The Pilkington glass for Coral Strand Hotel, Reef Hotel - Barclays/Standard Charter

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The Pilkington glass for Coral Strand Hotel, Reef Hotel - Barclays/Standard Charter

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Some issues have caused us to refer to our decision in 1986 on ward to court Standard Charter Bank then Head Office down the road from Marble Arch and the BMW Show room.

In former colonial Sechelles Seychelles and East Africa - we had known and experience a better rapport/customer and public relation Standard charter - during the time we were being persecuted/ hounded 1967 it had been the staff of Standard Charter how had stood by us as against those form Barclay - Mr P Delpech, Mr P Stravens, Mr P Barallon and a distant relative at then Barclay. The first three mentioned we polite and reserved - when the issues was going on. The need to state we had know the Manager and the Asian deputy Manager Mr Mansur - married to one of the Fayon daughter.

The bad relation with Barclay had started over the fact that my Guardian had introduced me to his Family business Portfolio as such Barclay in London. Those who did not like this and in those Days for a young Seychellois to meddle or have such knowledge was not warranted.
There had been an issues of Purchasing a Property and "the darn minded attitude" of those at the bank then - we had to look at Private source to help with the purchase.

The second incident - was over then funding of Small Hotel development - Sir James Mancham had issued/granted us the licence to build the first Small Hotel - 25 beds, at Montagne Posee, architect Hugh Polkinhorn/Moulinier - consultant Mr Roger Lasell - Seychelles Tourist Office and then Mauritius - La Pirogue owners/ French/Mauritian Family Hospitalier Noel - Kouni had offered to advice too beside a few others - I had just helped in the building of Coral Strand Hotel and Casurina Estate development - other is the Local Travel Industry, Mr Ali Parkar and the Oliaghi Family - Mr Bill Jackson would have served as the Accountant. When we sat with them at the first meeting they agree to a financing ratio of 20/70 - Secured on the Property. The Premier Building had been constructed then.

We were required to Travel to London to discuss the finance - the warp/colonial attitude of those who were responsible - Barclay in London. We had a meeting with Mr Abdula Tejha Kanjee and his view of this Development and Investment - then situation in East Africa and former Zanzibar. Beside the Property in then Seychelles - the Family had property in Jamaica and other business interests and shares. The bad publicity which Coral Strand Hotel had experience with late construction schedule did not help - the promise of a Super Hotel and when the first gust arrived what the real situation was we/I had been serving as quasi Deputy Trainee Hotel manager - the first Seychellois and other responsibility. We had almost secured the Finance - upon getting back to Sechelles Seychelles - met again with Barclay officials and they insisted on a 30/70 Finance. We had gone to the process of solving this by selling the Point Larue Property - next to the Nageon Family ex Sir Clement Nageon Des letempt - Mr Tobby Murray involvement. Events and those at Barclay who behaved in a complete decrepit manner/benchmark - the mega scandal and mess which ensued and we/i decided to leave everything and go into exile. { Given we lacked the experience of running a hotel as Mr Ali Parkar, Mr Mr Jimmy Wadia, Mr Nariman Pardiwalla, Mrs Soouna Oliajhi and then Barclay deputy - Mr Mansur had pointed out, among one of the reason my then Austrian lady friend had return to Sechelles Seychelles - we were not married, she had very extensive Hotel management experience and went to the Elite Austrian Hotel School - Badhoffgastine - she had worked at Pirate Arms as Deputy manager for the Von Oswald Family - the Manager Mr Gerry Sauer.} then Lawyer FA Rene and then Lawyer Jacque Hodoul was involved.

The Farm would have provided all the produce for the Hotel and Restaurant.

Beside we/I had the architect Jean Pierre Friedlie to designed two house expatriate standard, to be rented out the income to cover in case we failed to get the due occupancy. That property was gifted to my person in writing by my guardian Judge E J Stiven what really ensued to this Day.

