Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

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Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:22 pm

Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

As children from 8 years onward recall the school mate, village friends and older cousins and relatives "Vivi remarks and comments "ou en capon pas vire ou le dos - lager". In the respective village be it St Louis, Anse aux Pins - later Point Larue, the man and woman who used to fight - when it got out of hands, bottle, knife, hatchet and stone were used.

We had a quiet side as a child growing up - there were a few strange incidents we just did not understand - one event those who had us worked over by a witch doctor at a very young age. We knew we could" play with rain and lightning meaning cause rain to fall and lightning with it/thunder". One or two adults of the Family were aware - there were darker incidents - we will not mention here. There are those older and important individuals when we were a child who did and have done a good deal of harm - their fate.

Because this article relates to current State House occupant - the death of Sir John Thorpe and Mr Boulle - that drowning was not normal.

Another experience which we have shared - the death and assassination of then President John Kennedy -we have shared with that family in private. What took place we were in East Africa.

We used to have a great witch doctor in Seychelles - again for the age of 12/13 years old those folks, those from the SPUP, a group of unpleasant bunch - they went to him to have me killed a few times - his own fate.

There is a good reason why a number of Seychellois mothers, woman requested me, not former Minister Joubert, not former President Mancham or former Presidential Candidate Mr Robert Frichot or Mr Edmond Camille I/we need to take Mr Gerard Hoareau responsibility - they might have been told when we left Seychelles for exile 1976 and until 1985 other issues which one did not talk in public.

I/we have joked with certain family members/relative at the age of 5/6 to teach us/bring us by to climb breadfruit tree they were 30/40 feet tall - they would get a gunny bag, tie it to a rope and hoist/pull us/my person up the tree and tie it up there whilst the pluck the breadfruit and lower me down after wards. We learnt a very important lesson in life - however small, weak and unable if you can get somebody to help you over and attain very difficult situation, a great deal is possible.

As school children those older boys who pushed us up trees to get fruits and if we got into trouble just to bad. We also use those experience in later life.

In the Village in Kent - have know an Irish entity/business concern who repairs, reproduce bathroom, toilets, wash basins, showers from Queen Victoria/Edwardian time - the name is Catchpole and Rye. Going back to our childhood - the SDA school Head teacher, and the Pastor/President House - they had these very old Fashion toilets with long chain that you pull. The Belle Eaux, British Colonial expat residence quarter.

Given the sorrow state of Seychelles economy, the USA, South Africa, Britain and several - other countries who wanted to do away with Seychelles government , its leadership - having worked in Europe with some of the elite associates and personalities of President FA Rene took him by his words - should I be able to execute that SIROP program - as payment we would be allowed to purchase /acquire one of those old building - the real issues we will not address in public.

The manner NSA and GCHQ works is not new to Seychelles government - for many around the world this is new. Those elite officials and Ministers around then President FA Rene - who had worked/been in their respective post and the manner I/we instructed and shared highly important Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary discipline to manage and work/run a government. Including Mr Guy Morel, Mr Lionnet, Mr Jeremy Bonnelan, the father of current Minister Adam - including Seychelles high church Officials, the Police, those who pertained to look after the Finance and banking issues of Seychelles.

From the days when you used tape recording or a phamlette to address an issues and today's forest of Social Networks, Communication and Picture over the space of 15 years, the objectives, the very long list of Presidents deposed - it is very very tragic that President J A Michel keeps pounding/beating on his chest - I did it all by myself.

Just as a little boy those who challenged my person "ou en capon pas tourn ou le dos" the issues we have addressed above. Take the conception and building of the Channel Tunnel we ask President J A Michel with all his resources - get us to answer this in public. Just as we state we contribute to the issues of building the Great Dam in China. What we are saying just as a child "we understood a little bits about the rain, lightning and thunder" - over the past 30 years the very many issues at global, space, communication, scientific, the many leading Governments and Institutions we have contributed to.

