Austria and Austrian gullibility in the USA, EU Financial & Economic mess

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Austria and Austrian gullibility in the USA, EU Financial & Economic mess

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:56 pm

Austria and Austrian gullibility in the USA, EU Financial & Economic mess.

We have been churning the result of the 28 EU member state meeting over this weekend and the conclusion. The call by the former COMECON block countries for a Marshal plan to save their economy, employment – protect democratic stability involving Austria.

Very important the Austrian financial situation – because of the unique position it enjoyed in the Cold War economic, diplomatic relation with those countries – believed it can best assist them in their development and economic process by providing large credits – this ability existed during the Cold War- as a young financial trainee the Syndicate we were involved and worked with to offer, negotiate such large credits. To certain extent we know first hand how it works.

This not the reason we have decided to thread this article. We must add we have been strongly advice not to write this thread.

Our reason for doing so is the thread we have published on Dr Samuele Bacchocchie contribution – role in the SIROP exile return program as we have often said etc., meaning the other political faction which joined us later. We have underlined the important role – necessity – efforts to involve the Churches in this process and the out come. As such we believe the need to write this thread.

A few important points must be underlined here first:

1- Until 2005 our Seychelles EU community did not have any web presence as such, we managed and communicate our vast and many complex issues via and through network – the many instance of massive abuses, sleaze, misinformations, abuses, political and criminal con.

We had wanted to put together a different concept for our Seychelles EU community had those who owned us the $15 millions paid us in 2004/5, they did not in spite great efforts to explain, the involvement of the church, archaic/fraternal involvement nobody listen – yet Austria and those who have worked with us in Austria insist that we must maintain seriousness in our working, dealings and responsibilities. Time time again this is not the way they have responded.

2- For this reason we went out of our way to address first on the Seychelles Community forum which that Russian group brought down the important Historic, France, Seychelles – Indian Ocean relation, archaic., Fraternal and others.

We underlined the Austrian families who had come to work and invest in Seychelles before independence and what took place.

We underlined the background of the many families, individuals we had known, come into contact during our stay and time we were married and lived with our second Austrian lady partner and her family.

We underline the many instance of our work, studies in Austria – importantly the issues of the Cold War, the research we did the Austrian relation with the Gulf Region, the Communist world and the COMECON and Africa.

We explained because we understood certain greater Austrian political, historic and geopolitical issues we concepted the so called SIROP exile return program – this was far more complex, involving the former Austrian prime minister and Presidents.Theri royal families and EU royal families. Those who dare accuse us of dishonesty – we developed system and used all over the wold today to retrace and study such issues and events prove and dis prove if it took place or not.
As such – how we gave Austria very important credit in the process of the COMECON , USSR, Berlin Wall, Germany reunification and the changes which came in the EU.

3- we have gone to very great length to explain that Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman had very unique reason to make us a Fellow of his Interdisciplinary Management Institute and the granting of the charter for Indian Ocean and the important and unique work we have undertaken and contribute to date.

Most important - our involvement with that Austrian Professor as lady Tacther adviser in early 1980 when Britain was bankrupt – its politicians were being laugh at and called the sick man of Europe – how over the next 10 years of our stay in London for those who were involved and recall the British Commonwealth Masonic and other establishments our important contribution to rebuild the British economy – many very important EU debacle, international and British German – Austrian relation. Not many bloody idiots in the world can do this..

Before those members of the COMECON were allowed to joined the EU those from Austria we networked with , those who knew what we were capable of, our joint contributions. ( Then to suddenly turn round and say all these never existed it is inventions something is very wrong with Austria ethic)

4- There had always been a contingent of Austrian in Seychelles even during the one party state era – how after the changes in 1991 beside the Austria Casino – those who decided to invest in Seychelles not to exclude those from Mauritius.

Austria took the credit for some of the important change which occurred in Seychelles -. the Phase lll Development of Seychelles, two Austrian Group were given the opportunity to acquire/participate. This was not business acumen or accident – yet nobody acknowledge this. please recall we have extended families from my Tirol wife, family, child and now grand child – equally my lady friend her extended family children and grand children, as well as those of my family married to Austrians nationals. What they know and discuss. Our position in the Indian Ocean, African Union and the rest of the world.

5- We have underlined time and time again our capacity to input very importantly in the USA Central bank as well as the IMF or World Bank or the ECB or the National bank of most EU nations – our training and discipline.

We have gone out of our way to explain two years before the mega property crash what was afoot and what was coming.

Meanwhile the network however muddy, messy and terrible explaining the reasons – money.

6 - We have explained our contributions in the issues from the work of past EU experience to change the OAU to African Union, what this call for and the responsibilities grobely spoken.

We have gone out of our way to explain how from the multinational, the many EU leading politicians they want to harvest and gather information on the hoof – use those information – integrate in their decision making process and say – present to the greater public as their thinking – we have underlined this is very dishonest practice and what it will lead to.

