Israelis spend Easter in paradise

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Israelis spend Easter in paradise

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:02 pm

Israelis spend Easter in paradise


A private Israeli Charter arrived at the Seychelles International Airport on Tuesday with some 280 passengers to spend the Easter holiday in paradise.
It was the first time Mason’s Travel welcomed a private Israeli 777 charter.

The Seychelles Tourism Board organised for local group La Troupe National to greet the visitors in the arrival hall where lively traditional music and dance were showcased, making it a very warm welcome.

For six nights and in various hotels including Four Seasons, Maia, Banyan Tree and Ephelia, the guests will be taking part in various excursions ranging from Praslin/La Digue tour, Mahé bus tour or the numerous catamaran excursions on offer with Mason’s Travel.

Spirit World Production, which has been working with Mason’s Travel for more than 20 years, arranged the Israel guests’ visit to Seychelles.

Yativ Tani of Spirit World Production said the company and Mason's Travel are like family. “We have never spoken to any other DMC before just Mason’s Travel,” said Mrs Tani.

Spirit World Production has been the only tour operator organising trips from Israel to Seychelles and it did so closely with the Plantation Club with one or two charters a year and with about 150 passengers per flight. Now there are two of three flights with bigger planes and more passengers.
In October they are expecting to fly in a 747 with 380 passengers.

Nicole Sainte Ange of Mason’s Travel said: “As you can imagine these top-end clients will want to make the most of their stay in Seychelles so we know that charters like these bring a lot to the economy.

“The flights are only getting bigger and every year there is a more and more demand, letting us know that they are satisfied,” she added.
One of the passengers, who works in advertising, said it was one the warmest welcomes she has ever had.

She said she just wants to stay here forever. I travel a lot usually and the fact that it is a direct flight makes it easier to come here, she added.

Among the VIPs on the flight were businessmen from large pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies, government officials and even a famous actress.
Easter is a very important time of the year in Israel and it is the first time flights are offered during the Easter period.


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