The Seychelles Opposition have know about much of the issues we are writing here, events leading to 1991 and the past 25 years - yet. Having said those who helped my/our person climb a 30/40 feet tall breadfruit tree and climb other fruit trees for them - the due process. To run an effective government and Opposition in our current world requires more. This high responsibility the Opposition have refused to take. So we have were/had to accept President J A Michel 10 years in Office.

I/we think as children and our teachers would have said - we may have written this article with our toes.

Beside the back road of Governor House was our play ground as a child, all the fruit trees - from school to Town.

Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

President James Alix Michel’s biography

Some figures for the last 10 years

James Michel celebrates 10 years leading Seychelles

‘I’m happy with steps being taken to unite Seychelles as a country’

Tribute to President James Michel


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Exhibition commemorating President James Michel’s 10 years in office

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:11 am

Exhibition commemorating President James Michel’s 10 years in office

‘Outstanding successes by a remarkable man’

Vice-President Danny Faure has described the ten years of President James Michel in office as “a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man”.

Vice-President Faure said this when officially launching a photo exhibition commemorating this milestone.

The exhibition, launched at State House yesterday morning, is a tribute to the many achievements, success stories and hard work by the President over the last ten years.

Attending the ceremony yesterday were President Michel himself, former President James Mancham, Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, Chief Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal Justice Francis MacGregor, ministers, Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet, Attorney General Rony Govinden, members of the National Assembly and of the diplomatic corps, and other high government officials.

Vice-President Faure addressing the audienceVice-President Faure said the occasion needed to be celebrated with joy but above all with a great sense of pride.

“A decade in the highest office is no mean feat. Ten years at the helm of our small but determined nation shouldering the responsibilities of meeting its expectations and realising its aspirations.

It is a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man,” said Vice-President Faure.

“Today we salute you, we pay tribute to your leadership and we celebrate with you this great accomplishment,” he added.

Vice-President said ten years have gone but however five words uttered by President Michel on Wednesday April 14, 2004 have not been blown away in the wind. The five words are ‘Judge me by my actions’ which he described as a very striking statement made then and which is still being realised to the fullest today as the photos on display in the exhibition speak for themselves.

“Making such a bold statement demands a strength of character, a spirit of great determination and a willingness for one’s decisions and actions to be questioned, to be weighed. Judge me through what I do is being courageous enough to lay oneself open to critics, but it is a statement that calls for transparency in one’s work and responsibility and accountability for the results,” said Vice-President Faure.

The vice-president noted that judging has an aspect of appraising, of evaluating and pointing out the weaknesses so that shortcomings can be adjusted and gaps filled, all in the spirit of wanting the best for Seychelles and the Seychellois people.

He said the statement also echoes the principles of democracy, asking to be questioned and being ready to listen, to respond and to deliver.

“This is what has happened during the past ten years. The nation has been consulted; citizens have taken part in decision-making and their views have been sought, listened to and taken into account,” said Vice-President Faure.

The vice-president said the exhibition depicts different distinct stages, eye-opening aspects and interesting episodes of President Michel’s remarkable ten-year journey with each of the photos being very compelling pictures telling a different story, capturing moods and moments; evocating of the nation coming into life; of promises made and accomplished; of the dedication, warmth and passion and wisdom of the leader, trust, love, fellowship of the people and the respect and high esteem of international community.

The theme and content of the exhibition are invitation to the viewers for active engagement and interaction, said Vice-President Faure, inviting all present to embark on this journey spanning ten years of progress, of achievements, of challenges overcome, of constitutional reforms implemented, of strategies adopted for economic recovery and growth, creating a more favourable environment for business and investment.

He also mentioned the major efforts invested in cementing international relations and advocating for environment conservation and protection in championing the cause of small islands developing states, in promoting the concept of the blue economy and strengthening our democracy, always with the same vision of wanting the best for the Seychellois people.

