Relation China - Asia current economic state that nuclear accident

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Relation China - Asia current economic state that nuclear accident

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:39 am

In relation to China current economic state and those two Nuclear submarine incident we are wasting our time once again to address the greater public certain issues – not the politicians and the experts they already know too much.

The Chinese also know the ethic of Shamans, how much they can say and when – in instance we have been compelled to break those rules. The none respect of those form the USA, and many European countries their officials.

The Chines for many years have been quietly coaching and keeping and eye on our person – those who know not the like of Sir James he would slaughter us like a pig or a duck and have us roasted. No since the days of our exile in Austria this relation started – they had not taken over the Delhomme property – they were communist and worked closely with the COMECON, they were used by FA Rene to keep an eye on us.

{We have addressed several threads on the issues of the Chinese taking over the Delhomme property – the failures of the Delhomme children to note and take stock in 1987 when we told them we were returning to Seychelles, there would be changes in Seychelles and to make an effort to participate. Just like FA Rene and the SPPF underline importantly the issues/values of Loyalty, those who know who we are and our childhood until to date the important issues and those families not of the Delhomme – but the Morel, the Stevenson, the Uzice. When we were children and our mother alone they look after us – it is our duty when we become responsible to look after them when they are old, feeble to return the goodness.}

In Islington there is a strong Chinese community, net to the place where we live there is a House just Chinese only like the Polish, in the Market those many Chinese who have supported and been pleasant of the the past 10 years. The issues we have discussed their country and Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Africa or France. Most of them know who we are and represent – our Seychelles Community in Britain and the EU.

There are those in Seychelles, Mauritius Reunion, Africa, France who may or have wondered how is it that we know so much and can interact with the Chinese and the are a very old people , full of tradition , values and wisdoms. Particularly FA Rene , James Michel , the SPPF, we say it bluntly the Mauritian community and the People of Mauritius the Chinese President current State visit. It is because of those special relation – we do not have to travel to China town and meet them as we used to - if we have too we know how to contact and communicate.

They have also witnessed against a great deal of British outrageousness towards our person, those who have wanted to do something for our community in Britain, everything about our British and French Seychelles politic and EU politic and community.

We have explained how at the time the mega changes was going on in USSR, the Battle between president Gorbachev, the old establishment and president Yeltsin one year down the road those from the USA, the White House, the CIA and Pentagon who had called on us to use that mega synergy/dynamic to change the Chinese people and China radically. We realize they were up to no good, on the long term their only interest – to destabilize – create not democracy – chaos and a bloody mess that the Chinese themselves would not be able to manage – who would benefit. This is where the Davos issues come in the Interdisciplinary Management Vienna, L'ena comes in. When you are responsible and involved in such issues you have to be nearly 100% certain what will be the situation in 10 years on 15 years time. The system set- put in place must be able to cope and the management system work and working. Not chop and change every year or every months. As so many very erratic ex[perts and politicians go about. We have written confidential papers we have handed to the Chinese Embassy in London explaining some of those issues.

It was with such understanding, involvements and abilities that we judge and decided to make that SIROP etc exile return program work properly in the Indian Ocean, not just change like they do in Africa, but like in Europe change that can last and work. The creation of a greater economic Circle. Way back in 1987 we had accessed the ability and the future of the Asian economy on the world, on Europe on the USA, on Africa. Those who acquired and took a great many aspect of the issues we represented in 1987 and purported it as their own. In this equation we had look at China role. We had not forgotten the Chinese Communist role in OAU to date. The USA and Britain on the other hand they wanted bloody madness Chaos – those who were advocating radical changes in China and part of Asia. FA Rene had benefited a great deal from this thinking, those who think FA Rene and SPPF government was working alone. Seychelles important Asian Business, diplomatic connection then.

Just about everybody recall the positiveness of the Asian economy around 2003/4 - they had go that far because of that SIROP etc exile return program ( when we say SIROP we ask those in Seychelles our African brothers and sisters to take due time. They were not around when our ancestors were battling the Asiatic nations, their blood and foundation they laid – within that SIROP program we used many of those foundation and bloody sweat to concept that SIROP exile return program – we do not believe in writing massive books and such nobody reads or remembers them,. - we had and needed to build from there, the Asian nations who know of the French , dutch, Portuguese involvement in those part of the world. That was what that SIROP exile program was all about – in Seychelles, Mauritius those who see and know only the tip of their nose or not fr from the glass they wear.}

This is why we were biter we did not want to take time and written tons and ton of article about the issue of that SIROP EXILE RETURN PROGRAM, the media a cons, lies, sleazes and manipulations – ripoff. We were very angry, we wrote so in many instance – given so many social communication platform and so many international Business networks which have sprouted like mushrooms the past 10 years those who demand certain standards to be members and participants – yet they terrible double standards and very filthy practices. The they hid behind their little European Wall or whatever you would cal it.
Most important the onus, the sin, the evil, the dishonesty was on the heads of those so call world leaders, those politicians who had been masquerading as Gods and they know everything and control everything. The Chinese and Asian nations have thousands of years of such knowledge and experience and the Europeans or the West are not match for them – the dishonesty exploded. Just look as some of the outrageous corporate issues practice by some of the governments and Heads of state the opulence. The conceptor, the founder, the idea behind all that was being ignored, abused, ripoff, scammed. Those Asian nations ought to know better, their laws about thieves, their judicial system. Their prison and police system.

