Brics to open alternatives to World Bank, IMF

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Brics to open alternatives to World Bank, IMF

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:48 pm

We have addressed the issues that a great deal of so call historic facts about the very appointment of USSR Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze is inaccurate - the like of Wikileak efforts to make the world more aware of what really goes on and Edward Snowden.
Beside the issues of  appointments - it revolves around alternative former COMECON, USSR, China greater world economic workings back in 1985/6 how the Western Press and respective institution suppressed stifled any debate or the public becoming aware - safe the politic of the day of the West/Central Europe and its respective institutions.

For instance we addressed the issues of then COMECON and USSR old debts - how then 1987, were lobbying the like of President F Mitterrand, Chancellor Dr Helmut Koln, those in USA, London and Rome - we need not follow the dictum of those who judge they only could/make such important decision in global monetary workings -

What really took place and why the breaking up of the COMECON was so popular and  USSR, the way it debts and economy could be swallowed up into Western well establish Financial and economic Institutions. The rest swept under the carpet - then in 1987 said what would come to hunt them. The manner some of these Global Summit have acted and those involved.

The world experienced three major economic and financial crash - what the so call experts have written, the USA media, Central European media.

Particularly the third crash is of relevancy because of the Benchmarks, mechanism, accountability and disciplines being developed, those who judge were adequate to cope, manage and take care of eventualities if thing went very wrong.

We say it again - the changes of the COMECON, the USSR, part China was engineered, meaning this was not just the whims of people wanting to be free and pull down the Communist Boundaries and Institutions.  That SIROP was an integral part because it required a different political, economic and military approach to the problematic of the Indian ocean, Gulf Region, Asia and Africa.

Any young graduate will tell you and his Prof - when such is the case, the requirement to take dude not of the process, development and evolution of such a program in this case SIROP.  What about those parties involved - even if they were/ would be only in Office for short Term  and other take their chair and respective responsible role and decision making.
This SIROP unlike many of Africa political agendas, Asia and India proved very unique in the sense it refused to bend, be reinvented, repainted, lies and political manipulations, corruption mar  the original agendas and issues set out/principals.  The manner those in USA, Britain  and other responded/reacted.

It was not the COMECON and USSR fallout which became responsible of the changes in the Indian Ocean Region, India and Pakistan, The Gulf Region, Arab world, Asia - hence we wrote and protested to the many leading courts and Judiciary trying to explain it was the SIROP program and we we been in France, Germany, Austria and Italy the issues and changes would have been very different.

From this point - when in 1995/6 we had the second major economic and financial issues since the changes - the manner we went about to explain and present the issues, stating the need to synergize and dynamize the Indian ocean Region/Countries and nations to rebuild the damage dynamic and rebuild the economy. Those in London and USA who took very poor view and those in France and EU because it meant that their Powers and control were being diluted.

Those major nations of Europe who had refused to help build an alternative economy and financial institutions for the world and relying on the IMF/World Bank then 1987/88, they just did not have the vision, they were sacred, they were too comfortable. ("By the way Professor Dr Michael Hofmann and Professor von Hayak was very much alive and the issues we shared with them on this subject beside others")

In the creation of the RIM Association, the new Economic and Financial power this/it represented became part of that SIROP synergy/dynamic and associated issues to manage and the Gearing/leverage. The very many leading articles those who have written.  Again any young graduate will tell you or his Prof - when such is the case the need to monitor and manages the issues accordingly.

That SIROP program was not about building new Military Powers.  What we have written from the dismantling of the West and the Warsaw Pact mega Military spending the Money/Finance and resource to build the economy of the third World and Developing nations. Even the Vatican were well aware and in the know/those who contributed and help formulate our respective agendas/ideas.

Shortly after the setting up of the RIM Association - we saw/the world saw a major realignment of the USA and NATO politic, excuses and arguments were invented and found to mark and develop a new NATO and USA Defense Strategy in the Indian ocean Region and what ensued. Beside the global communication - the scientific and education of the mass which had taken place from 1987 and the arrival of the WWW. It created the awareness that the West Institutions were very bias/against those Indian Ocean Nations economic aspiration - great media crapping was fine the reality was different.

Beside the need to redefine, Russia, China and India role in the world and their old position in the Indian ocean Region - the people of that region are fed up of wars and sufferings they wanted  and want economic betterment for their citizens.  The many talks and debate of alternative Global currency and Central Bank and Development Banks.

We there are those out there who can follow the order of issues - what we are saying is that Central European nations, Institutions and politicians had refused/passed the opportunity to help put in place a new economic order for the Oppressed and suppressed. Just as they had refused to find alternative solution to our Indian Ocean Cold War politic and all they knew was bombing and guns and killings.  Had this SIROP program not entered the scenario/come into being what and how the world, Europe would have been very different.

Just to help those who do not know - form the prospective of high Interdisciplinary discipline management - we have contributed to many of past USA Central Bank workings, that of the World and other Central banks. Some of its politic and major policies, personalities and Institutions - form this prospective our related experience accumulated. Beside former USSR, the COMECON and China.