He invited all present to continue to reflect on and to continue keeping the theme of the exhibition in focus, describing it as an ongoing call which is taking us forward, ensuring a bright future for us all.

“The challenge taken on by our head of state ten years ago is relevant today and should live on as it is a shining example of a vibrant democracy. ‘Judge me by my actions’ should become the challenge of each one of us,” concluded the Vice-President, thanking President Michel for leading by example.

Yesterday’s ceremony also included a short drama performance on the achievements, success stories and opportunities under President Michel’s ten years in office by five school children from four primary schools and who were born on April 14, 2004 – Juliette Balette from Takamaka, Ryan Barbe (Bel Ombre), Diane Larame and Marsha Sinon (Beau Vallon) and Nashila Morgan (Au Cap).

The president interacting with the five schoolchildren born on April 14, 2004 who took part in the short drama performance

The exhibition itself falls under various themes like the President’s diplomatic activities both local and international which depict meetings with foreign leaders; Dynamic and Transparent Government showing local activities he has been involved in; Harmony; National Security; Style and also a section which shows the various awards he has received under international recognitions through the Seychellois people; Dialogue; Democracy, Climate Change; Fostering Youths, to name some.

Starting today, the exhibition will move to the first floor of the International Conference Centre (ICCS) until Thursday April 17. It is expected to attract people from various work organisations in the town area.

From there, the exhibition will travel to Anse Boileau and Bel Ombre, targeting people living in the south and north respectively.

It will afterwards move to Praslin and La Digue, where it will end on April 30.


President Michel launches new book


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TIMES of Seychelles hits the stands

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:23 pm

TIMES of Seychelles hits the stands

The front page of yesterday’s issue of TIMES of Seychelles

The first issue of TIMES of Seychelles came out yesterday, replacing the THE VICTORIA TIMES.

Editor George Thande said the 12-page newspaper will still be published three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and costs R8.
The lead story of yesterday’s TIMES of Seychelles’ first issue was: David Pierre: ‘Highly likely I’ll run for presidency’.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, Mr Thande said “TIMES of Seychelles will contain more features, analyses, shorter articles and profiles”.

He added that the lay-out of the tri-weekly newspaper is also different.
Explaining the reasons for having more features, Mr Thande said when THE VICTORIA TIMES absorbed some of the staff of the defunct Isola Bella magazine, they brought with them the tradition of writing features which Isola Bella was known for.

“Whenever we published features in THE VICTORIA TIMES, people loved it and we received positive feedback. This is why we will be increasing the number of features in the TIMES of Seychelles,” noted editor Thande.
THE VICTORIA TIMES was first published in April 2013.



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New Israeli ambassador presents credentials

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:26 pm

New Israeli ambassador presents credentials


Yahel Vilan is Israel’s new ambassador to Seychelles after he presented his credentials to President James Michel yesterday morning at State House.

Mr Vilan, who replaces Gil Haskel, is his country‘s seventh diplomatic representative for Seychelles and like his predecessors he is also based in Nairobi, Kenya.

After presenting his documents to President Michel and holding his first tête-à-tête with the Seychellois head of state, Mr Vilan told the press they discussed different topics and these included exploring ways to further strengthen and foster growth of the friendly relations and fruitful cooperation between Seychelles and Israel.

Mr Vilan noted that there is potential for growth in sectors like agriculture, renewable energy, tourism, among others.

“There are also various other fields which could be explored from which I believe both countries can benefit from cooperation as well as bringing our relations to higher levels,” Mr Vilan pointed out.

He said discussions will continue between the two countries to agree on how best to continue developing mutual cooperation. But he noted that the programme whereby Seychellois cadres receive training in Israel will continue, with more students expecting to benefit.

Mr Vilan said he would work towards increasing the number of Seychellois visitors to Israel especially for pilgrimage as well as increasing the number of Israeli tourists to Seychelles.

“There are lots of potentials and many things the two countries can do together,” Mr Vilan said.

