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Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:12 pm

Over the past 25 years have corresponded with very many in this world about our Nation's issues - Had we to send an email to the Program producer of Annou Koze for some odd reason it would have gone unanswered - we are addressing the producer and Manager of the Program on Facebook/publicly - The decision to formulate and put into place that SIROP program was worked along/in the manner of then changes taking place, going on in the former COMECON and USSR - in term of leadership structure, resource pooling, networking and implementing of issues. All the individuals from former SNM/MPR who had been involved and taken part, the DP of Minister David Joubert, that of Mr Andre Uzice, that of Mr Lewish Betsey - Alliance, Mr Phillippe Boulle SNP, then former President Mancham own Movement pour la Democracy. (We almost forgot those Oppositions in Sechelles, Seychelles then) Beside the contents of that Program and today substantial part /percentage have been publish/made public - on the agenda was the setting up of A Senate - Bicameral parliament. From 1993 onward lobbied all the Oppositions and the SPPF to work towards implementing this - everybody remains as quiet as a dead mice. Mr Ralph Volcer made a comment on Annou Koze TV stressing the difference between National Unity and National Reconciliation. One of the Reason for President to enter this debacle so very late is motivated with-by the topic of events in Mauritius on this topic, a Bicameral parliament and other changes - yet the same madness/political lopsided approach the Opposition used when dealing/debating with then SPPF/Seychelles government and they never rectified the mistakes even after some 21 years. On behalf of those 21,000 - 23, 000 exile even if those who have returned hate their guts - use your good connections, journalistic benchmark and put a program together with two or three parties involved, debate/discuss for and against the establishment of a Senate - Bicameral parliament in Seychelles - like it or not once again after the forthcoming election in Mauritius this will be introduced and implemented and the people and citizens of the current Seychelles gap/lament at their plight and the way things are done in Mauritius. In three Presidential election and National elections had/have asked/demanded those who supported the exile/refugee, namely the SNP, NDP, Mr Boulle and the current Official Opposition to include this in their Manifesto - One person who had strongly supported this concept is the former Minister David Joubert, those who know in London/Britain when seeking CIA, Pentagon, South Africa, Israel Intelligence support, Britain, France, the Italians Arabs and Kenya help to change Seychelles by force - this would have been one of the requirement, they almost got the Cash. In doing so you program will earn/get the respect of those 21,000/25 ,000 exile, the International community and those percentage of the Nation who really want changes - beside the very large expat community, those form the IOC and RIM Association. {" In case former Minister David Joubert for health and safety reason cannot take part - approach him politely on our behalf that he writes his view and many years of research/study/observation on this subject and read it on you TV Program"}


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