We have been involved and following many very important Nature, environment, earth movement, volcanoes, weather issues for the past 30 years they integrated in that SIROP etc exile return program. There are very many issues the so cal scientist do not get to explain the world or unless you sit at a table and talk or be part of. The religious, notion of God in those part of the world in relation to economy and politic., which have existed for thousands of years – those who have known that you put a good leader or spiritual leader the country will be blessed, peaceful, the weather will be kind and the land will not erupt , their will not be earth quake or volcano or Tsunami or blood bath.

We had know that at the time we put together that SIROP program and we integrated this into the system. Those who call themselves Illuminati, Templars an Freemason in Europe or the church. The practice and such principal in Europe.

When we have written that mega earth quake and Tsunami came in 2004/5 after we had been to Seychelles to negotiate the $15 millions they owned us. That was toilet paper money compared to the real money they owned us. Why that mega earth quake and Tsunami came – those morons in Europe who cannot think and see only in front of their toilet seat. Rather one moment they are very wise the next they are completely daft. That program had been build around those Asian dynamics and when you do not respect them ask any poor farmer or stupid men and woman o the street they will tel, you what to expect. The Christian church ought to look at their terrible values before the dare say anything – they ought to think what we are saying here instead of banding us as/for heresy. Because it suits them.

We will not get the media involved here because just about everybody in the world know what those in the media are all about there are very dishonest.

[As we were writing this thread. The police car that drove by slowly and threaten and intimidated us and the Ambulance that stopped in from of the place threatening to arrest us and lock us up for writing what we have – this is the British and European union judiciary – democracy we live in, this involved a ruddy pervert who say he is a Free mason locally – the many issues we have written about. We also went to see a large handicap organization in Islington – London yesterday – 100 meter where we had that 300,000 volt cable blow accident, the French EDG have accused us this never took place and the Lawyers stitched us – we went to see the Mayor of London, all the policeman and underground we had asked for direction and explained what had happened, the Security at the London Town Hall, the explanation and the Information, the pictures we took – they said because this is a new administration everything that Ken Livingstone handle would have been deleted or removed they cannot do anything for us to write them and email -the tons of nastiness we have been getting from the demented Mayor Boris, satanic rave/rage intimidations - - the Conservative in Kent – his instruction to get the police involved and have us arrested – this morning, their hate, their notion of justice]

After that mega terrible events in the Indian ocean instead of learning and correcting their practice – those who went about doing far more terrible things, making their $billions, setting up terrible police and draconian laws and military system so they can totally control and do what they want – they have been made to pay. The system have mad them pay. This is why were are very angry and upset at those who pertain to be Christian, archaic, fraternal, Illuminati and the such they ought to know better . Some the lecture the Africa, the Latin American and the Asian nations.

we have state h9ow the Chinese go to host the Olympic and the millions who took part know or learnt how the system work and, communicate and let them know what system was at play and work there. The many Chinese Officials who known our role involvement that the Chinese got to host the Olympic gage our reason for supporting the Chinese bid. The anger of those from the West and the USA.

We have since contributed and been involved in many important economic issues of France, Germany, Britain in China and Asia how this works.

Given our knowledge -,we knew that China and Asia would be affected very importantly by the mess in the USA. Those in Seychelles Mauritius who know how very hard it is to build a business and the terrible development in China the past 60 days business which have been build on very hard sweat the owners are just closing down and walking away - it is just to much.

We have concepted our community portal project so that those in the past present and future will have a notion grasp the concept what those Seychelles people – of French – European decent were and all about. ( with due respect to Africa, the OAU and African Union – those of us who know what the real score is and still be polite) They have not respect for their fraternal, archaic, masonic or Illuminati establishment.

The Chinese and Asian economy – beside that new parliament building they are building for Seychelles have lost $trillions - yet they , very many are supposed to know the very basic issues of their culture, believe and values – when somebody have done and been involved importantly in you economy, making you very rich and the super development and grown - you say thank you,. You donate when and where you can and help in return. Nobody have done this or acknowledge this is terrible practice.

Given the way we started this thread – the Chinese community in Europe, the Philippines, the many other communities we have work and networked together – the House of those Kings and prices. The situation on the streets of London. Equally those who had very big investment and interest in Britain. They of all people and parties ought have know better. And be more aware.

This Saturday for Valentine – we traveled on a Bus to the SDA Center with a father and daughter, the little girl response towards his father on the bus – later after the Service had ended that same little Chinese girl running and playing on the SDA Advent center Baptismal and the father. The very many Chinese and Philippine and Asian people we have met in London in their eyes an face their fear and great concern for the current economic situation – countless very old chines4 people telling us the same thing in their eye and faces/.

Most important on Sunday we went to the Caple Market the experiences and economic situation – their was this Chinese girl standing there. Her eyes and expression, the police an d those who came to the market who know the reason she was standing there until we had come to the market and left. The very many Chinese who know who she came and stood there. We also encountered an old Shaman of Chinese origin and we discussed those issues.

When we wrote the issues had a relation with those accident in the Atlantic – the force that make those big fish shoal to disappear so call El Ninhio, the issues that beach those large number of whales, the same issue can affect submarines, super tankers or ships and they are not to be taken lightly – it can be very dangerous.

We say we have wasted and taken yet our time to explain the larger public – like the Tony Blair, the John Major, the Chirac, the Mitterrand and the Tacther who did not know, those from the Secret Service and the such who peddle such information – we have made them publicly available – after they have acquired the knowledge and information - brand us as mad, demented - that need to be sanction or killed or lockup – this is the decrepit, disgusting and very dishonest world - democracy we live in.

what is the road ahead and the future. We trust that some of our members will point our threat to the Chinese embassy in Seychelles <Mauritius and African Union region and indeed China itself.


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