Mr Vilan will call on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Patrick Herminie, at Ile du Port this morning.



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SCCI Business Award Ceremony and Gala Ball 2015

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:50 pm

SCCI Business Award Ceremony and Gala Ball 2015

Gregory Albert best entrepreneur of the year



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Post  Sirop14 on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:54 pm

Prince Charless Seychelles on its Blue Bon congratulated

Prince Charles has congratulated the government of Seychelles on its Blue Bond initiative which aims to boost the country’s fishing sector.

The Prince of Wales described the project as proof that “economic growth and ecological resilience really do go hand in hand”.

He was speaking during the concluding session of the Commonwealth Business Forum organised before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) taking place in Malta.

“I was absolutely delighted to hear that the government of Seychelles has announced its intention to issue a so-called Blue Bond to shore up their vital fishing sector, such that it may continue to provide employment, economic growth and food security into the future. The reason this is such a step forward is that it shows, in my view, that economic growth and ecological resilience really do go hand in hand – indeed, that the one is predicated on the other,” said Prince Charles.

He offered his heartfelt congratulations to the government of Seychelles and, in particular, to President James Michel, and the Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy Jean-Paul Adam for their leadership and willingness to take on these fiendishly complex issues and meet them head on.

Chairing a high-level panel on ‘Small island developing states and the post-2015 development finance agenda’ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in August this year, Minister Adam said the ‘Blue Bonds’ will mobilise financing for Seychelles fisheries management plan and it is one of two financing models the country is proposing to ease the restructuring of small island developing states’ (Sids) debt while simultaneously providing more affordable financing for Sids.

The other proposed mechanism is the Seychelles debt for adaptation swap.

The minister explained that the Blue Economy was an opportunity to diversify Sids’ economies and build new shared opportunities.

Organised in the margins of the Third Financing for Development (FfD3) conference, the panel brought together global partners and Sids representatives to discuss the specific financing challenges being faced by the small economies of island states.

In his speech in Malta, Prince Charles also proposed a new initiative to guarantee financing for small-scale environmental projects.

His vision for a Commonwealth Green Finance Facility sets out cost efficient and effective guarantees and credit enhancement for green projects that struggle to access finance. The programme will seek investment from sovereign wealth funds and pension funds.

“So much of the problem, as I understand it, when dealing with projects that aim to tackle some of the critical challenges we face worldwide, is that they are small and risky for investors. Finding ways to scale up and aggregate these developments is therefore a vital part of the solution,” he said.

Since the last CHOGM in Sri Lanka in 2013, Lord Marland and Justin Mundy, the director of The Prince's Charities' International Sustainability Unit (ISU), have been working incredibly hard to bring together a working group of governments to help support small-scale ‘green and blue’ private sector investment in the Commonwealth.

Prince Charles has said he hopes this working group will reflect the Commonwealth's ambition and capability for Commonwealth countries to help each other on such a critical issue and that it will generate a Commonwealth Green Finance Facility to provide cost efficient and effective guarantees and credit enhancement for those projects that normally struggle to access finance.

“It should in time become an incubator for more Green and Blue Bonds and so help bring in the institutional investors, such as the pension funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds – much-needed players, in my view, if we are to bring about the kind of transformation that we so badly need,” said Prince Charles.

On February 13 this year, Mr Mundy paid a courtesy call on President Michel at State House and the meeting was a follow-up on the President’s last fruitful meeting with the Prince of Wales on the sidelines of the last CHOGM 2013, where besides other issues they also discussed the Blue Bonds initiative aimed at reinforcing marine related activities for sustainability purposes.

Addressing the delegates in Malta, the Prince of Wales noted that the world is presently facing an unprecedented number of challenges which have profound consequences on businesses.

He also praised the Business Forum for its strong outcomes, saying the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council announcement of the launch of the Commonwealth Sustainable Business Challenge will “provide for those essential ingredients to make sure that the Sustainable Development Goals, agreed in New York in September have meaning”.

