The reasons our previous forum was destroyed all those involved

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The reasons our previous forum was destroyed all those involved

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:35 am

Forum and visitors Greetings,

We got up this morning not to say our prayers as we usually do but to expand the Seychelles EU Connection forum topic as you will all notice.

Under this forum heading we had some five articles, those from the government in Britain, the Council officials, the police authority, Anti Terror Service, those of the USA, EU, France - across the EU officials and institutions, the nations of the Indian Ocean their institutions, African Union, Australia and some Arab Nations.

The Russian and the Chinese relevant services that have look up that section of our forum.

All those above who hold the view that we are exagerating, we are confusing, in reality, deep down, in private they know what we have been protesting and writing about the past 20 years since Kilburn - Brent, London. Those who feel we are encouraging others to complain or starting civil protest. Those who felt by destroying our forum we will not have any venue/place to protest - they continue their terrible, evil practice on us and nobody will do anything about it. Or we will have to use the so call official route and they will decided waht is real or not - that is the reason our last forum was destroyed. Those who do not want to the world to know their evil and dirty practices - they dare talk about Human Rights and Rule of Law. Sanction other nations practices when the evil was started in England and the terrible reasons.

The United Nation passed a law three days ago comparingand citing "Rape as a War Crime" to be included in the Terror legislation.

This phenomena we have started this forum about is far more dangerous than Rape. The terrible aspect of it when not children, youth and juvenile use it - so call educated adults use it to do all the terrible things they want to another person - be it in a building block, village, town or private residential.

Equally those officials who use for one reason or another or compell other to use it to achieve whatever terrible results they want or have in mind.

In the Local village which is very small and all the cars, transport passing by can pick up/ over hear what is going on, the local officials and their authorities, the policing authorities and the central government officials - including the Primeminister Office and other policing authorities and other institutions pertaining to promote harmonious living.

Nothing is being done to stop this practice, over the past 15 yeras some of the terrible outcome a great many lives have been lost, public and private property damages, massive economic and social damages done - if that was some black or ethnic families all those who would have been at war demanding their persecutions, arrestation or inprisonment - this/these is being carried out by White English inspite of the above nothing is being done - everybody is turning a blind eye.

Recently a family lost their mother because of the abuse and use of this terrible phenomena. It means nothing just like the 10 millions cattle that had to be destroyed and very many other terrible events - this evil practice is allowed to continue.



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