Kenya and Seychelles sign general cooperation agreement

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Kenya and Seychelles sign general cooperation agreement

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:23 am

Kenya and Seychelles sign general cooperation agreement


Kenya and Seychelles yesterday signed a general cooperation agreement which provides them the necessary framework to have a joint commission very soon.

This will allow the two countries to take their relations to the next level.

The signing between Kenya’s cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amina Mohamed and Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Paul Adam took place at the ministry’s headquarters at Maison Quéau de Quinssy.

It took place in the presence of foreign affairs principal secretary, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, and other members of the Kenyan delegation.

The delegation led by Ms Mohamed is here on a return visit at the invitation of Minister Adam to continue talks started when he visited Kenya in March this year.

During its visit, the Kenyan delegation will hold talks on various issues and explore different areas for further cooperation.

Speaking after the signing Minister Adam said he has had fruitful discussions with the delegation on various issues namely the strategic partnership that exists between Seychelles and Kenya, exploring ways to take it to another level.

“Seychelles has expressed its solidarity with Kenya as it faces the threat of Al Shabab and we are together in this fight to ensure there is security in our region so our citizens can live their lives productively in order to boost our respective economy,” said Minister Adam.

Ms Mohamed and Minister Adam exchange documents after the signing He said they have also spoken on ways Seychelles and Kenya can offer an example in terms of tackling these security threats through enhanced intelligence sharing but also through a partnership around the blue economy.

“As we share an ocean we have expressed the will to better police this ocean, build our partnership around it and explore joint opportunities in the fisheries sector and other marine resources,” Minister Adam said.

“We have also discussed our partnership in the tourism sector as we are two countries which depend a lot on tourism. We are united in developing an African Union tourism strategy and Kenya is one of the core countries we are working with in order to develop this African brand which is expected to strengthen our ability as nations to bring more opportunities for our people in this sector,” added Minister Adam.

“We are two countries that stand united and we believe that we offer each other a large array of opportunities and the visit of Ms Mohamed reinforces the political will that Kenya has shown to strengthen this partnership and we also look forward to visits at the level of our heads of state in due course,” Minister Adam pointed out.

For her part Ms Mohamed, who is on her second visit to Seychelles, said the two countries are very close in terms of proximity, our historical ties and relations, in terms of the number of Seychellois living and working in Kenya and vice versa and so in many ways we should be doing much more than we are doing today.

“Areas of interest discussed during the visit of Minister Adam in Kenya and my current visit are those that should be developed further ahead than they are today but we are hopeful that with this enhanced engagement we are having and the impending visits of our heads of state discussions between our two countries will be taken to the highest level,” said Ms Mohamed.

“There is a lot of other areas in which we can cooperate and these include agriculture, financial services, ICT, education, health, youth development and capacity-building among others,” she said, expressing her delight in being here to sign the agreement which is to be the “umbrella agreement under which we can undertake all the work we must do”.

She noted that Kenya has a lot to learn in the area of security from what Seychelles has put in place and during this visit her delegation will discuss further on that as well as other issues including increased flights by Kenya Airways to Seychelles.

On Sunday, Ms Mohamed met the Kenyan diaspora in Seychelles and many issues including that of prisoner exchange between the two countries featured prominently in the discussions.

Ms Mohamed noted that she will ensure discussions on the matter will be taken up and expedited by her government.


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