The 10th Commonwealth Business Forum, which took place from November 24-26, brought together 1,300 business leaders from around 80 countries, including 21 heads of government. The conference aimed to create new investment opportunities and increase the involvement of the private sector to bring about sustainable economic growth.

The forum came days before the CHOGM where leaders will issue a joint statement on climate change that is expected to influence the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) outcome.

Source Seychelles Nation


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Bons lo bidzeann lider i donn zot larep

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:44 pm

Bons lo bidzeann lider i donn zot larep

Avan ki bann manm Lasanble Nasyonal (MNA) ti aprouv bidze 2016 Zedi, lider lopozisyon David Pierre ek lider zafer gouvernman Marie-Antoinette Rose ti donn zot larepons lo diskour bidze ki Minis pour Finans, Komers ek Lekonomi Ble Jean- Paul Adam ti’n prezante Merkredi.

Lider lopozisyon, Onorab David Pierre
Msye Pierre ti konmans par fer resorti ki i domaz ki bann manm parlman in ganny mwens kiOnorab Pierre 24er pour reponn a pli gro bidze dan listwar Sesel, bidze ki reprezant 6.564 bilyon roupi.
I ti kontinyen par dir ki fodre pa ki i reste “business as usual” dan bann departman gouvernman, akoz lepep Seselwa pe esper en meyer servis san diskriminasyon e san politik. In demande ki gouvernman i transform son lekor pour travay pour benefis tou Seselwa, e in demann gouvernman pour fer le neseser pour ki lapovrete pa ogmante e ki lekar ant sa ki ris ek sa ki pov i diminyen.
Msye Pierre ti eksprim son lapresiasyon ki taks progresif pou enplimante aparti Zilyet lannen prosenn e ki travayer ki ganny mwens ki 10,000 roupi par mwan pa pou pey taks lo saler. I ti sepandan demande ki gouvernman i revwar saler de baz e etabli striktir kler ki permet travayer konn tou bann posibilite ki egziste pour zot e osi permet zot defann zot lekor kont malis ek diskriminasyon.
I ti osi demande ki travayer etranze i ganny rekrite zis dan sitiasyon kot napa en Seselwa ki kapab fer sa travay e ensiste ki sak travayer etranze i devret annan en understudy Seselwa ki kapab evantyelman pran son plas.
I ti osi ensiste ki en Seselwa ki fer menm louvraz ki en etranze i devret ganny menm lapey.
«Priorite i devret pour Seselwa,» Msye Pierre ti dir.
Sef lopozisyon dan Lasanble ti osi demande ki gouvernman i pran mezir pour stimil lekonomi e kre plis lanplwa, an azoutan ki kapasite sekter prive pa pe ganny eksplwate o maksimonm e bann lotorite pe met bann baryer ki anpes sa.
«Nou bezwen en lekonomi ki ganny dirize e kontrole par Seselwa,» i ti ensiste.
I ti azoute ki SRC (Seychelles Revenue Commission) i devret kolekte plis reveni ki kre larises pour Seselwa, olye al pour etranze, e ki gouvernman i devret met an plas sistenm pour evite ki bann gran lakonpannyen i evit taks ki zot devret pey Seselwa.
I ti donn legzanp sekter tourizm, kot i dir reveni pa reflekte aktivite dan sa sekter, akoz i annan tro bokou konsesyon e bann lazans enternasyonal i ganny plis loportinite biznes ki bann lokal.
