1st Seychelles–Mauritius Business Forum April 24-25

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1st Seychelles–Mauritius Business Forum April 24-25

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:32 am

1st Seychelles–Mauritius Business Forum April 24-25


Four agreements which will promote trade and investment between Seychelles and Mauritius have been signed.
The memorandums of understanding (MoUs) were signed during the official opening of the first ever Seychelles-Mauritius business forum taking place at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles (ICCS).

The two-day forum is being attended by a strong Mauritian delegation of over 100 comprising government officials, business operators, private sector institution representatives, heads of parastatals along with their Seychellois counterparts.

Organised by the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) and its partners in collaboration with the Board of Investment of Mauritius, the forum is being held under the theme ‘Creating new dynamics for business facilitation’.

It was the Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment Pierre Laporte who officially opened the forum in the presence of the Mauritian Minister for Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection Cader Sayed Hossen.

Also present were the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean Paul Adam and the Minister for Natural Resources Peter Sinon among other key government officials and members of the business community from both countries.

Addressing all those present for the event Minister Laporte said Seychelles and Mauritius are bound together in many aspects and he commended the various regional initiatives which have led to the strengthening of relations between the two countries over the years.

“Our ties encompass a vast range of areas of cooperation and the two countries have already achieved great strides together such as the signing in 2012 of the joint exercise of sovereign rights over the continental shelf in the Mascareignes Plateau and the joint management of the Mascareignes Plateau,” he said.

The Seychelles government is taking the necessary steps to make our country a more attractive destination to do business and to encourage FDI (foreign direct investment) in areas where we need more, he said.

He noted that the presence of the large Mauritian delegation at the forum is proof of the growing confidence Mauritian businessmen have in Seychelles and he called on both countries’ business representatives to avail of this forum to explore potential areas for further economic development and establish contacts through networking.

Expressing deep appreciation to the government for the hospitality extended to him and his delegation, Minister Hossen said this first Seychelles-Mauritius business forum is one of the outcomes of the visit to Seychelles in June 2012 of Mauritian Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam.

He noted that at that time President James Michel and Prime Minister Ramgoolam decided during discussions that making easier exchanges between our two countries should be accelerated for the mutual benefits of both nations.

“We firmly believe that the forum will provide a platform for strengthening collaborations and exchanges,” said Minister Hossen, adding that the participation of the strong Mauritian delegation is proof of that.

Mr Hossen said Seychelles and Mauritius have a common history and we share profound ties, the same democratic values, we promote the same type of welfare state, we share similar cultural affinities which are very important and we are bound by a common destiny which is an ocean destiny.

“Over the years our leaders have worked very hard to translate these relationships into mutual benefits for our countries and our peoples,” he said.

“The forum is an excellent vehicle to further consolidate and strengthen our commercial and economic ties elevating them to new heights,” Minister Hossen pointed out.

He added that the two countries are both developing nations which have both adopted the same outlook and the outward looking strategies to foster economic development growth.

“We have both been successful in carrying out major reforms which have impacted positively on our economic performances despite the daunting challenges we have faced over the past years,” he said.
Mr Hossen said these successes and achievements reflect the determination and farsightedness of our two heads of government.

At this point he gave an overview of the Mauritian economic development which has evolved from an agro-based economy to a more modern and diversified economy with a range of robust and vibrant sectors.

Mr Hossen said they wish to further strengthen partnership with Seychelles by encouraging more Mauritians to extend their business relationships with Seychelles through joint ventures.

“Seychelles has a very conducive business environment with very strong stability and good leadership, a dynamic private sector and an economy which is growing very fast which has paved the way for FDI inflows into the country. We have a similar business climate and we offer excellent opportunities for investment in a wide range of activities,” he said.

But he admitted that with Seychelles investment in Mauritius being quite weak, he hopes the forum will be an opportunity to discuss key themes of mutual business and unlock if not a door but at least a window for Seychellois businessmen to invest in Mauritius.

With regard to the agreements signed they were between:

• the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa) and Enterprise Mauritius (EM). It was signed by Senpa chief executive Penny Belmont and EM’s chief executive Dev Chamroo;
• the State Trading Corporation of Mauritius (STC) and the Seychelles Trading Company (STC). It was signed by STC Mauritius general manager Megh Pillay and STC Seychelles chief executive Veronique Laporte;
• STC Mauritius general manager Megh Pillay also signed another agreement with the Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec). Chief executive Conrad Benoiton signed on behalf of Sepec.

• the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). MCCI secretary general Raju Jaddoo signed for Mauritius while SCCI secretary general Juliette Sicobo-Azais signed for Seychelles.

For fhis first Seychelles-Mauritius business forum over 50 local companies are attending to discuss business possibilities with their Mauritian counterparts. They include merchants, importers and corporate service providers.

