We have not protested trusting the economic situation will knock some grey matters in their heads

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We have not protested trusting the economic situation will knock some grey matters in their heads

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:18 am

We have not protested trusting the economic situation will knock some grey matters in their heads

5/03/09 There are those who keep saying we have nothing better to do put write protest threads all the time. Obviously when one is dealing with the kind we are dealing you have to other revert to more drastic methods and measures.

A lot of of very nasty and terrible events, things have happened for the past two weeks since Ashford Council have sent their so call “builders to renovate bathroom and toilet in their property” the difference between private builders and those Council builders – they believe there are God , police and kings – they terrorize people, the harass, they intimidate, they get involve in using rave/rage which cause death and illness to individuals or children and elderly – they are racist> Those in town and the Council who know our Mauritius and Seychelles connections – send these so call building to rave/rage – to be plain honest – crank up the business or what ever they are working on – using us and our links – then they turn round and become bloody nasty and are bloody nasty. This is not the first time this method has been used. Those who know what it is all about – including those workers- so call builders, corrupted practices.

Ssome of the incidents have been that Gunning of those Cricket Players in Pakistan – the morons in Bruxelles, NATO and Pentagon accuse others and their government of Terrorist – they do not search for the Terrorist. Those so call builders are the same boys who go around shooting or knifing others – because they have been employed by the Council – they can make your life hell they are the same bullies, this is England. They talk about other countries Human Rights – the mass of muck that are running around. When things escalate, then we are always at faults. We are might glad that Africa have gotten to know the true bad side of the people of this country and their responds.

Why this practice prevails because politicians, government officials, big business they use thousands and millions to do their dirty work and business - if they tackled this practice many would get behind what we have termed their depraved English practice.

We have live in KENT some 18 years we know what goes on like our community in Hounslow or London and other region their Racist practices.

One of the primary reason for this economic meltdown globally – the above use and abuse of these method and system. Those who decided to shut/close down the system. We have mentioned we have taken a small yard and obviously we have to work – those who know who we were and have known the past 18 years who have terrorize us, intimidate and manipulated us – they make their money, cream us off – the grass on us and threaten us – This is the English/British practice we have to confront daily. Their Cars drive by at high speed, cream off or rave/rage and make your life hell.

why is is that other regions are terrible affected by the economic situation - Just around were our yard id the village things are not to bad – we are being creamed off.

Having said this we decided to make some kind of extension using some Chest nut logs – since yesterday suddenly the Market have started to pick us – the British – American – German experts their crap and lies/con.

To do with this yard and the chestnuts logs their has been an important event relating Buckingham Palace and the USA– nobody says thank you – only threats and intimidation – this in England. Then they go on their Freemasons this – their Freemasons that.


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