The Killing/liquidation of Professor Dr Michael Hoffman IMI – the Davos, WEF involvements

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The Killing/liquidation of Professor Dr Michael Hoffman IMI – the Davos, WEF involvements

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The Killing/liquidation of Professor Dr Michael Hoffman IMI – the Davos, WEF involvements

We have written substantially on the input of Professor Dr Michael Hoffman IMI Vienna – IOIMF in the politic, social, economic process of the Polish, the other COMECON countries, Austria place in past world history, changes in USSR, then East Germany, Berlin Wall event, Germany Reunification and the Treuhand debacles.

In every relation – world issues there is more or less important relation in any given two parties. This situation had existed in 1978/9 when we were introduces to Professor Dr Michael Hoffman IMI Vienna, quasi Primarius at Vienna University Management Faculty, Lecturer including Harvard and consultant to countless leading European Multinational, UNIDO and world Bank, Austria – Vienna Neutral politic – special economic relation with the COMECON countries, the Arab world OPEC, the Atomic energy Agency, the Interdisciplinary Management Institute he had founded and the disciplines – he was the leader/guru in this field at the time and German-born Klaus Schwab, then Professor of business policy at the University of Geneva -European business leaders met under the patronage of the European Commission and European industrial associations., who chaired the original gathering which took place in Davos, Switzerland. He then founded the European Management Forum as a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, and drew European business leaders to Davos for their annual meeting each January. Initially, Professor Schwab focused the meetings on how European firms could catch up with US management practices

Of great importance the chartering of IOIMF, transferring this complex discipline to London – Britain at the time when Britain was in the most difficult economic situation and being called the “sick man of Europe” the relevancy, importance of the discipline – Mrs Tacther decision to have an Austrian economic Advisor. The British archaic/fraternal institutions. The British media and News paper Barons.

Events which was unfolding in Poland, the COMECON countries, the Vatican then and the world churches. To a very great extent these issues and development was being synergies by the discipline developed by Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman combined IMI – IOIMF. Beside other disciplines and synergies – their dynamics.

Most important Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman was was pro COMECON, the USSR, Middle East/Arab Region, Africa – OAU and Asia than Professor Klaus Swab European Management Forum.

The decision in 1987 to change the name of European Management Forum to World Economic Forum was the impact and effects of a number of leading development in relation to unfolding events, synergies and dynamics. Catapulted on the back of what we have come to term the SIROP – CDU, SDP, SNM/MPR, Alliance, SNP Exile return program of 1987/88. The decision not to use Military force to change Seychelles rather to use certain disciplines, synergies, dynamics to influence major changes and events,. The list of the events and projects announced in 1987 is available across the web if one take time and do a bit of research. ( We have always maintained that there exist forensic discipline to verify and prove or disprove this was the case and indeed the same applies to events surrounding European Management forum and later world economic forum. The issues of the WWW and the CERN fusion collider – issues then.

Given this situation and development – the relation between France and British politic in EU and the world, their respective archaic/fraternal and Masonic institutions and interests the mega battle which ensued. The British being supported by the USA and its archaic/fraternal. Masonic institutions -media. The major clash of interest and conflicts. which ensued. The decision to have me removed at the head of that SIROP program and put in its place sir James Mancham. There had been attempts not just to remove me form this program but to terminate my life. ( Among the clash of interest – the discipline of Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman supported FA Rene government progress and process – for this reason we have stated and written never could and would Sir James Mancham and those who had joined hi be able to put through this program because they did not know its conception, the discipline involved and applied – they had use him to hijack, destroy, sabotage and take over the program and the fiasco which ensued. From the World Economic Forum those who had been involved and support him. The dishonesty and deceit., terrible Bench mark practice.

The Vatican was aware of all, these development and so to other churches. The Late Pope John Paul ll was fully aware of what was going on – kept informed.

The most unwarranted development and events was the decision to eliminate – kill professor Dr Micheal Hoffman given the importance of the world development and events with the involvement of those who meet and attended World Economic forum - Davos. To gain and maintain control of global agenda and politics – economic.

Just like the complex issues – surrounding the so call death of former Austrian Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky – his role in the development of Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI and later IOIMF. The way he was killed and – silence. The Hypocrisy of the Austrian political establishment and the media. Terrible bench mark.

After the death/killing of Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman – the situation which developed in European and world Economic order, the rapid slide into a downward direction of the benchmark in many important intellectual debates of EU and the world. This started in 1987.

Among other issues which had divided the two leading European bodies – IMI – IOIMF had been more supportive of issues to do with the Iraq – Saddam Hussein, Iran, Libya and FA Rene government and certain aspects of the USA National politics and economy.

Because of this situation Dr Henry Kissinger a leading personality in World Economic Forum was compel to state – the world had at its disposition mechanism, management resources it could have influenced Iraq – Saddam Hussein to go a different course instead the Military and generals choose the weapon of war.

Given the world situation and state of things – little or no wander those gathering at Davos for the past five years have not know what to do – their half measures in put and attempt to find solution. The very many important protest which have taken place and the resources to prevent these protest. Given the situation are in their position.

Most important the address by Russia president Putin and China that the west Capitalist had betrayed the Russian and Chinese people The collapse of the Chinese and Russia economy – many protests– The way it should be explained is that World Economic Forum – Davos, were not the parties, bodies that initiated, cause the changes to come to USSR, the COMECON, Germany Reunification and other parts of the world that is the reason those gathered there cannot and do not have the answer to a solution. The solution can only be found by those and the people involved in Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman IMI – combined IOIMF. Those involved in the original issues.

In spite of Professor Dr Micheal Hoffman having bing killed/eliminated, a great aspect of the discipline is still active and alive – it requires, man and woman of serious integrity to become involved and engage and committed as when they did in 1987 and the changes which came with it around the globe.

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