Most important for the past 25 years we have not stop corresponding with the families we have or bit of family we have in Austria and other individuals and in instance the media explaining in clearest detail s certain issues and their workings.

7 - We have underlined the challenge posing between Prof Hoffman and the Davos people. In relation to the Gulf Region government those who know and they have resources which far outstrip Austria – those who know of our ability to contribute importantly to the Gulf Region economic and financial issues and have done – including the OPEC – why we can do so.

Not to our arguments – we have monitored most of the very important economic and financial scandal for the past 32 years part of the IOMF and our involvement in Strategic Studies issues.

In most EU and ex COMECON countries when you have a given individual who have achieved much less that we have - the extent they . He is given media coverage and political coverage etc. The question we ask and very many will ask if indeed what we have written is provable what kind of individuals is responsible for the ethic and running of Austria. There are very many question to answer.

Having said this – those in Austria who know our ability and role to make very concrete input and contribution to radically change a very grave economic or financial situation- the current state of thing in EU and the Austrian position stand.

This situation has far reaching complication – those from the Arab region who will be informed of this thread, the Russian who will be informed of this thread. ( what about the Polish Nation our very important international relation and the other former COMECON countries we have worked over the past 30 years together what will they say)

The answer is very simple – all three of my extended Austrian families know all the details of my personal and family situation in Seychelles – for any individual who have made such a contribution and to be treated this way is scandalous.

Those same individuals, families and friends in Austria they know we were well familiar with money and wealth when we were in Austria – our need to support even our grand children or buy then a chocolate or a card or a present – we have not been able to do so this is scandalous.

Now we ask all of our reading this thread – President Barosso crossed sword with Prime minister Putin recently over Human rights he retorted to him - look at the vast many abused of Human rights in EU tons tons the media, the authorities, the churches and the very institutions set up to serve and protest them abuse them. This is our case and relation with Austria.

Every European nation they have their funny ideas how to treat the Seychelles people- We remind the Austrian there is a European parliament, their is a European court and other institutions. Given that they have not respect for anything – that mighty pan European masonic lodge entity – that was build and put together on the back of that large portal project we put together for our Seychelles EU community – the French and other European archaic./fraternal/Christian heritage.

Beside the Austrian politicians, their police, we trust our community will point this thread to or the EU officials, their police, judiciary and institutions.

Just to make the coffee sweeter – the Californian governor how he became governor. Ask the question around those who know. At the end of the day even if it is bad taste this is what politic is all about.

In case those who think we have really gone over the top – the global financial and economic loss will be well over in the $15- 20 trillions by the time the mess is over. Anybody who can count for an individual who can help to clean some of that crap he has been doing for the past 25 years and never paid a cent something is very/grossly wrong somewhere - we also have donation link to our portal too in case somebody decide to make a anonymous donation. Nobody have.

The media and everybody is blaming the big banks and their executive for their terrible and dishonest practices the very many leading EU politicians who are equally if not very guilty of the same practices. The people and public have lost trust in the politicians.


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EU Leaders Agree to Stimulus Spending, Increased Aid for Non-EMU Members

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:42 am

Three things we were taught in Austria the need to apply the Interdisciplinary Management always to the highest standard, Austria – that nation quality standard in term of psychoanalysis – amids the toughest political crises to approach political decision with cold clearheadedness.

Given what had transpired at the EU Summit on the political decision to raise the Funds for the exCOMECON nations to Euro 50 billions and to set the economic revival package for EU at Euro 5 billions. EU contribution to IMF funds to $101 billions. The need not just to remind the Leadership of EU, the Parliament, the commission , The council and other EU relevant Institutions of the many issues we have been addressing the above parties the past five years. Most important gave issues which everybody refuse to take on board properly – their accountability to the Citizens of EU, the dreadful political practices right across the Board.

It is right to say that until last week across most important media – the view that Austria and its politicians, their national financial institutions must be left to pay the price for what may be termed its averted greed and tenacity to cash in on the changes in the COMECON given its earlier relation by using its financial institutions – Banks to play a major role in their national political and economic agenda – ambition.

Had these been the era of Mrs Tacther she would have personally call for the EU to let Austria stew as they say in English. [The current practice of those nations and their politicians that have taken outrageous decision and policy decision to out maneuver other member state countries – when this goes very/terribly wrong pear shape then call on the Unity of the EU member state to save and bail them out – the outrageousness}The citizens and Tax payers of EU must have the power and possibilities to punish such politicians like those calling for the punishment of the big multinational Executive outrageous practice and behaviors. In the first instance the politicians made the wrong political decisions.

There has always been a very important understanding what is meant by reinsurance in the COMECON – Austria economic relation in comparison to the way the same issues is understood in the USA Britain and France. The mechanism each of these sets of nations use and how they go about applying them.