There are Institutions and individuals who understanding the challenges and problematic of high Interdisciplinary management with/to associated economic program and regional program and the science they have developed and studies that have been undertaken since the Berlin Wall came down, Germany Reunified, France changing role in Europe and the former East Europe Nation, China.

That SIROP program have impacted importantly with  South Africa changed - please not what the politicians and the media have written. What we have addressed and those in south Africa who know and are aware. That SIROP program was interlinked with many important issues of South Africa, from Economy, politic, military and heritage.

In the events leading to the setting up of the RIM Association South Africa role. South Africa is not Seychelles or Mauritius to kneel or bend down to British politic and whims.  Those who know the other version of that SIROP program - particularly former President Nelson Mandela  and then Pan African congress and ANC. Equally the role of Australia in bringing abut major discredit to this program and reinventing their own issues using West institutions model/approach. Meaning they have done a great deal to pain and present Seychelles and that SIROP program as none entity/existence/irrelevant for the past 24/5 years.  Their own economic, military and political agenda.

For those who monitor world events and workings - in 2007 and 2008 Davos WEF Summit gatherings what the Heads of States and politicians were saying,  including the many leading experts working for WEF.  We had been addressing them they were wrong, explaining  some of the issues of that SIROP program , the PM Blair courting of the WEF, in Britain the economic agenda on the table and the origin and reason for these agendas.

We had equally addressed a great deal to the UN  and EU on this subject.  Their respective reactions and positions and events which that SIROP program had influenced and contributed too yet.

The culprits were not only the West leading politicians - In Russia, China, India, South America, their leading politicians who have gone out of their way to find out some of the issues of that SIROP program - they needed to understand it  - because it was impacting  and affecting their Economic and financial workings - even if their media and experts were saying otherwise.

What we are saying over the past 24/5 years events and that program, those countries like China, Russia, India< South Africa and the Gulf Region nations have come to learn, study and know a very great deal about that SIROP program and yet their official reaction and position.
Given the panic, the near development of global readiness for War in the eventuality of complete economic and financial meltdown 2008/9  - those leading politicians from Russia, China, India, beside Brazil and South Africa who had to understand the basics of what had caused and at the core of events - they had to study and brief themselves of that SIROP program workings and impacts possibilities.

The EU Institutions, politicians  and USA high parties reaction and involvements. Most important the manner Central Europe nations institutions, politicians went about finding for solutions and patching up as the crises developed. We came and said fairly candidly we had warned you/we had told you - you had failed back in 1987/88 to put a better System and structure in place which had been part of that SIROP program concept ion and those involved - we can list their names and the alternative issues they pursued.

At the core of the 2007/8 meltdown it became very clear that a group of Powers and countries were not interested in developing a greater democratic order, they wanted control, they wanted to exert power and they would go to any length to achieve this. That was not what that SIROP program, the COMECON, the USSR and South Africa and Latin America change was all about.  Their leading banking Institutions in spite of being in existence some 200 years and having acquire the due maturity, wisdom and experience refuses blindly to use their 200 years acquired wisdom. They wanted global dominance. The benchmark and discipline they developed and put into place.

Our reason for presenting these brief issues - next week in Brazil the announcement official of the New Development Bank, its structures, political  and economic agendas. Most important having addressed a number of threads on the high corporate.nation benchmark of Russia, India, Latin America, Africa/South Africa and China - the Benchmark  and discipline this new World Development Bank will have to put into place to make it really worked - looking back on events of the past 25 years sine the USSR and COMECON change.

We have addressed our contributions and experience in  a number of EU major Financial and Economic issues - development and such the experience one acquires.

Only last week France was slammed a massive $9.5 billion fine for trading with nations the USA and its Institutions   had set sanction against. The question we pose and ask beside our person - out there,  the many with in depth knowledge and understanding of the IMF/World bank workings and the European Central Banks  - how will the USA, NATO and some of West Europe older nations and Institutions react/respond. Those who have been manipulating and putting in place massive control mechanism and resource to prevent that SIROP program review and further workings - yet cashing  and scamming everybody. Those in Britain who for the better part of the 25 years have been manipulating and knowing the issues we have addressed above to further their interests and wealth, politics - what will ensue. The call/our call we need to have a more serious and place to work from on the continent. Beside the benchmark in those BRIC's country culture, politic and big business they must know we are not inventing what have been happening to our person the past 25 years.

For instance they will have nation projects and that nation would be barred and sanction by the USA/ its institutions how will/does a leading bank like BNP/Parisbas react and make these high corporate decision.

Many may ask why have we not entered the issues of alternative global currency - because this also was part of the SIROP program in 1987/88. Events over the past 15 years and very recent. Those who say and accuse we are inventing as we go along. In the USA, Britain, France those who know and followed the issues/events. Including the EU high Institutions. The Gulf Nations involved.

This Program contributed to the setting up of an Institutions know as the Pan Europe Masonic fraternity - those who ought to know the issues very well and choose to forget. Beside a string of other new world institutions, Bodies and Organizations, Social Structures.
That SIROP program was not your normal Repatriation Program that the UN or EU would set parameters and road maps. The reason we had refused to get both of them involved knowing their History and past workings.

