Mr Ralph Volcer elected Leader and President DP

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Mr Ralph Volcer elected Leader and President DP

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:23 pm

We read in yesterday Nation 4/03/09 of the change in DP Leadership and the Mr Ralph Volcer has been elected as DP new Leader – President. Equally at AKS Forum under the recent News forum the discussions going on.

There are a few issues that need to be addressed given this development. We trust AKS Forum users indeed our Seychelles EU Community forum or our Seyafrique forum will take the time and efforts to weigh what we will address here.

Over the past 25 years of our given responsibilities in both areas be they Interdisciplinary Management or the Project Sechelles - Seychelles EU Community, ie FECAS – ECSVS. We have addressed a great many leading politicians, individuals, church leaders and their respective institutions covering number of topics.

On account of our Colonial Heritage, the minority position we as a nation find our self in, the Indian Ocean region and Africa – beside our exile/refugee state and the very corrupted, terrible and dishonest practices which prevails in the world over the past 25 years and before that. As results the positive respond, reaction or negative reactions.

Thus we trust the new DP Leader and President, its supporters in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, Africa and across the world will take the time to think before they jump to conclusion and start yelling or screaming.

On our Seychelles EU community portal project the role and contribution of Mr Ralph Volcer has been state and some pictures available, from 1979 to 1997, the issues of the collapsed SIROP etc combined exile return program of 1987/8 and those Seychellois exile who found themselves returning to Britain – Mr Ralph Volcer being one. We have written a great deal right across the world why this happen, the issues of the returning exile in 1991 the terrible fiasco – corruption and dishonesty among the exile leadership and what this lead to. Individuals like Mr Ralph Volcer and Mr Lewis Betsey found themselves having to come back into exile. In spite of the terrible ordeal and painful experiences for themselves, their families, love one, friend and colleagues.

In the early days of the 1991 change both of these individuals used to mention a great deal about the “Magic Wade” until Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci died.

To date at the very many political rallies which Mr Volcer led and held in Seychelles he never acknowledge the work we did in exile specially that SIROP combined exile program -equally not Mr Lewis Betsey.

Mr Lewis Betsey has been in the media and printing world since Seychelles, Mr Ralph Volcer came into this world in London then Seychelles – reading their articles and papers these past 30 years on and off. The have taken a great deal of time, pain to bitterly or ruthlessly criticized the Communist/Socialist system and their practice - and praise the values of Capitalist or so call democratic values – the fundamental floor in their human values and values as colleagues and associate.

It is one thing when we want to tear or burn or destroy an object the methods we use, permitted to use to achieve this objective even if it is the most distasteful method. When it come to Leading or aspiring to lead a Nation, Government and people like the Seychelles with our ancestral heritage from Europe Dutch, Portuguese, French, British, Italian, Austrian it call for quiet a different standard and values of working and operation.

We have a very grave problem in the world and facing the world. Both these individuals and other politicians in Seychelles they have associated or known us in private. Leave aside the earlier part of the exile return from 1991 to 2000, the pain and efforts we took to explaining very many important issues which affected Seychelles political, economic and social working. They both completely ignore this even after the mega Earthquake of 2004/5 and the Tsunami.

Yet as individuals involved in the DP and that in turn being what would be normally the Grand Blanc party, the Capitalist party or the Party of the Royalty and Nobility the very complex and complicated to put it politely and in a friendly manner for the public greater archaic, fraternal religious and other related important interdisciplinary or associate para science disciplines.

They of all people ought to know the many mechanism being used, usable and available to be used in given instance, occasion, moments, events and related situations.

Mr Ralph Volcer failed to say even a polite thank you when he was handed the Editor of the News paper and some of the Election issues having stated some of the process – they require more than just the ballot box or the raising of hands to be blunt. Some are very complicated they need special groups of individuals versed and experienced in those issues and their politics to be able to mange their oven mechanism and who they go about intervening or using them. We are being very brief here.

Be they Mr Paul Chow, Mr Ralph Volcer, Mr Lewis Betsey at the last election of Mr Paul Chow being elected they refused and failed to say thank you even.

There have been many development, events and process since Mr Paul chow election and events which led to his resignation and Mr Ralph Volcer being elected.

From the British conservative party, that of France right across EU, their royal House Hold and indeed the USA, we have made it our business to remind those and their respective high parties whey they have failed important to acknowledge certain important developments and events which have come about by way of such complex interventions.

Where in the past we stuck to the old principal of or compelled to maintain our silence we have taken to addressing, discussion some of those issues in the greater public and the outcome and outrage.

