We related an incident 18/7/2014 where by we sent President FA Rene a Christmas Card with a small yellow duck on it some 5/6 years ago

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We related an incident 18/7/2014 where by we sent President FA Rene a Christmas Card with a small yellow duck on it some 5/6 years ago

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Our grandparents had been Planters/mix farmers three/four generations. One of the important reason Judge EJ Stiven had decided to adopt us was our knowledge of the people and agriculture.

In real life - had things gone as we wished we would have become a Vet. Given our strong attachment and bond to animals, plants and nature.

From 1968 began to develop an important links to the larger Planters and the Farmers Community. We had found a great Friend Mr Maxime Delpech.

My like/penchant for farming, relation with the workers was my SDA education, the collective garden, the Ground, fruit trees, the SDA Mission media. The Catholic they had their own media and Private properties/small Farms. My interests was the old Israeli communal collective workings and resembles a bit of what old Seychelles Family life was all about the Village.

With the issues of Independence in Africa and coming to Seychelles, the future farmers workers relation which would inevitable change. The issues of land grab , confiscation and nationalization. All these issues were racing in my mind a few months prior to our Independence. Judge EJ Stiven had had some communal Farm/Plantation life in Zanzibar and Pemba. The issues we/I addressed him before his departure to Britain - the Plan we had agreed upon.

There is the need to stress - we/I had been offered a very large Estate on La Digue to run/look after - declined the offer.

Events moved fast and at first were thinking of going to Lebanon because of the Child and the War situation decided to go to Austria.
In Austria, with my wife had wanted to go into the Health Tourist business. Events in Seychelles was moving very fast - what we had feared had become reality the many leading families forced to flee the country and their property confiscated.

With the decision not to go into the Health Tourist - went on my knees and decided to radically change my life goal. Something happened in Salzburg which influenced and impacted this. Those who had been coaching my person to stop running away from life.

Together we discussed how I/we envisaged this, how to go about it/this and set my priorities. The issues was not just surviving in Europe/Austria, but building a decent life if and when the changes came to return to Seychelles and apply what I had learnt and knowledge acquired.

Hence I developed a keen interests for Austrian Agriculture, Europe, world/global issues, In Africa and the Indian ocean Region. I was privileged to be attached/contracted with a leading Austrian company they were involved in developing technology for the Libyan government and creating Farm from desert and underground Water reservoir system and irrigation.

Beside the many interests in the COMECON, USSR and former Yugoslavia many systems their respective difference took time to study and understand the Kibbutz system and function - all aspects.

We had important contacts with the Israeli government Officials beside the Jewish community in Vienna, the offer to go and spend some time on a Kibbutz and what this entails specially after my separation.

When Seychelles government refused to endorse my Job application at the UN/UNIDO World Bank after that Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion research - stating first I had to come to Seychelles and work for one year minimum did like the idea and was still married - those at UNIDO/World Bank who offered me a Job possibility in Africa - again the Family issues.

Events and life moved fast after I had left Strasbourg for London exile the offer for me to go and work/look after a very large Plantation in Zaire - all the complexities - the Baboons.

I/we took contact with some individuals and found our self landing with a Group known as Country Life - they had judge the experience would be very good for my life, we landed in New York for a brief Training - it could have been longer - we leave you to research them. They had Restaurant in 123 Regent Street and the Health retreat in Godalming - Enton Hall.

I did not share my Farming knowledge with Country life or my work as a consultant be they for Middle East, former East Europe and Indian ocean in Agriculture. The uniqueness of Country Life, did introduce some of the SNM/MPR Executive to them. Part of the Training they offered me was to return to Seychelles and set a Country life Project there. The Training I go went through with a couple of Young French national. Again the SDA debacles, Family issues, ethos and benchmark - what they preach is not what take place in reality.
That was when I decided to take the bull by the horn - set up IOIMF in London, start a proper Community Structure UKSCA for us and got involved in business my own consultancy. Mr Gerrard Hoareau was the Leader of SNM/MPR

It was in the course of setting up UKSCA that I befriended the D'unienville Family in Hounslow, I had known their Father in Seychelles and they had know of my grand parents at Anse aux Pins. Mr Frank D'unienville in particular gave/shared a great deal of his experiences and particularly the time he had spend in Israel and the Kibbutz. He lend us a good deal of his personal support with the involvement of Brother Guytan.