Even if the Citizens of EU were not told in so many words by the EU, the argument that given the violence what is being played on the streets across Europe, the collapse and economic situation in those former COMECON countries – what can be expected in the Summer of this year right across Europe because of their Economic situation. On the back of this the Heads of State gathered give in and compromise to extending the EU Funds economic funds for the former COMECON countries – there by to certain extent saving some of Austria burning toast or bacon.

For the past 10 years we have written to certain parties in Austria and those in EU explaining the abnormality of certain working and what – where this would leed if it continued.

The reason for us to make and have made the statement time and time again about the importance of our French – Seychelles – Indian Ocean system, archaic/fraternal and Christian wise the important impact this have had on the Euro, on political – economic development in EU most important the impact on the EBC policy decision making process – in turn this , their effects on the former COMECON countries. Those in Austria who have know and are very much aware of what has been going on and is indeed going on.

Leading one to conclude that the Big Austrian financial Institutions have recklessly abused this French – Seychelles Indian Ocean archaic/fraternal Christian system – their related mechanism. Those in Austria who have certain responsibilities in managing the Austrian – ex COMECON aspect of these mechanism and system. { This is not a Mafiosi system at work – this is a duplicated French/related European archaic/fraternal, Christian system at work for a specific group of people, nations and their government and economic system, cultural values.

What is transpiring from political and economic decision making process of the Austrian high parties need to be seriously questioned and challenged. { Taking into account the same practice in Britain, the USA, the Arab/gulf Region, Russia, China and African Union} Equally the process surrounding the development of the Davos WEC bodies , organizational and thinking process – their impact on the greater world issues.

In other words given the current situation and certainly foreseeable development in Austria – the approach to handle, manage situation as explained /set out in our introduction to this thread is not valid anymore. Therin lies the danger when nations, cultures and institutions like we have in Austria decided to jettison or ignore what have been tested by fire to take on board untested and unproved management working practices.

The debacle to change the COMECON was started in Austria – Vienna, those like chancellor Kreisky and former President Waldheim, the Head of the Austrian Catholic Institutions recall -know.

We have underline the role of Austria in terms of archaic/fraternal – Christian in starting the 1st World War, the Second 2nd world war – those , because of the understanding of how such and these mechanism work decision to use Austria in the initial debacle to change Poland and manage other issues related to COME3CON change, later events of the Berlin wall and the USSR.

Until 1991 or there about existed in Austria the constant fear that the Soviet could return or inevitable return – again those who were vividly aware and supported the so call SIROP ETC concept.

We are not trying to take side with anybody or parties – the debacle of Fritzel and the Bunker issues, those in Austria who have had had trepidation of the Soviet coming back – their preparedness and the extent they would go – have gone. The many issues in Britain in relation to an eventual Nuclear war under Lady Tacther government – had it come to that what would life in so call Nuclear bunkers be like. The great public reaction and survival approach, those privilege to live and those destined to be slaughtered, those to be used as slave or whatever – the hypocrisy of the Austrian Judiciary, their media scandal, their politicians and the world media.

On account of those false values and notions - the situation we are in.

All through out the debacle of the Lisbon Treaty last years we quietly underlined that though the greater public or the citizens of EU were bombarded with all kind of political information – one of the most important – the peace of EU was not given due priority.

Most of the half somber students and graduate in Austria , a handful of their politicians , individual and the fraternal establishment will agree that the current grave world economic situation is just one recipe for a major world or European conflict. As such what played out at the Summit.

{ what everybody fails and refuse to remember form Mrs Tacther, Prime minister John Major, the British archaic/fraternal establishment – our important underline on Austria social economic system and values in EU then, in respect to that of the economic values in the Indian Ocean and OAU then. Those who made us pay a very dear price for hawking these values. }

We have and had also explained that there were very great mistakes – in the changes that took place in the USSR and the COMECON, had the/that mechanism use to manage the changed in those countries be base in EU the results would have been different – those form the USA, Britain who manipulated and abused these system to their advantage or their point of view and the backlash - impact of countries like Austria and exCOMECON countries their decision making process and mechanism.

Most importantly the Austrian Executive must have still a strong taste and notion of the 1st and 2nd world economic constellations. They of all central European nation to have memory laps is unforgivable. The system will not forgive.

Having said the above – those politicians at the time of the 1st world war, the 2nd world war their politician, economic position and what this led to.

We know what we are going to say next will anger and vex very many in EU and their institutions including commissioner Barroso – those involve in the initial issues to change Poland was and were fully aware of the stand and practice -hence the reason just a handful of individuals were involved in managing the process of the changes which took place in Poland First and the gradual changes - What it took to avoiding a 3rd world /.Nuclear war – the current state of the world.

Before anybody or group of individuals got about this process they had a full understand and grasp of the world situation and the Communist situation. This cannot be said of the current system in the EU, Russia , the former COMECON economic situation or African Union. In any such situation this again calls for the system to be tested. The danger lies that those who will misjudge or miscalculate the moment to intervene and what intervention is required – how much longer to wait.


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