Only in a bitter thread across three forums we addressed and informed those who care that Ashford Council have been sending their builders in their properties – not just to refurbish the bathrooms and toilets ; for individuals like Mr Lewis Betsey, Mr Ralph Volcer who was an ex builder in Britain and Mr Paul Chow – the practice in Britain between private builders and Council builders – the many complain – protests. They make rackets, they con, scam, cream off vital information, they grass on the Council tenants, the practice rave and rage because they are Council builders – those politicians, those Council officials, those from the community and politicians or the media who know what is at play and who get what. The many events which have been taking place including revolution, assassination and other dreadful events in Africa – we have taken to writing and addressing only when it get really terrible – as we stated given the terrible state of the world and economy – something would tell, warn them – enough is enough. - The slaughtering of those 10 millions cattle, this was not just the CJD there were other phenomena at play and many other events leading to this mega global crash - nobody wants to listen or change their attitudeand practices.

To prove a point this morning we had wanted to go on a farm and take the picture of the filthiest or ugliest big pig – in case those in Seychelles turn round and call us racist or the such – we decided to stick to the real issues this morning . There is an old British/French family we have known and they looked after us and advice us on the garden – they decided to give us a pineapple. We have mentioned that we have a small yard space and many items form that mega earth quake and Tsunami of 2004/5 is there and the padlock from Islington – the Caladonian Rd, the same padlock Islington police needed three police vans to arrest an old man of 80 years old when we were buying that padlock.

We have made small extension using chestnuts logs – we decided to specially go out of our way to purchase a third log. Instead of getting the owners of the forest to bring it for us – we used an old bicycle of a good friend he has been in the Army and knows all our ins and out to prove and make a point we carried that log 16'x5/6" in front of all the police, the traffic to from the forest to the yard. The announcement that Mr Paul Chow had been forced to resigned and that Mr Ralph Volcer had been elected at the new Leader and President of DP. We have decided to provide more information that we usually do. ( It could have been more terrible)

We do trust DP and those who have led it have not forgotten we came to Seychelles and ask for help – support with that EU Sechelles – Seychelles community Coat of Arms, the Son of Mr Gopal was chosen to assist us then Printec LTD– they could and should have had that business they refuse to remember or learn the powers of our ancestral archaic/fraternal/Christian heritage they lost out, the many benefits DP acquired from that coat of Arms Project including former President Mancham – that New building across now owned by the Hodoul and the Pardiwalla family.

Equally the responsibility of Mrs Kathleen Pillay – Boule, the battle to get NGO started and establish in Seychelles and Mr Bernard Elizabeth given the presidentship. The situation of LVSU and NCVO what has led to this situation and the dangers of Mr Bernard Elizabeth loosing over sight and over view of the priorities and how to lead the NGO development in Seychelles. They are accountable, they are using tax payers money – that the same situation as LVSC or NCVO does not happen in Seychelles.

There are some very complex situation going on in the Indian ocean and indeed the past 30 years we have been involved and intervened - Mr Ralph Volcer recall his election as Treasurer of UKSCA and the acquisition of the Half Way House and the very many events – if he dares deny that those events took place, then he is not fit and has not rights to be the DP Leader and President - it will be better for the party or Seychelles if a group of individuals whent to the Bel Air cemetary and ask a cross to become their new leader or president.

We will be attaching a picture of the forest of chestnuts we got the log from( the pig with two backsuide as they say in Creole) – there are other informations and details we do not need to share with the greater public.

We take this opportunity to politely request Mr Ralph Volcer as the new DP Leader and President – please refrain from using that dreadful satanic rave/rage /crack vibe, anti social practice or sleaze to intimidate and threaten others – there are laws across the EU - we are currently involved in the issues of Sudan, we contributed to set up the ICC. Should certain practice persist we will address the European parliament and the European Court or other relevant Institutions.

On behalf of our Community in EU and the given responsibilities we wish Mr Ralph Volcer fortitude - sincerity in his responsibility and endevours now and the future – we equally take this opportunity to wish the past, present, future members and supporters of DP well and a very positive national spirit in this very terrible economic - future uncertainty the world and Seychelles is in.

Mr Ralph Volcer know there are moment we mean exactly what we say – the reason at the last election we addressed the issues we did about those wishing to change the Seychelles Government and the methods and the supporters. - We said we knew there were very challenging times ahead that was two years ago and all those very important G8 and G20 gatherings and the Davos people or the Club of Rome stating other wise. Mr Ralph Volcer ought to join us in demanding and the like of former Minister David Joubert for a Senate type of Parliament, he ought to support the setting up of a Seychelles Stock market, he ought to support that Seychelles across the world are allowed to vote given that every where we have consulate and other means of voting.

Should he fail those chestnuts poles or the chestnuts themselves will judge his work they are very dreqadful when they have to sit in judgements – beside the very ugly filthy wild pigs in plentiful across the forest of Europe.


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