«Nou bezwen revwar bann lalwa relevan ki permet sa bann konsesyon,» i ti dir, e ti demann STB (Seychelles Tourism Board) pour osi fer en odit lo sa size.
I ti azoute ki SRC i bezwen osi ganny plis resours e devlop plis kapasite pour li vin pli efikas e ranmas plis larzan ki a distribye dan welfer e byennet tou Seselwa.
Dan sekter lapes, lider lopozisyon ti demann Minis Finans si Seselwa pe ganny pli bon dil an term lagreman lapes ki Sesel in sinyen avek Linyon Eropeen e si Seselwa pa kapab pli byen benefisye avek sa bann lagreman, olye ozordi kot i dir Linyon Eropeen pe pli byen benefisye.
«In ler pour ekout lavwa bann doker e rekonpans zot dan fason apropriye pour travay ki zot pe fer,» i ti dir, an azoutan ki i devret annan plis partenarya piblik prive dan lendistri lapes.
Lo kote proteksyon lanvironnman, i ti dir fodre enport bann lekipman ki servi mwens kouran, pour ki nou servi mwens dyezel pour zener elektrisite, ogmant lakantite deviz, e redwir lapovrete.
Msye Pierre ti dir ki i siport desizyon gouvernman lo kreasyon en Komisyon Anti Koripsyon, me fodre ki sa komisyon i vreman endepandan e fer marse par Seselwa endepandan olye politisyen.
I ti azoute ki gouvernman i devret siny bann konvansyon enternasyonal kont koripsyon e ki lalwa kont koripsyon i devret en lalwa ki morde, e ki tou dimoun i devret respekte lalwa.
Parey sa Komisyon Anti Koripsyon, in demande ki i annan en Procurement Oversight Unit e en Tender Board ki efikas e kot bann travayer i ganny byen formen.
In azoute ki i devret annan lalwa ki pini bann dimoun ki mal depans larzan gouvernman e evit gaspiyaz dan gouvernman.
Dan sa konteks, lider lopozisyon ti dir ki trwa lantrepriz piblik pa’n soumet bidze e ladan de pa’n soumet zot rapor pour 2014 avek Lasanble Nasyonal. I ti donk rekonmande ki lalwa dan domenn lamenazman larzan piblik i ganny reamenaze pour anmenn plis efikasite.
Dan son remark avan ki bann manm ti vot lo bidze, Minis Adam ti nonm sa trwa lorganizasyon konman Lotorite Por, Lotorite Laviasyon Sivil ek l’Union Estate.
Onorab Pierre ti osi konplent ki Lasanble pa ankor ganny akse avek rapor Oditer Zeneral pour 2014. An konsekans, i ti demande «ki mannyer nou kapab fer en deba lo bidze 2016?» I ti ensiste ki fodre lit kont medyokrite e ki lepep in anvoy en mesaz kler dan sa sans dan dernyen eleksyon.
«Fodre arete avek latitid parti inik,» i ti dir.
An se ki konsern trezyenm mwan saler, i ti fer remarke ki travayer sekter prive pa devret ganny kit ater, akoz sekter prive ki moter lekonomi e travayer sekter prive i osi devret ganny rekonpanse.
I ti eksprim satisfaksyon ki serten lenzistis in ganny korize par sa bidze, par egzanp peyman gratite pour bann ansyen solda ki i kanmenm dir gouvernman i devret finalize.
I azoute ki gouvernman i devret redres menm lenzistis dan lezot lorganizasyon.
I’n osi demande ki sistenm peyman gratite dan sistenm piblik i ganny revize pour anmenn konformite ek ekitabilite partou.
I ti osi demann Minis Adam pour eksplike akoz logmantasyon dan serten benefis parey pour bann orfelen ek dimoun avek dezabilite i zis 50 roupi, e ki sa pa anmenn gran diferans dan lavi sa bann dimoun.
Lo kote lasante, lider lopozisyon ti sizere ki en pasyan ki’n ganny preskri en latizann avek en dokter prive i kapab ganny sa latizann dan en farmasi piblik.

