Assembly approves two motions

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Assembly approves two motions

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:56 pm

Assembly approves two motions


The National Assembly on Tuesday approved two motions tabled by the leader of government business Marie-Antoinette Rose.

In the first motion, Ms Rose resolved the Assembly to approve the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty better known as the Treaty of Pelindaba which she said Seychelles has already signed.

In her argument with regard to the motion, Ms Rose said the treaty is all about efforts underway to make Africa a nuclear-free zone.

“Almost all African countries with the capacity to sign and ratify a treaty have agreed that the African continent and the Indian Ocean region becomes a nuclear weapon free zone, something which is good for Seychelles .

Africa is probably the first continent which would be able to seriously agree that it would be free of nuclear arms which are today a big concern for world security and the protection of humanity,” Ms Rose pointed out.

“It is clear therefore that Seychelles today needs to establish and strengthen its position in terms of our country’s national security and regional security where President James Michel himself has played a leadership role in resolving the conflict in Madagascar and Seychelles is still in the forefront taking part in other efforts such as in the fight against piracy and is actively involved in the African Union,” said Ms Rose.

She stressed that even though Seychelles is a small country it has the capacity to rally efforts and resources and push forth to make Africa a nuclear weapon free zone.

The second motion Ms Rose tabled was asking the Assembly to approve the Protocol setting out the fishing opportunities and the financial contributions provided for by the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between Seychelles and the European Union.

She said it is important for ordinary local artisanal fishermen to feel that they are benefitting from fisheries developments brought about from funds obtained through our fisheries industry.

“What we are asking from the Seychelles Fishing Authority and the government is to find ways to share the benefits obtained through the fisheries partnership with the EU and translate them into development projects to benefit the artisanal and semi-artisanal fishermen,” Ms Rose stressed.

She noted that the exorbitant prices not of tuna being sold in Europe but of fish that the local public has to buy every day is among the main issues being raised today which needs to be looked into and addressed.


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