Having also addressed many articles on the role of those in Austria, politicians and its University helped/contributed that we concept and write this program - the need for everybody to note, the concept for a new Global Currency workings and that new world Development Bank  is required to be aligned to the new University Campus in Vienna - Austria.  Their very rich knowledge and understanding of events, and development in the former COMECON, Russia  the past 25 years.

Just a note 10/7/14:

We would like/dare those who can to come forward and say Professor Dr Michael Hofmann knew nothing about Computer science and IT, for his time then 1978/79 Vienna judging by the subject contents he taught and those young IT genius of then Vienna - Austria, the multinationals they worked for - how they correlated with him. He worked as Consultant in this field also. He certainly knew a great deal about the Open Source many projects then be they USA and elsewhere - he had lectured in USA.

Bill Gate has never bothered to ask/find out where and how much we knew in then 1978 Vienna which influenced his destiny, that of IBM and many others.

Most important the issues of the WWW in CERN - we had been in constant contact with Professor Dr Michael Hofmann then 1986/7/8 world of IT, situation in Britain and the USA. The argument for a/the creation of a WWW was not so much his - because our objective was very different - he was quite happy to work with the IBM and a few others. We had listened attentively to his views and knowledge and others. Away from him - how we choose to work and use the knowledge he had made available. The Bill Gate issues was not his initiatives they were ours using his in depth scientific knowledge of the Computer science and IT world.

Beside the vast undiscovered and uncharted possibilities the WWW have come to offer the world. Take India and China Economy and society had the WWW not come about what they would have been like and what they were like.

Having stated/written we had wished that the COMECON, USSR Economic working had changed differently - the completely crash which came about. He was a specialist in this field too those who knew his knowledge of the subject.

It is a great shame many of the former Leaders who took part in the COMECON changes and the USSR did not strive to replace it with an Economic model unlike the West. they had the raw material - meaning many years of pain and brutal experience - understanding.

The USSR and the COMECON had a good understanding of Computer Science, they applied it for their Military, Defense and scientific workings. They knew and had access to knowledge of what those in the West, be it Germany, Austria and certainly the USA knew - not the mass.

After the arrival of the WWW the new political and social economic model which began to develop. We do not know/have the year Professor Dr M Hofmann died - (given the facts that for several years he had been in poor health) - until 1991 we knew he had good health, then Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky Office and Institutions, other leading Austrian personalities - those who had the knowledge and workings contacts.

It would be good to know if out there he wrote any papers as they say for future role of Open Source in the Western world, Europe, most important the former East Europe and Russia. (Eventually Africa and Latin America) The tendency which prevails those who have come to take over his legacy, manage his life time work and copy right/intellectual copy rights. The manner large amount of issues he had handled and process taken over and those presenting it as their.

We have added this issue here because of the new University campus - with its very extended special computer science Campus, the mega challenges for/prevailing in EU economic and social model - the economic situation in former East Europe - the Open Source then known and taught by Professor Dr Michael Hofmann and the Open source today and future - the relation with alternative  World Bank - IMF and alternative Global currency.

Further Note 11/7/14:

Twenty five years ago 1986/7/8, when - the Financing Plan for that SIROP program was put together for the next 10/15 years then Europe, USSR, the COMECON, Scandinavia countries, North America, Latin America, Africa, India and Pakistan, Asia, Japan, China and Australia, the Gulf nation Banking and Finance system.

From the same prospective the Financial workings of IMF/World Bank, African Development Bank, the Arabs, Asia, UNDP/UNIDO, the Commonwealth, Francophone, the Federal Reserve and the Banking/finance system of Vatican.

We had been in contact and studied most of the important Banking issues of London, Paris, New York, Rome, Bonn, Amsterdam, Bruxelles - beside the collective experience and knowledge, direct contributions in then Lady Thatcher government to help rebuild and re-gear Britain economy. Those involved, most important the personality of Professor Dr M Hoffmann and Professor Von Hayak - the German/Swiss/Austrian Banking and Finance system. Germany had been the Motor of Europe Economic workings and the way they looked and treated Britain.

Because of what we knew and had been involved in - the debate and head/mind breaking exercise of what Banking and Finance Structures emerging Russia and Commonwealth would adopt, former East Europe, Asia, Africa then penchant for Socialist/Marxist Ideology, Latin America. then Gulf Region Oil/Energy revenue - OPEC.

The above said we had been in workings contacts with a number of Europe Finance Ministers/officials, their politic and Fiscal politics. Their own exercise and projections in the eventuality of changes in the COMECON, USSR and Germany Reunification. We do not have the economic figure of then Europe governments, Russia and Ex COMECON countries beside the above. Given the information available online those who care to study and cross reference ought to not have great problem - what a massive contrast the information available today and 1986/7/8 when we had to put together a financing Plan for that SIROP program.