Lider zafer gouvernman, Onorab Marie-Antoinette Rose
Onorab RoseLider zafer gouvernman Marie-Antoinette Rose ti lo son kote dekri bidze 2016 konman en bidze ki pou tras larout ekonomik ver bann promes eleksyon, pour siport fonksyonnman gouvernman e pour amelyor lavi tou Seselwa malgre kouler ki i siporte. Sa bann kouler ki i dir i reini nou odela politik partizan e ki pou fer Seselwa progrese.
Onorab Rose ti fer rapel ki nou annan bokou leson pour aprann atraver dernyen eleksyon, ki lepep i annan pli gran lekspektasyon e ki sa i demann plis travay e responsabilite.
I ti dir ki gouvernman i pare pour fer fas avek sa bann defi avek en bidze byen kalkile. Sa i enkli adres bann problenm parey drog ek bann fanmir ki pa kapab fer de bout zwenn, me osi lespwar pour etidye, travay plis, annan en meyer sistenm lasante, ledikasyon, lozman desan, plis sipor pour bann ki pli vilnerab parey dan logmantasyon pansyon sekirite sosyal, trezyenm mwan saler pour tou travayer servis piblik e abolisyon taks pour saler par anba 10,000 roupi. Lider biznes gouvernman ti dakor avek son koleg lider lopozisyon ki lasistans pour orfelen ek dimoun avek dezabilite i devret ogmant par plis ki 50 roupi.
I ti dir ki non selman i annan plis larzan dan bidze, me azoute a sa i redwir pri lavi e kre lanplwa. Gouvernman i ti azoute, in adres sa atraver skim ‘Mon premye lanplwa’, tret travayer Seselwa parey travayer etranze, kre plis fasilite pour lozman an se ki konsern konstriksyon ek reparasyon lakaz e osi meyer fasilite repeyman atraver subsidy gouvernman. Avek sa i dir, in azout fasilite pour klas mwayenn e bann pti biznes, fer revi dan biznes taks, ofer plis kredi atraver DBS (Development Bank of Seychelles) e SBFA (Small Business Financial Authority) e meyer enteraksyon avek sekter prive.
Manmzel Rose ti fer rapel ki Prezidan Michel in dir ki fodre annan plis biznes par Seselwa e pour Seselwa an presizan ki «pti biznes se sekter lekonomi ki pli enportan».
I ti dir ki bidze i fer provizyon pour pti biznes ganny finansman avek labank komersyal e pour klas mwayenn kapab fer zot prop lakaz. Me i domaz i ti azoute, ki bann labank komersyal pa pe sifizamen zwe zot rol.
An se ki konsern pri lavi, i ti fer remarke ki nou pei in fini antre dan en lekonomi marse lib e ki an konsekans, gouvernman pa kapab fer gran keksoz pour fer desann pri komodite dan laboutik. Se pour sela i ti dir ki gouvernman i gard STC (Seychelles Trading Company) pour fer sir ki pri marsandiz i reste abordab.
I ti osi fer rapel ki pri bis i ankor 5 roupi, e ki napa taks lo transportasyon marsandiz ant Mahé ek Praslin ek La Digue.
I ti azoute ki lasante ek ledikasyon pou osi vin meyer atraver en bidze plis ki 500 milyon roupi pour sakenn sa de sekter. Menm si nou pep i an bonn sante e edike i ti dir, reform i neseser pour reponn a legzizans Seselwa. Alor ki privatizasyon bann servis ki pa esansyel i en opsyon pour ofer plis swa lokalman pour Seselwa, i ti ensiste ki fodre amelyor lasante de baz dan bann distrik.
Onorab Rose ti kanmenm fer remarke ki stil lavi Seselwa pou bezwen sanze e ki gouvernman pe ed sa par par egzanp retir taks valer azoute (VAT) lo bisiklet e lo bann prodwi nitritif.
Pli gro defi i ti ensiste se problenm sosyal koze par fleo drog. I ti dir ki parey dan ka piratri, tou dimoun i devret kontribye pour rezourd sa problenm avek bann progranm apropriye e ki napa plas pour politik dan sa batay. I ti azoute ki fodre revwar lalwa pour pa zis anvoy dimoun dan prizon, me kre en prizon ek lakour zivenil e osi lakour lafanmir parey Lasanble in vot en mosyon dan sa sans.
Dirizan zafer gouvernman in ensiste ki reform dan servis piblik i devret osi tous lapolis ek zidisyer. Lasanble i osi devret reform li e aranz li e bann manm i devret vin pli pre avek piblik e asiste piblik plis.
I ti deklare ki Lasanble pou asire ki gouvernman i bouz vit lo bann enplimantasyon e pour fer sir ki gouvernman i delivre.
Manmzel Rose ti konklir ki Parti Lepep i annan en plan konkret pour sa pei e ki sa parti in konmans delivre promes son 100 premye zour o pouvwar.
In dir ki tou dimoun i devret vwar li dan sa bidze e ki servis i devret ariv kot zot tou. In alor envit tou Seselwa dan sa demars pour reform pei.
«Sa defi ki devan nou i defi lavi,» in dir, avan azoute ki «nou pei i bezwen tou son zanfan, e donk met divizyon politik dekote pour ki nou zanfan i kontinyen zouir e nou vyeyar kontinyen rezouir».


