Phoenix TV debate a female worker of a large Super Market sentenced by a Judge for taking Euro1.30

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Phoenix TV debate a female worker of a large Super Market sentenced by a Judge for taking Euro1.30

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:14 am

Phoenix TV debate a female worker of a large Super Market sentenced by a Judge for taking Euro1.30 loosing her job after 30 years employment – the Big bank and multinational frauds and thieves involving £/$ billions/millions – the leading EU politicians mass murderers are not even sanction. The Council defrauding and thieving the Household large energy company equally involved in the same practice.

Forum this is Friday morning – we are drowning in puke/muck and dirt. Still have taken the time to share/address this issue.

On 26/02/09 the debate in the morning on Phoenix TV, the usual moderator for the debate – the participants a Lawyer specializing in Workers Law, the leading representative of the work/job giver confederation, a leading media representative and a lawyer specializing in work conflicts.

The issues/debate was about a German white woman who had worked 30 years for a leading Super Market group, she was caught taking Euro1.30 from the Till – prosecuted by the Supermarket group and the ruling judge sentenced her and she also lost her employment – the debate was was it right or wrong in view of the £/4 billions being conned, scammed, mismanaged by the many leading corporate Bank boss, Insurance , multinational – not jut in Germany in Britain where RBS and Lloyd have just publish loss of £70 billions.

This is my addition; the politicians who do not know what they are doing starting wars and sending their soldiers to die and get killed for crooked, corrupted corporate and big armaments reasons.

The debate was very intense – what we wish to underline here is the arrogance of those give certain or a bit of responsibilities be they they judges, the lawyer specializing in workers law/rights and the individual representing the work/job givers confederation.

There is a very wired and sickening thinking running around the world, form Zimbabwe right across Africa to Asia and EU. Those who hide behind Freemason clock they know everything and are right in everything they say do and think. This is the fundamental problematic. George Bush and his generals started that Iraq War on this ticket along with Tony Blair AND OTHERS. Not on the arguments of the facts they had or were available. When and in the name of Freemason clock or archaic everybody must shut up and take any crap or injustice. If you are not a Freemason or belong to some kind of archaic /fraternal establishment.

In EU when you have studied, worked and live past the age of 30 your get to know pretty well many aspect of laws – you get to have a gut feeling what is justice all about and what is outright corruption an injustices. The young generation what they study and learn at school, colleges.

In the first instance that might collapse of the USA Housing Market, the USA and EU big banks and other large multinational s it is about thieves, corruption and dishonest executives – those who hide behind corporate lawyers , lays and the company facade to do pretty much what they like and the state of the world. They and nobody have learn – let it sink in why we are in this situation – it is not about the little thieves or dishonest workers – it is about the very big thieves and dishonest executive – those we have entrusted to run the world the judiciary, the political system , the religious system , the police and the army, the hospitals and the education system.

This morning in Seychelles those who have read the State of the Nation address of JA Michel, the army of foreign thieves that have infested Seychelles. They are worse than Communism. The arrogance of the Speaker of Seychelles Parliament – his visit to Strasbourg the - EU parliament incident.

In Mauritius the situation is no better – the Socialist government hell bent on supporting those who are there to make their £/4 millions and billions and the small individual, those who are unable to defend themselves being trodden under the feet of those who have and are grabbing more.

The situation in Madagascar and a few other places in Asia.

Then power, intelligence and energy we/that was used to change the communist system was not about a group of world elite making the lives of million hell and robbing them or robbing them in £/4billions – the same intelligence . System will not remain idle and watch was is going on. There is a choice either those involve change or the system will come down on their heads like it did the COMNECON, Asia, China and other parts of the world.


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