We also had to decide which Country and Institutions would support this Financing Plan - we singled out France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Asia, Arab world/petro money, South Africa, Latin America countries,beside Britain, In part emerging Russia and China their long friendship with Seychelles government and the interlinking issues of Seychelles had there been an alternative government.

What we decided to do look at the greater World economy in certain key sectors and formulate how the economic and Financial changes of the COMECON, USSR, China, Latin America and Africa would be impacted the change over for a One party System Market and fiscal workings to an Open market system - the very many Economic and financial Institutions they would have to set in place and integrate or reintegrate in the nation economy and Banking to make it work.

We developed the/ a mechanism of what we termed gearing/synergy development and management - others termed it "leverage/gearing" not quite in the context of the mechanism we had in mind. Of course we crossed check and cross referred our concept and ideas with others. Meanwhile what the media was writing and others.

In relation to that SIROP program - we had know of the practice where by a set very large program could be drawn/put together in turn link to other or another project of similar or smaller size, the Market, Business and Banking, Financing dynamic they would create/develop. Including the involvement of the USA government and otherwise in such workings. We decided that the appropriate linking mechanism could be developed to not just leverage and gear up over the next 10/15 years such a program. It had never been attempted in Africa and the Region. We had known of the issues of the Big Five accounting benchmarks, how they were cooking the figures or putting those figures together. We had know of other Big Banks big controversial issues - some never appeared in public - Including those of BCCI, some of the big Private Bank in Switzerland, France and USA.

Yes there was/were very grey areas some of the Big Banks worked - the media and public were not made aware. All these helped that we could formulate a financing plan for that SIROP program - The major challenge that we encountered was the fact that Small nations and Developing Nations had never before in History developed such sophisticated Financing mechanism to implement or be part of implementing them. Some of the arguments we put forwards for this. The whole debacle surround the so call "Shadow Banking Financial system". Mrs Thatcher was very aware of the precedent this Program would create and cause in term of Financing, Banking on a global scale. Perhaps that was the major reason those who hijacked it and those involved after they had gained an insight into the Financing Plan and mechanism - it had not been done before, it was unique and it promised complete change of Global financial and Banking system and landscape/practice and benchmarks practice. It would be linked to the future ECU and later Euro Monetary System - we are being very brief.

In calling for an alternative Financial and Economic system for the ex COMECON and USSR one had to know certain facts of the workings and practices in the World in relation. What really ensued. Those in Britain, the USA, Europe, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, south Africa who took copy of this concept and Blue print and implemented them in their country and nation respective Banking, Financing and large program financing. In Seychelles what ensued and Mauritius.

Suddenly everybody was screaming we had no money to fund this project and they were going cap in hand to the existing International institutions and Lenders - whilst at the same time developing and becoming involved in the complex working of the highly corrupted development and of alternative Banking - those who decided to coin it " Shadow Banking /Financial system" - the alternative Regulative mechanism they deployed and set into place and alternative Legislation so only a group could become involved and participate. At worse if one was found to be disclosing too much they would throw the book of national Security other archaic discipline at your person and make life very painful and terrible. By the way Mr Bernie Madoff was/formed part of a nucleus from the USA who knew in depth and great detail those issues and what later the media wrote and the Trials, what came out - the major cover up/none disclosure. The whole system was/had been engineered, countless new products, sub-finance, derivative concepts was born on the back/around of that SIROP program again we are being very conservative with information. In Rome those who knew and were involved - Mr Mario Ricci and President FA Rene. Mr Guy Morel former Central Bank Chairman knew a great deal of the Issues.

Beside the Blogs contributions we - thank Wikipedia for their help in explaining/allowing and developing the Platform which allowed anybody to input on a give subject, topic etc., one being this topic and the manner and contents, all those who have tried to cover-up and present only their shade and events of issues - those from the USA and EU, Asia.

Maybe just may be those of you who specialize in Big Banking and world Financial issues will just grasp why we wrote and said that SIROP program had a lot to do with the three global meltdown.

We have decided to address those brief issues in the light of the New Global currency development, the New/alternative IMF/World Development Bank and other related banking-fiscal mechanism they will have to put into place.

We would like to stress that BCCI had been chooses as first Bank for this program - the many in USA who knew and helped us with the choice and the events.

Secondly those in France who knew of France big banking workings - in France those who had agreed and decided that France bank would be provide the second banking resources and the many why's. Then what ensued. All those who took part and knew of the initial decision and the many sub finance and banking structures and products they developed and put into place in the process.

We wrote to the BCCI Administrators, still have copy - Deloitte and Touch, their Lawyers, about some of the issues and as such we are owned damages and compensation - because we did not have the funds to start legal/court battle and in the first place the whole objective of a Judicial Review in the RCJ was to prevent and stop this/make it impossible.

After the last global financial and banking crash, the efforts to study and grasp some of the undermining issues which led caused to this. The most important that SIROP program everybody refused and sweeps under the carpet. One of the most important reason why that online loaded SIROP program can and have made such economic impact since 2012 because of the above mentioned issues in brief. The so call Financial confidence have/is returning to global financial workings.