Events of the Coup d'etat, the many who lost everything and the way Barclay swindle some of them and the Court cases. { In some of the issues of the changing Seychelles by force demand of the technicians and soldiers that they would be given certain freedom to handle the Banks in then Seychelles Barclay and Standard Charter - until 1987/8.

We have addressed - the issues of our contributions to the British economy, Banking issues from 1980's then Mrs Thatcher, our work, learning stage in the global Financial and banking world - the many instance and issues we had to contribute to Barclay and Standard Charter workings and then BCCI among other of Africa and Regional Banks. We acquired a good knowledge of Barclay and Standard Charter banking system, networks, connection and practices. We had been involved with that that wanted and were working for a change in Sechelles Seychelles.

The first thing in bringing about political change you need bank connections and connections that will not fail whatever - the circumstance.
We had build some very important connections - among them resulting/leading to Barclay Bank being boycotted and the impact on the Bank.
In 1986 we had a very important meeting with then Head office of Standard Charter - then British banking benchmark, Intelligence workings and high politic. Including the Illuminati workings. I had sounded out Barclays bank on a program to change Sechelles Seychelles, the complexities of the economic program and Barclays British branch and Seychelles Branch and East Africa, South Africa - how we were to Fund/finance some of the Projects. With the request that we/I demanded utter confidentiality - they took the information elsewhere, government and the Market. I got angry/uptight - I/we could get very angry/uptight then. What ensued and those who know.

Seychelles government had been in negotiation with BCCI about the same time and we/I followed those issues and had some meetings with them - that they become the first bank to finance that SIROP program.

We/I had shared other issues with the Executives of Standard Charter and Barclays - the changing of the COMECON, the changing of the USSR, Privatization in the former COMECON, the former USSR and East Germany - the impact and changes in Africa and Gulf Region should we be able to implement that SIROP program. Had discussed the Financial situation in Africa/Practices and then Seychelles. The International network of then Seychelles government and President FA Rene.

When we talk of corrupted Banking workings - those from Lloyd bank, then Illuminati workings who had got/picked up the issues of that SIROP program in 1986 and the very serious and hostile bid to acquire Standard Charter by Lloyd and the lie - I/my person had to single handed manage/contribute that Lloyd did not lay their hands on Standard Charter - because then all hell would have gone bust - having said a very great deal about that SIROP program we have refused to relate in public/write about.

Given the importance of that SIROP program impact on South Africa - now that former President nelson Mandela is not alive - we did not wish/want to get him into trouble and others - the relevancy and importance of that program as to what the British, International and south Africa media have written as official and history - our ability to intervene, contribute and manage many highly important large corporate and economic issues of then South Africa - leading to In 1987, Standard Chartered sold its remaining interests in the South African bank, and since then the Standard Bank Group has been a separate entity.

What about the real motives for the destruction of BCCI and Barclays important involvement. On account of that SIROP program greater entity issues, the former COMECON, , the former USSR, the former East Germany and then Africa and Gulf region those who knew the agenda then as against what have been written.

Nobody in Sechelles Seychelles took the time to study why President FA Rene insisted in the face of international protest to salvage BCCI - the merger with Standard Charter In Seychelles - Novo Banque. Those who were involved and the massive International implication, leverage and gearing which had been put in place. It could have led to a system crash then had we not had the dynamic of the COMECON, the USSR and East Germany Privatization.

The need to state for the past 20 years how we have impacted the British and global working, expansion and development of Barclays and Standard Charter. From our side not just the SIROP program from a greater Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Financial working. The respective discipline and Benchmark.

We wish to stress had we not undertaken what we did in 2004 in relation to that SIROP program - Barclays Bank was considering very seriously of pulling out of Sechelles Seychelles. Then Minister J A Michel.

There is a great deal of gaps here - given the COI, the RIM association workings and now the Small Island nation and Blue economy workings, the percentage of the issues/business Standard Chanter is/have as its share - like wise Barclays. In Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius their respective development, products and benchmark.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered 'white knight' dies

Campaign: Barclays out of S.Africa 1983


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