Lasanble i aprouv bidze 2016

Reaksyon bann manm Lasanble lo diskour bidze

Police Communiqué

The police have reported that a 22-year-old man of La Gogue who alleged to have been beaten up on Tuesday morning in the Anse Etoile district by two officers filed a formal complaint against the police the following day.
According to police report, the man in question was spotted with a suspicious package and when two officers on foot patrol at La Gogue at around 9.30am approached him he ran away. Suspected to be in possession of unlawful commodities the two officers sought help from the Anse Etoile station which they received and the man who had fled was eventually apprehended at around 10.30am in a place known as Kandahar in La Gogue.
He was brought to the Anse Etoile station where he was searched, questioned and released after the police were satisfied that there was no reason to detain him.
It must be noted at this point that the police have all the rights to arrest anyone they believe or have suspicion of being involved in any criminal activities, meaning there was nothing wrong with the man’s arrest.
The officers have denied beating the man and the police have also confirmed that no visible marks or injuries were found on him when he was brought to the station and when he left.
With a formal complaint now filed the police have started an investigation to establish true facts of the case.

Street Party pou deroul kot Stad Popiler le 31 Desanm


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President Michel joins world leaders for discussions at World Future Energy Summit 2016

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:13 pm

President Michel joins world leaders for discussions at World Future Energy Summit 2016


President James Michel attended the opening ceremony of the World Future Energy Summit 2016 as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) yesterday.
Prior to the ceremony, President Michel met HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai as well as other world leaders present for the event.
The chairman of Masdar and UAE Minister of State, H.E. Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber opened the prestigious event which has brought together more than 30,000 people, all working towards ideas and technologies for a more sustainable future.
Keynote addresses were presented by the United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon and the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.
The opening ceremony was followed by the Zayed Future Energy Prize award ceremony, where young innovators were rewarded for providing solutions and technologies that make human life and energy use more sustainable.
A Lifetime Achievement award was presented to the former Prime Minister of Norway, Dr Gro Harlem Brudtland.
Also present during the event were HH Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Crown Prince Court - Abu Dhabi and managing director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), HE Henry Puna Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, HH Sheikh Suroor bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, HH Sheikh Nahyan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, HE Tommy Remengesau President of Palau, HH Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE National Security Advisor and Vice-Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, HE Tomislav Nikolic President of Serbia, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, HE Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of Iceland, HE Enrique Pena Nieto President of Mexico, HH Sheikh Saif bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, HE Muhammadu Buhari President of Nigeria and other dignitaries.
Today, President Michel will address the Second Blue Economy Summit, which is co-hosted by the governments of Seychelles and Abu Dhabi during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.


Abu Dhabi summit

Seychelles to lobby for financing for Blue Economy projects


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Re: Ten years of presidency: Interview with President James A. Michel

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