Fro this reason we had welcomed the approach of the EU Institutions and African Union to help in the process of Re-gearing of that program because they have the expertise and knowledge of what took place and what happens and for the sake of future workings how best to manage and integrate the issues safer.

With the creation of the alternative Development bank to the IMF/World bank Seychelles being very close past and present to China, South Africa, Russia, India and Latin america Financial and economic workings the important relation of the experiences, events and developments over the past 25 years. The workings of Seychelles Oppositions, their understanding of such topics if any. That SIROP program is half implemented - be it those Gulf based Planning Authority they have not taken into due consideration what we have been writing for the past 20 years. Even with the arrival of this alternative World Bank and Global Currency which will be next. The crucial, what mechanism they will develop and set in place to make this new/Alternative Bank work and effective - a great/good deal of the knowledge and experience e would have come from the issues we have addressed here. If and when they turn round and deny - unless they have super safe system and mechanism the counter reactions and where this will lend/conclusion. The current great Russia and China today, some of its Officials know and are aware of the impact and capacity of this program in delivering, driving their respective economy, banking and financial system. It will also mean the diluting of the current IMF/World bank, Central bank of Europe, Africa and Asia we have been involved and contributed to.

For the past 25 years from a completely near bankrupt Economy and Financial System/One party system - those who have amassed some $10/15 billions - with the arrival of this new world institutions, the future politic of Seychelles and their total control and the Opposition failing what will and is inevitable to ensue unless those in EU and elsewhere help address and formulate the way forward with this SIROP program - including those from Vienna too. They have been importantly involved in the "Shadow Bank and Financial development of East Europe, Italy and Central Europe".

Open Source history

History of free and open-source software

Open Source Wikipedia

BRICS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shadow Banking System history

Shadow banking system Wikipedia


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BRICS nations launch new development bank

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:59 am

A new international development bank and multi-billion emergency lending pool are set to be launched by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The move comes at a summit meeting of BRICS leaders in Brazil.

The "New Development Bank" (NDB) is intended to compete with the World Bank and its private lending arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), by making it easier and quicker for developing countries to gain access to large-scale financing for infrastructure projects.
The BRICS will also set up a $100 billion (73.5 billion euros) joint US dollar currency reserve pool called the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), in order to provide emergency cash to BRICS countries faced with short-term currency crises or balance-of-payments problems, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has told reporters in Moscow.

Competition for World Bank and IMF
The two new BRICS institutions are intended to provide developing countries with alternatives to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), which are headquartered politically as well as physically in the US capital.

Shanghai favourite for Brics development bank headquarters
India presses for equal voting rights as emerging market bloc agrees on China's financial capital to base rival to World Bank

BRICS Fight Waning Clout With $150 Billion Deal at Summit


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Facebook Comment

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:07 pm

Our respective Training/Education to have hold respect for those with Religious Education/former Priest. Sitting in the Crowd then Hounslow - our mind was churning/bitter about the betrayal we had received be they Seychelles/SPUP government officials, those from World Bank/IMF forget those form OAU - {"The issues of that Research we undertook to set up and Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center"} we had talked with the many World Bank and UNIDO officials then 1978/9 their view the west. USA, Britain, France would never allow a "CARICOM/Regional Today to be set up - unless they approved it" so we titled the research as above. We had know of thousands of research and bold ideas from Africa and the Region - to have the capacity to research and get it put into action from the day it was announced that Seychelles government was in favor of setting a Commission of Indian Ocean with its Secretariat in Mauritius. As a young adult had been educated in the British Colonial workings/practice those who walk/climb o other back to get to the top, the civil Service, the Military, Banks, Diplomacy and many other fields - the battle and wars my person led that we have a workings COI and the impact in then Cold War to drive the process of Mauritius, Reunion opposing politic, democracy to Seychelles, Commor and Madagascar. After 1991 it was all taken for granted, we got insulted by many in then exile - they did not and had not known /refuse to know the issues - even today in 2014 they/nobody want to know the issues. We gave you the WWW hoping you will learn/acquire due knowledge to help you understand such/those issues compared to other nations and you have failed terribly. Today we have RIM Association those sitting at this Platform/table would never have dreamt - most important we have an alternative World Bank As chartered in the Brazil summit of BRICS and it will be seated in Shanghai. Those dear friends and associates of our then Vienna 1978/9 - the decision to build or not the new International conference Center - it was build, those who have been supporting and helping Seychelles since. {"We would like to remind everybody what we were told at UNIDO/World Bank 1979 - Mr Edmond UN/UNIDO is not there to topple a government or change it - should you have a great economic idea or vision we will help you to implement it with all our resources - it was with those notions and ideas we came to London to seek political asylum in 1981 from Strasbourg"} Given the mega Cabinet change of the Coalition those in the colonial Office then who had dreamt of a Hong Kong of East Africa, Zanzibar or Seychelles. Our contribution to help the dream of those Elderly individual come to fruition/reality and future generation role and responsibility to carry them further.