In brief discussion with former Minister Philippe Jumeau, Minister Joubert and Minister Uzice had indicated in 1982 of my appreciation of Kibbutz life/work. In Seychelles the NYS system and the issues.

There were in exile some three/four main factions seeking to change the government and each their respective agenda and program - government in exile.

This is where we loos our cool, we had known the NYS working of Seychelles reasonably well - the issues and exile media. We had known of the NYS models in Africa, OAU, Latin America/Cuba. Th regional socialist countries NYS workings. Very important events and development in the former COMECON, USSR and the changing issues and then Kibbutz working in Israel. All three/four exile factions had their backers and supporter and what they wanted from them in a future Seychelles change.

The anger those in Israel who have behaved the way they did, be they those from the Kibbutz or the government - In working the issues that those 250,000 Russian Jews and those 87,000 Ethiopian Jews migrate to Israel knew that this would impact the Kibbutz working and thinking - because of the important social and common elements involved. We had been in contact with a number of individuals and officials. Their respective Intelligence Services. What have been written about the changes and events, influence in the Kibbutz. What about the impact of the WWW, the issues we have addressed in 1987/8 on Kibbutz, the global information inward flow and impacts. We had those issues in mind when driving and bitching for the creating of resources for a WWW. Given Israel advance military, diplomatic, economic, scientific, culture development and belief over the Seychelles community in the Indian ocean - to differentiate for the Franco Seychellois, Mauritius and Reunion. They were in the know , monitored our work and issues and yet what they write. This is the big/great problem with Israel. Jewish nation - all those who refused to acknowledge the "archaic, fraternal , Illuminati values we represented and was working with - their resources" what we have written regarding the WWW. They of all people mad about knowledge and intelligence knew as and when we made /got this resource working, be they with Mitterrand/France others what would ensue.

With the Assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau - found my person in the hot seat and had to stretch to the maximum to put a serious workings concept/Program. The changing of the government by force was out of question. However one of the elements which I/we had built in that program was a Kibbutz, what this spell and required - Seychelles did not change as we had envisaged, including the Country life never materialized.

Life is wired and it has its own manner and methods of reminding us of our shortcomings and failed undertakings. Events surrounding the National Museum brought this to mind and in Britain the D'unienville Family loosing their sister/sibling. To put together a Kibbutz takes several person - that Island President FA Rene Had promised and the property they extracted from m y person at Montagne Posee by force.
Today in Seychelles we have people/nations from other countries, civilizations, we had never known and did not know their culture not even our ancestors and yet they are establish and have their church and community resources.

The Kibbutz concept for the Jewish approach is a very unique social model in the past and today and future - for Seychelles very relevant, meaning, hose we read and hear of all the new benchmark and plans, the SPPF/PL party they have their many resources and business interests. Part of any of the ideas is to support the elderly workers, the youth, the children and he widows.

In formulating that Phase lll development plan and land reclamation form the sea, they were associated issues. Things do not happen by themselves - those preachers and religious gurus who hold this view are very wrong - somewhere somebody or group of individual had/have been involved other elements.

I have been writing about our situation in Kent - how other communities relate and work in Britain and Europe. Those who had promised my person a small church/chapel in France to set up/start a Small community. Time is running our very fast - were are those younger generation Mr Frank D'unienville, the D'unienville brothers just as you gave your time, love and life to serve and help others as our ancestors had taught us.

Meanwhile all the best land is being brought by the Arabs, Russians, Indian and others where will we go and have space to build/put a Kibbutz together - Africa or Diego Gracia.

We related an incident 18/7/2014 where by we sent President FA Rene a Christmas Card with a small yellow duck on it some 5/6 years ago in a posh shop across the road and what he retorted back and he never sends politicians Christmas cards - he told me he has traveled extensively in Israel and lived on Kibbutz and worked for m very prominent British Politicians and MP for very many years. He had know Lord Beloff reasonably well.




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