The chief executive of SIB Rupert Simeon noted that SIB has organised five forums so far this year and more are expected to be organised before the end of the year.

Mr Simeon noted that during the time they will be in the country the Mauritian government business team is also keen to visit fisheries development and bunkering projects here while the team from the private sector will concentrate more on networking and exploring the different potential areas for business development with their Seychellois counterparts.

In terms of investment interests, Mr Simeon noted that Mauritian investors are showing interests in areas like tourism and financial services.

“We expect to see more business developments between the two countries in these two sectors in the future,” said Mr Simeon.
For his part the chairperson of the SCCI Marco Francis said forum like this one is vital to foster important business linkage between our two countries and promote fundamental values which he said are crucial for island economies to fulfill their potential.

Acknowledging the longstanding friendship between Mauritius and Seychelles, Mr Francis called on businessmen from both countries to “make good use of those longstanding network of old friends” to develop and strengthen their business relations and partnership.

He added this relationship provides businessmen of our two countries with a solid platform for trade and investment. As example he highlighted the fact that our two nations share the same Creole language as well as similar legal systems and rule of law which set the parametres for trusting and beneficial partnerships.

“Between our two islands a lot has been achieved and I firmly believe that a lot more can be achieved,” said Mr Francis.
He noted that at present the trade figure for Mauritius and Seychelles stands at SR600 million, a figure with potential to improve as we explore ways to work together.

Mr Francis said with direct air links three times a week between Seychelles and Mauritius he called on the two countries to explore this opportunity for business, adding that the forum is the perfect opportunity to broaden, strengthen and deepen their relationship.

Mr Francis noted that while focus is on what our two countries can do bilaterally, there is also the question as to what Indian Ocean islands can do collectively. There he stressed on the issue of trade where Seychelles import consumables and fresh produce from very far while our neighbour Madagascar can provide these items not only closer to home but for cheaper and the beauty is that we would be supporting a neighbouring island.

“Let us start supporting each other as island nations, let us start looking among us before going elsewhere,” Mr Francis stressed.
His Mauritian counterpart Raju Jaddoo expressed support for Mr Francis on the matter.
“Too often we spend lots of taxpayers’ money to import from far afield without even looking at what we can do together and there are so many things we can do and I believe this forum is a great opportunity to look at them,” he said.

Mr Jaddoo stressed that there is a lot Mauritius and Seychelles can do together noting that there are at present over 20 Mauritian companies operating here and he thanked all the Mauritian businesses which have responded positively to attend the forum.


‘Seychelles and Mauritius are one Nation’

Array of manufactured products on display in first Mauritius trade fair


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La SBM lance la première carte bancaire africaine en monnaie chinoise

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:57 am

La SBM lance la première carte bancaire africaine en monnaie chinoise

Par La Rédaction
25 Avril 2014
Les voyageurs et hommes d’affaires qui se rendent en Chine, à Hong Kong, en Malaisie, à Singapour, en Indonésie ou au Japon trouveront leur séjour amélioré en termes de transactions bancaires. La State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) a officiellement lancé, jeudi 24 avril, deux nouvelles cartes bancaires, la SBM-UnionPay et la SBM-UnionPay Travel Mate.

La banque mauricienne devient ainsi la première institution bancaire africaine à proposer une carte de débit d’UnionPay International (UPI), un groupe chinois qui s’est imposé dans le domaine des transactions interbanques. Le partenariat entre les deux entités remonte à 2012.

Collaboration étroite entre la SBM et UPI

«La carte de débit SBM-UnionPay est disponible en roupies mauriciennes alors que la carte SBM-UnionPay Travel Mate est disponible en Renminbi», indique la banque dans un communiqué émis à l’occasion du lancement des deux cartes. Outre des facilités de débit et de transferts dans les pays asiatiques, les personnes possédant la carte Travel Mate se verront offrir des «remises exceptionnelles» et des taux de change fixes.

De plus, les citoyens chinois résidant à Maurice pourront ainsi envoyer de l’argent plus facilement et plus rapidement à leur famille en Chine. «Ces cartes peuvent être utilisées pour des paiements sécurisés. Notre but à la SBM est d’offrir à nos clients plus de facilités pour leurs transactions bancaires», indique Jairaj Soonoo, Chief Executive – Banking (Indian Ocean Islands) de la SBM.

De son côté, David Lee, Chief Cooperation Officer de UPI, a confié sa volonté de travailler plus étroitement avec la SBM dans un futur proche. Cela, afin de «développer ensemble des produits et services qui vont satisfaire le besoin du client pour des paiements électroniques sécurisés, à Maurice et en Afrique».