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TAKE A LOOK-BRICS leaders meet in Brazil to launch development bank

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:43 pm

TAKE A LOOK-BRICS lBrics nations to create $100bn development bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Chinese President Xi Jinping and South African President Jacob Zuma

The leaders of the so-called BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - sign a deal to create a new $100bn development bank and emergency reserve fund.

Global Economy

The leaders of the five Brics countries have signed a deal to create a new $100bn (£583m) development bank and emergency reserve fund.

The Brics group is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The capital for the bank will be split equally among the five participating countries.

The bank will have a headquarters in Shanghai, China and the first president for the bank will come from India.

Brazil's president, Dilma Rouseff, announced the creation of the bank at a Brics summit meeting in Fortaleza, Brazil on Tuesday.

A new player
Continue reading the main story

image of Katy Watson
Katy Watson
BBC South America Business reporter
The halls of Fortaleza's conference centre were full of whispers about whether or not these Brics nations - which often see each other more as rivals than friends - could agree a deal on the development bank.

But challenges were overcome and the announcements were made. Despite their political and economic differences, the one thing these countries do agree upon is that rich countries have too much power in institutions like the World Bank and the IMF.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's comments made that feeling crystal clear - the Brics countries, she said, have the power to introduce positive changes - ones that they think are more equal and fair.

At first, the bank will start off with $50bn in initial capital.

The emergency reserve fund - which was announced as a "Contingency Reserve Arrangement" - will also have $100bn, and will help developing nations avoid "short-term liquidity pressures, promote further Brics cooperation, strengthen the global financial safety net and complement existing international arrangements".

The creation of the Brics bank will almost surely create competition for both the World Bank and other similar regional funds.

Brics nations have criticised the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for not giving developing nations enough voting rights.

One of the goals for the bank - whose creation has been discussed for some time - would be to increase the amount of money loaned to developing countries to help with infrastructure projects.

More oeaders meet in Brazil to launch development bank

Comment - It is very strange that many of the so call Western main stream media are boycotting news coverage of these Historic events, what are their motives and arguments/dislikes.


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After last night comment - the below article is the best Die Presse could write - le figaro just ignore them

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:58 am

Die BRICS wollen nicht länger auf Reformen der internationalen Organisationen warten und gründen einfach ihre eigene „Weltbank“ und einen Währungsfonds für Schwellenländer.

15.07.2014 | 18:40 | Nikolaus Jilch (Die Presse)

Brasilia/Wien. Die Weltmeisterschaft ist vorbei - aber Brasilien bleibt für einige Tage das Zentrum der Welt. In der Hauptstadt Brasilia haben sich am Dienstag nämlich die Staatschefs von Brasilien, Russland, Indien, China und Südafrika zu einem Gipfel getroffen. Und die sogenannten BRICS sind nicht allein. Ebenfalls dabei: Argentinien, Bolivien, Chile, Kolumbien, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay und Venezuela.


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Mancham to dialogue with top Chinese business leader Yan Jiehe and former US President Bill Clinton on ‘China in the world today’ 16-July-2014 Former President James Mancham will be leaving Seychelles for Guangzhou in China to speak at the 4th Huatuo CEO

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:10 am

Mancham to dialogue with top Chinese business leader Yan Jiehe and former US President Bill Clinton on ‘China in the world today’

Former President James Mancham will be leaving Seychelles for Guangzhou in China to speak at the 4th Huatuo CEO Forum under the theme ‘Multinational Development of Chinese Private Enterprises’.

Prior to that, Mr Mancham, jointly with Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam, will be hosting the Comesa Retreat of Elders in Seychelles between July 21-24.

The Guangzhou forum which is being hosted by Yan Jiehe, chairman of the China Pacific Construction Group and promoter of the Huatuo Economic Forum, is expected to be attended by over 1000 leading Chinese business leaders and such international dignitaries as former President Bill Clinton; the Hon. Tony Blair; Lee Myung-Bak, the 47th President of South Korea; Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia as well as the following dignitaries and Nobel Prize laureates: Janet Napolitano (chairman of the University  of California); Prof. Thomas Sargent (2011 Nobel Prize Economics); Edmund Phelps (2006 Nobel Prize in Economics) and Gene Sperling (chairman Economic Committee of Clinton & Obama Administrations).

Mr Jiehe is one of the most influential business figures in China today having won numerous awards such as ‘The most excellent entrepreneurs’, ‘One of the Top News Figure’, ‘Talented and influential Chinese business leader’.

He is consultant to over 100 local governments. Under his management and leadership, the China Pacific Construction Group has constructed projects across China covering 500 cities and over 1000 development zones and today the China Pacific Construction Group is considered to be one of the largest private enterprises in China. According to Fortune 500, China Pacific Construction Group is ranked as the 166th most important company in the world.

On the occasion of the opening of the event on Friday July 25, former President Mancham is to take part in an open dialogue on the subject of ‘China in the World Today’ with Mr Jiehe and former US President Bill Clinton before later delivering his keynote address.

In 2012, when attending a high-level conference in Chongqing, China, Mr Mancham befriended Albert Teo JP, who is assisting the China Pacific Construction Group in organising the Guangzhou conference.

