"Seychelles Strategic Plan 2040", The 2020 Seychelles Strategic Plan which we were also excluded from

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"Seychelles Strategic Plan 2040", The 2020 Seychelles Strategic Plan which we were also excluded from

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:21 pm

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3rd July, 2014

Subject :
Seychelles Planning Authority, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). Arup are the Consultant on this project. "Seychelles Strategic Plan 2040", The 2020 Seychelles Strategic Plan which we were also excluded from - those representing that SIROP program. Seychelles government political ploy and corrupted benchmark.

Subject : Seychelles strategic Development Plan "Seychelles Strategic Plan 2040"consultation - project consultants, namely Jurgen Happ whose area is Urban Design Lead, Kate Walters who is the Stakeholder & Community Engagement Lead, Andrew Charles who is the Project Manager and Austin Brown who is the Environment expert.

Dear sirs,

We read via LUNGOS Facebook page of the invitation by Seychelles government for them NGO to work on the Consultative agenda which would be submited to your Body for evaluation , acceptance and rejection as your body - Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). may choose decide. Arup are the Consultant on this project.

For the past fifteen years with the support of some of the Oppositions in Seychelles, Europe, Africa's NGO lobbying asking for a review of that SIROP exile/refugee Voluntary repatriation program.

This unique Voluntary repatriation program was estimated between $500 million to $800 million and today gross worth value some 25 years on certainly worth $ 2.5 - $3 billion. The need to note and take into account at the time of presenting this Program 1988, to the International community in Seychelles KPMG was the Chartered Accountant for government affairs. Prior to presenting this program to the Seychelles government and President FA Rene, the Opposition in Seychelles, the many other bodies and institutions which decided to lend their support - had addressed Auther Anderson Office in London, KPMG, Deloitte Touch and Young and co. In the course of implementing it liaised with their respective Officials beside other leading Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Mauritius firm of chartered Accountants.

In spite of strong protest, addressing the United Nation, the OAU later African Union, the European Commission, court and the International court of Justice - beside the Royal court of Justice - for very strong unknown ulterior and International political motives we the Seychelles Exile/refugee cannot get the UN appropriate body - UNHCR to help report and review this Historic program.

There is the need to underline that the Vatican was importantly involved in that his Voluntary repatriation program got/was accepted and supported - Vatican own Economic, accounting and Finance Department/Office.

On Account of the size of the corruption associated, the many who hijacked this historic voluntary repatriation program, some of the big banks consortium, big political lobby, illuminati lobby - we decided to address the World bank and IMF and copies of these communication.
Having said this - there have been a number of highly important military collateral fallout as a results of the very high corruption involved and those involved - we have address the White House from President Reagan, the Two Bush President, President Clinton and President Obama. among other institutions we have address the issues in the USA, the CIA, the FBI and the Senate.

Due to the fact that this program was importantly linked with the USSR, East Europe, their politic and economic workings, privatization and highly important economic issues have addressed their respective governments and heads of States, politicians and Institutions.

This Program also relate to the major events and issues of the German reunification - the Treuhand and those involved - the issues of leverage and gearing, funding and implementation of that program in Seychelles and the Region.

Given the impact it had on the Region Economic development have addressed the Arab leagues, several heads of state - Preside t Sadaam Hussein, President Ghadafi, King of Jordan, the Algerian government, Isreal government, the PLO high official then Mr Yasser Arafat. The Emir of Dubai and Emirate and some of their Officials.

We have equally addressed the Indian government, some of this oficials, the Pakistan government and some of their oficials.
Given that this program needed/required the support of the COI member state to help implimneet we have addressed - beside the French government and many of thir high official, Senates and bodies. Mauritus past presidents and parliament, Madagascar Presidents and politicians, media, the COI Secretariat.

Equally important on account of the special relation Seychelles had with South Africa over the past 50 years, their economic and military role and the apartheid era /cold war and the events to change south Africa was importantly linked with that Voluntary repatriation program - the many officials of ANC, Pan African congress, President Nelson Mandela, President Mbeki and the current President of South Africa beside some of his Officials. To implement, leverage and gear that Program their involvement was importantly required.

The Seychelles oppositions have address the international community of the Human Rights abuse and media cover-up, corruption in Seychelles - the manner Seychelles government reported many historic events leading to the changes and ongoing as such nowhere credit is given to this Economic program.

This said those who watch our affairs and monitor them, and knowing fully well how many of Africa corrupted government and Indian Ocean government works today. Their use and abuse of their Powers, Resources, political control to manipulate and hijack many agendas as they did in the One party State era with the Opposition having little Power and resource to oppose them. .

What is most important Seychelles government over the past 25 years have never denied the accusation and statements we have been making about this important historic economic and voluntary repatriation Program.

For instance - Barclay bank was on the verge of puling our of Seychelles - it will be on their records and Wikileaks have the tapes - it was after we decided to re-gear that program in 2004 and having traveled with the Head of Barclay their decision to stay in Seychelles.

There is a major grass issues in accounting of the International institutions - in 1987 when we presented this program to then President FA Rene - government and officials - Seychelles was experiencing major economic impasse - how suddenly after accepting this program the major change in Seychelles economic system and workings.

Finally theres is the need to to sate that in 2011 when Seychelles government almost went bankrupt how we leverage and synergized the issues which help avert this and again the highly corrupted Seychelles reporting of how this was averted. The corrupted practice can be trace to the IMF, the World Bank and African development bank and the EU Fiscal Department beside a few others.

Many in the Seychelles opposition are very aware of the importance and impact of this Voluntary economic program be it political, social and economic - because they are suppressed, they are excluded, they cannot speak and address the issues properly - the government take credit for everything and their media involvement.

In Europe and African Union those who monitor this issues and the fact that we have underlined and stressed three times this program for over abuse, hijack and highly corrupted practice - caused three major global economic and financial meltdown.

Our Opposition have addressed a very great deal about the North Africa and Arab spring - the manner Arab institutions handle and managed their internal economic, political and social issues and what have led to the unrest, revolt and outcome.

The decision for an Arab - Gulf nation to take a lead role in putting together a greater economic program for Seychelles where in the past this have been done by the world bank, IMF and UNDP, beside the Commonwealth and the Francophone involvement - the motive, important reason - the question is it to exert more leverage and control over our economy , politic and people because we are a Small and defenseless nation.

We will be addressing copies of our correspondence to you Body to countless international institutions and governments and let them draw their own conclusion. Beside the Indian Ocean, RIM Association government s and their institutions.

On bahalf of those 21 - 25,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles around the world for who this economic program was explicitly concepted and written - with only 300 individuals returning and benefigint. The important economic exclusion they experienced and suffered under.
In 2013 after the exile/refugee decided to make more information available the EU and African Union offered that we meet their officials to discuss the re-gearing and future workings of this historic program.

There are and have existed none or very few major international repatriation program in history which can say/speak out that it has lend and help re-boost and rebuild the USA economy - this Program did just did from 2012 and the EU Economy.

Sirs, we also have legal representative min Seychelles and the person of Mr Phillipe Boulle was a close collaborator - we have ask and stressed that we are prepared to enter any Court issues over this program be it in Europe, Seychelles or Africa.

Given the major importance and world economic - politicla situation - trust the contents of our letter will have the due attention and an acknowledgement. If not to our person to other exile or the Oppositions in Seychelles.

Yours Sincerely

Hon Mitchel Juan Edmond
14 Hermitage House
Gerrard Rd
London N1 8AT

Tel: Mobile


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