 2008; cette proportion tomberait à 14,6 % en 2009.

Les ministres des Finances et les gouverneurs africains des banques centrales qui, sous l’égide du FMI et de la Tanzanie, participaient à la conférence de Dar- es- Salaam étaient partagés entre la crainte et la colére.

La crainte parce qu’ils savent qu’ils n’ont pas les moyens de lancer, comme les pays riches, des plans de relance économique et de soutien social.

Ils savent aussi que le taux de pauvreté augmente au rythme de deux points quand la croissance recule d’un point et que le mécontentement des défavorisés provoque inévitablement des troubles sociaux et politiques.

S’ils sont en colére, c’est qu’ils « ne sont pas responsables de la crise » , comme l’a rappelé Kofi Annan, l’ancien secrétaire général de l’ONU. Les 25 milliards de dollars réclamés en urgence représentent la moitié de l’aide supplémentaire promise chaque année par le G7 et jamais honorée depuis 2005, mais aussi « la moitié de ce que Madoff a détourné » , a ironisé Akere Muna, président du Groupe consultatif de l’Union africaine sur la société civile.

« Si l’Afrique avait été responsable de cette crise, le FMI lui aurait sauté à la gorge ! s’est exclamé Jakaya Kikwete, le président tanzanien.

Qu’a- t- il donc fait de son rôle de gendarme ? Le Fonds doit superviser les Etats- Unis et les pays européens et pas seulement les pays en développement. Il ne doit pas y avoir de pays intouchables » . Tel est le message que l’Afrique réunie à Dar- es- Salaam a demandé à Dominique Strauss- Kahn de porter au G20 qui se réunira le 2 avril, à Londres : qu’il n’y ait plus deux poids et deux mesures.
Source: Le Monde


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Re: The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:41 pm

Commission takes steps under the excessive deficit procedure for France, Greece, Ireland, Spain and UK; assesses Stability Programme of Cyprus


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Re: The rapid deterrioration around the world including Ireland

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