The office of the former President has also availed of the opportunity to confirm that Mr Mancham’s new book – ‘SEYCHELLES – The saga of a small nation navigating through the cross-currents of a big world’ to be published by Paragon House, St. Paul, Minneapolis, USA has been completed and is now with the indexers. The book is expected to be launched in Seychelles in September 2014.

Comment - We do not take part in world or International lectures, yet our contributions and impute in/into some of World Bank/IMF workings, beside other leading Central Banks. We addressed a comment regarding how we are to comport having worked/associated importantly with the IMF/World bank - this morning the announcement former President Mancham and Tony Blair is to talk in China - we are glad Mrs Lisette De Lafontaine appeared, reminding us of our childhood education on the fables of De Lafontaine - Comportment of Individuals.

Former President Mancham undertook the same very devious "demarche/approach" in 1991 onward to con the world that he and others were importantly involved in changing the COMECON and USSR, Germany Reunification, the setting up of WANGO, events and what ensued/outcome.

Now it is the New BRICS Institutions they are after conning/scamming the world they were involved and took part in setting it up, creaming  and harvesting credits and the millions of morons out there who do not protest and allow this to go on.  WANGO became a cack/disrepute International platform for NGO/highly corrupted.

Is that what they want to turn BRICS Institutions into. In China and Russia the fate of utterly corrupted Officials.


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Shunned by West, Russia pivots to embrace other BRICS

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:37 pm

Shunned by West, Russia pivots to embrace other BRICS
Opinion: After Crimea, Putin mends fences with China, other developing economies

When he became president in 2000, Vladimir Putin committed to deepening Russia’s integration into the global economy. One target was reaching the income levels of Portugal, then the poorest European Union country.

Early on there was progress. With oil prices high Russia boomed. Moscow was in both the G-8 and G-20 clubs of economic powers. It joined the World Trade Organization and became more active in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

FORTALEZA, Brazil - The emerging-market bloc of BRICS on Tuesday vowed to strive for more comprehensive cooperation and forge a closer economic partnership.

BRICS leaders hail outcome of first-day summit

BRICS bank to be headquartered in Shanghai

Chinese president voices hope for stronger BRICS

Comment - We came to search other reading material on BRICS and either the West media ignores this Historic event. Had this been the invasion of a Russian country they would have received world headline - after all the world world will/stand to benefit from this New Bank in one form or another.  The West media is really very terrible.

Some of the world leading Universities develop special science/discipline in the study of Synergy/Dynamic changes caused/brought about by global institutions across a wide sector of Regional, Nation and world workings Vienna University being one of them.

The concern/ deep undercurrent,  the Benchmark of these new world institutions. Corporate benchmark in Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina. It was a highly/shoddy Financial/Banking and political Benchmark which led to the 2007/8 mega crash and the world, society people paying the price whilst a few have amassed very vast fortunes - the danger of highly corrupted Corporate group or individual hijack/take over the workings and management of those new Institutions and the media cannot be trusted - where this will end.

What about BRICS Hedge funds and derivatives tools linked with the BRICS workings, leverage mechanism/structures.

The way big business is worked out in these countries and Nations - the height of corruption and criminal linked corporate working - will  this lend to spreading of this phenomena and instead of curbing them. With it a different more brutal, Gangster  form of Capitalist the disparity between the Rich and the Poor getting bigger and wider.

An example with that SIROP program and evolution of the RIM Association, we liaise with our Italian European and International network, the that young Italian CEO who develop NING Portal and the involvement of Friend of Europe, we decided to set up a project COI - RIM Association Network, this synergized some aspect of NING workings/business model - the next thing A Jewish CEO was appointed and they completely ignored and rejected how we had got then and the direction NING took and we lost our Project in fact two  attempts.

As a small Nation and representing some 21,000 - 25,000 exiles from Seychelles/Indian ocean have International rights it means nothing. Some of The collateral fall outs 

Just a note is there nobody out there with an old picture of the Stevenson/Delhomme property St Louis, the House, the Garden may be with the children Helen, Veronique, Alan and sister - how the Chinese Embassy got hold of that Property and today the bitter regrets. Those children of Mrs and Mr Delhomme who had refused to listen.


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Britain mega economic mess of 1980's who remembers - BRICS

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:26 am

We have address several issues leading to BRICS formation, the Indian Ocean in particular.  The role of Mrs Thatcher government, PM John Major< PM Blair and PM Gordon Brown.

An incident we came across helped to remind us of how Politic ins done/worked out in  Britain - for instance there was supposed to be a very famous Economic Think Tank in 1979 Britain Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) we knew and was aware of the quality, degree and relevancy of its work. It had and was part to blame for the economic woes and decolonization process - many of those involved were Jews.

That was why we did not frequent it - the manner of those involved, their highly corrupted practice of acquiring others knowledge and information and they passing and portraying it as their work.

Some of the Jewish personalities knew our person reasonably well and respective abilities.