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Saleem Taleb: adjoint au maire en France

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 29, 2014 1:00 pm

Saleem Taleb: adjoint au maire en France

«Self made man», Saleem Taleb n’en oublie pas pour autant ses origines et son pays natal, qu’il visite deux fois par an.

Par La Rédaction
25 Avril 2014
«Si je suis candidat, c’est pour gagner et, en cas de victoire, je voudrais être au moins adjoint au maire.»C’était sous cette condition que Saleem Taleb a accepté de soumettre sa candidature aux élections municipales françaises en mars dernier, après avoir été approché par une connaissance qui lui proposait de s’engager politiquement. Son souhait a été exhaussé le 27 mars dernier.

Mais les choses n’ont pas été aussi simples qu’elles ne paraissent. Saleem Taleb et ses colistiers ont eu fort à faire pour déloger l’ancien maire et ses conseillers, qui occupaient la municipalité depuis les 13 dernières années. De plus, le Mauricien était le seul français d’origine étrangère parmi les 20 candidats de son équipe.

Loin de se décourager, il s’est chargé de la communication de l’équipe, créant un site web, www.wittisheim2014.fr ainsi qu’une page de soutien sur Facebook. «J’ai aussi demandé à un étudiant en Design à Strasbourg, d’origine mauricienne également, de réaliser les caricatures de nous, les candidats. Et cette originalité a un succès que nous avions pas escompté», raconte-il.

Elu lors du premier tour, le 23 mars, Saleem Taleb a été sacré quatre jours plus tard adjoint au maire. Il est également chargé de la communication, du développement économique, du tourisme et de la culture de la commune. «Je suis honoré par cette fonction. Il y a un devoir de service, un sentiment d’être utile. L’administration française est un véritable labyrinthe, mais c’est très intéressant. Cela fait quand même bizarre des fois de faire respecter la loi française à des français de souche», confie le nouveau maire adjoint.

Un travailleur acharné

C’est en 1982, alors qu’il est employé à la State Bank of Mauritius, que Saleem Taleb met cap sur l’Hexagone pour des études. «Dans un premier temps, j’effectue ma première année à Bordeaux pour terminer ensuite par une Licence en Langues et action commerciale internationale à Strasbourg», raconte-il. A l’époque, poursuit le Mauricien, il comptait retourner travailler à Maurice après trois années d’études. Il remet donc le cap vers son île natale en compagnie de sa femme, Annie. Le couple s’installe à Quatres-Bornes. Saleem retrouve son travail de banquier à Rose-Hill, tandis que sa femme enseigne au Lycée Labourdonnais. Deux ans plus tard, ils décident de repartir en France et de s’y installer pour de bon. Ils posent leurs valises à Wittisheim.

Saleem Taleb choisit cette localité «en raison des perspectives d’évolution pour ma vie professionnelle à la banque. Quelques mois après notre retour en France, j’ai été embauché par un grand concessionnaire automobile.» En parallèle, il effectue des traductions pour le tribunal le soir avec l’aide de sa femme. «Ceci nous a permis, selon les mois, de multiplier par deux nos revenus», confie-t-il.

Il passe quelques années à travailler pour une entreprise de Strasbourg au poste de directeur administratif et financier avant de se lancer, en 1996, dans sa propre aventure en créant son entreprise. «On m’a toujours dit que créer une entreprise en France, est très dur et risqué. Les difficultés étaient là mais il fallait les surpasser», déclare ce travailleur acharne. L’entreprise prospère, et emploie actuellement vingt-huit salariés.

Une place au soleil

Ce bosseur est également très engagé dans le domaine social. Successivement président de l’association des parents d’élèves du collège local et membre du conseil d’administration du collège et du lycée de la région, c’est tout naturellement qu’il s’est tourné vers la politique.

Malgré le succès, Saleem Taleb n’a jamais oublié d’où il vient. Catapulté dans le monde du travail immédiatement après son Higher School Certificate, en 1979, cet ancien étudiant du collège Islamic a travaillé dur pour se faire une place au soleil. Il a trimé pendant deux mois dans une compagnie d’assurances avant de trouver de l’emploi à la State Bank.

«A l’époque, je touchais un salaire de Rs 936. J’avais comme collègue de travail Jairaj Sonoo, l’actuel Chief Executive Officer de la SBM. J’ai travaillé successivement au siège, dans le bâtiment du Trésor, comme clerket ensuite à la succursale de la Plaine-Verte», se rappelle-t-il.

Le nouveau numéro 2 de la mairie de Wittisheim passe des vacances à Maurice deux fois par an en compagnie de son épouse et de leurs enfants, Camille, 24 ans, et Myriam, 21 ans.







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Re: 1st Seychelles–Mauritius Business Forum April 24-25

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