Our Seychelles EU Community young Soldiers

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Our Seychelles EU Community young Soldiers

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:41 pm

Our Seychelles EU Community young Soldiers.

Three weeks ago we decided to link the new website of Seychelles Defense Force to our community Portal – those from the various Forces who responded positively – yet many in Seychelles, across our EU community and across the world would not have appreciated what we did.

Last week the opportunity gave itself for us to raise the issues of the Garden this year – we were reminded not to hurry, the private individuals had not put the seed in the box yet. ( In Seychelles we have followed and taken part in the debate about growing more food for the nation. )

We went to very great and extra length last year to find the right seed, get the right advice, prepare the soil – we had known that hell would break loose against the advice,of those from Davos and the G9 and the G20 nations -

On top of that the issues of the EU Madrid Treaty and this years European election – had Ireland Voted yes – the difference this would have made and that global crap/melt down with certainty forwarded.

Yesterday and today we have been reminded yet again this issues. A very relevant question to ask in spite of our community forums having existed for nearly five years – we have never seen or read any threads dedicated to the young Seychelles recruit who join or have to join and do their Military Service in the EU member state they live- were born depending on the Laws and family circumstance – health or else they have to serve in the Civil Service.

Having said this – on the other hand we have paid respect to those who served in the Second world and First world wars.

Equally our Ex service men Association be it for those who served in the early wars and those who left Seychelles in the 60 to Serve in the British Army. - Their Association.

We have made great efforts to expand the resources of our communities across the EU including the addition of that Network Platform – beside the very many needs of our Seychelles EU communities fro the Elderly, the single parents, the handicap, the sick, those needing assistance with many other issues and employments - We believe we ought to create a section or area for our past young Seychelles soldiers, those currently undergoing recruit or Training in their respective EU member state – their friends, their parents and the community around to support them.

Three days ago we also took time to read the review by the French Senate – regulative body on the practice, training and recruit of the French foreign Legion. At the same time the point of view of those responsible to train such great and fine soldiers.

In case our young Seychellois across the world come to the conclusion we have overlooked and left them out - across the world be they in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa – on behalf of our Seychelles EU community we wish you well and a very positive experience in the Army.

Other communities in EU have countless functions to mark many events, cultural and other wise. The Seychelles Community in EU those Soldiers who attend a given military function or events. Like many members of our Community who every year take time to watch the military displays, national ceremony or such events in EU or across the world. We believe it is time just like we have those dances, fairs – there is a need to dedicate one day in the year for a special function for our young, current - past soldier in the EU and rest of the world. They are also serving on our behalf to defend the/a given nation in EU or across the world we live in. Indeed those Soldiers not even our members who have supported and assisted our Seychelles communities these past 70 years or more – including those in France.

Then there are the families of those who have fallen and left behind, their comrades, their wife, their children and friends - they need to be supported and assisted too.

Please use the Forum to share and give your point of view. Remember what they would have learn – the knowledge they would have acquired will come to the good of our Seychelles EU community and our communities across the world. This year for those new recruit will be an even harder time Training and coping with the rudiment of military training.

Please note we have also a logo and link of NATO Force to our Seychelles EU Community portal.



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