It is a great shame Chancellor Kreisky Foundation is not properly managed - what the British media have spoken about Austria and yet where/the manner Britain economy was being rebuild - not what they say Mrs Thatcher did and her Ministers they were and are fallacy those who write blogs and Wikipedia. My person and others were key to alternative approach to Britain workings and they were linked with Europe as such those Gurus and then experts of Economic in Europe and then Professor Dr Michael Hofmann - he was  not a Jew and they made him pay for it.  The decision to make/appoint Professor Von Hayak as her economic adviser.

Given what is being written all over Wikipedia we ought to break the rules and rewrite things as they were not for the sake of pleasing and fearing a few very powerful and certain establishments. This is not the way to transfer and build legacy for future generation given today's media - it is a mode to create a world of lunacy and utter corruption.

There are mountains of media coverage and article about isues and eventes leading to BRICS - waht will take place in two three years time just as it did when we came to London from Vienna and Strassbourg in 1981, the utter mess, with very many running around like headless chicken and cockrels - by 1985, when small shoots of possibilities and chnages were appearing waht those who wrote the lies did and of cource after events of 1987/8, the Berlin Wall everywhere and across the many social network the armies and many Jews personalities portraiting thensleves as if they were important involved and contributed importantly - it sucks, it is a massive shame and scandal.

This said we would like to add a Wikipedia link of Sri Keith Joseph - the Goldmith Politicians and Beloff Family knew him very well and well as Minister Hawards and Leon Britten. { They form part of a group who have done everything that we do not return to Seychelles or Europe and get to know my children - beside my important Viennese Jewish relationship}  These are supposedly very important British/Jewish personalities we have helped, contributed in their work and life and what the media writes and Wikipedia. No wonder those African have developed their super scam they have studied and talked about those issues I/we have been involved. What about the construction Industry under Mrs Thatcher and those Companies involved - we were involved and contributed and what they write as if we were never there and existed.

{"Another good example the SDA debacle of loosing 123 Regent Street, then Mrs Thatcher government and what we have addressed, why she go angry with the SDA - our important Jewish connections including Spiritual how the SDA general conference acquired that Synagogue today know as Advent Center Crawford Place. We had contributed to the rebuilding of St John Wood Synagogue and the small Synagogue beneath Finchley Road. The debacles then. "}

Sir Keith Joseph, 2nd Baronet.

Sir Samuel Joseph, 1st Baronet,_1st_Baronet

Institute of Economic Affairs

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher


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10 major outcomes of BRICS summit

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:06 pm

10 major outcomes of BRICS summit

The 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, has highlighted the increasing role of emerging countries in international affairs and their ability to share strategic interests and approaches while reaching for their development goals.

In my opinion, the top 10 outcomes of the event are:

1. The meeting started the second cycle of BRICS summits. This time it focused on sustainable solutions for inclusive growth. It confirmed common interests in broadening multidimensional cooperation, including mutual trade and investment. With combined GDP around 21% of global volume, 20% of global trade and 11% of accumulated investments, the five countries represent one of the largest markets in the world.

2. The summit highlighted once again that the BRICS countries play an increasingly significant role in international affairs, an example of which was the prevention of an outright military invasion of Syria, as well as the elimination of chemical weapons in that country.

3. The countries are united in their willingness to coordinate their positions and actions on issues of global development and the reform of the global financial and economic architecture, including the IMF. The G20 format offers the five countries a good framework for such cooperation.

4. Decision to create the New Development Bank (NDB) based in Shanghai will contribute to the efforts to eliminate infrastructure gaps and meet sustainable development needs of the BRICS countries and other emerging markets. With initial authorized capital of $100 billion, including $50 billion of equally shared initial subscribed capital, it will become one of the largest multilateral financial development institutions. Importantly, it will be open for other countries to join.

5. Creation of the Contingent Reserve Arrangement, or currency reserve pool, initially sized at $100 billion, will help protect the BRICS countries against short-term liquidity pressures and international financial shocks. Together with the NDB these new instruments will contribute to further co-operation on macroeconomic policies.

6. Other documents, including the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation among BRICS Export Credit and Guarantees Agencies, as well as the Cooperation Agreement on Innovation within the BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism, will offer new channels of support for trade and financial ties between the five countries.

7. The BRICS framework now includes more than 20 equally important cooperation formats, including the BRICS Business Council, the BRICS Banking Forum, the BRICS Exchanges Alliance and others, embracing such areas as information security, healthcare, agriculture, science and technology, and others.

8. Russia is actively engaged in the strengthening of the BRICS framework. Among its proposals are the draft Strategy for Multilateral Economic Cooperation and the Roadmap for Investment Cooperation. We are also proposing to establish the BRICS Energy Association, the Fuel Reserve Bank, the BRICS Energy Policy Institute and a training center for experts in metals industries, as well as to widen cooperation in areas of culture and education.

9. Another important topic is the BRICS “outreach” format. Meetings with leaders of different regions add to the Summits’ agenda and make the work more relevant globally.

10. As Russia is taking over the position of the BRICS Chair, the next summit will be held in the city of Ufa in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in July 2015. We are looking forward to working ever more closely with our international partners.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


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Re: Brics to open alternatives to World Bank, IMF

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