Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:39 pm

There are those like Dr Henry Kissinger, the WEF Professsor Klaus Schwab, former Heads of States, Presidents , the Club of Rome, the Council of Europe, the Vatican and several other who have question/challenge in instance our Thread relating to our ability to contribute importantly to those who have held High Office in the USA over the past 30 years.

Our statement that there exist High Interdisciplinary management discipline which can be applied.

This said our statement we opposed that then Senator Kerry Presidential Candidate progress then world situation - fearing that his personality would lend to a major world conflict if not world war and we have not been wrong - his respective involvement as US Secretary and we have worked with several and contributed that  they come to this High Office - the situation is very terrible - how much more will it deteriorate.

Those who will judge it is wrong on our part to address such issues in Public - the rules and law is being turn on its head - not body will listen.

President Putin may not know all the details of Saddam Hussein, events leading to his son's being killed and his short moment in hiding, capture and Trial - he was a "Freemason" the events leading to President Qaddafi death - before all that horror started we wrote via diplomatic-embassy and others - what was going on and who was manipulating what - help us move way from the situation - when they had been captured, in the hands of their enemy what they shared with us, their supporters, people and Families, Associates - we retorted back - we had warned, written and explained what were involved and you had refused to listen.

It is not nice when one is compel to share this kind of information in Public - we trust President Putin will listen before it is very late. The mess will be worse that combine Iraq and Libya. President Gorbachev is very much alive arrange a meeting and discuss the issues events leading to the Putsch, the untold and unwritten issues - we had been in important contact.

Vienna University Faculty for Interdisciplinary Management

World Economic Forum

Council of Europe

Vatican: the Holy See

Russian Orthodox Church

Club of Rome


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The breakup/separation of Czechoslovakia 1991 - the Princess Diana Caravan/ex Nortwest Holst Emperor mobile office, the Dover and Folkestone masonic Lodge and that of France.

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:17 pm

We would like to bring back the world, EU High Institutions, NATO, the Russian Federation, particularly the French government of Francois Holland, the two French masonic Lodge, the Vatican  and the German government  to events surrounding the situation in Yugoslavia 1991 - the role of NATO, that of the British politicians and the media and then government of PM John Major part.

Compared to 1991 - the main stream media, how they controlled everything  and those who went about controlling everything with them in spite of the existence of the world wide Web - Google and Yahoo had not been born/incepted.

A the White House it was President Bush Senior who ruled.  Then Head of NATO command, the US Intelligence Services -
What was really going on in the media concerning the Yugoslavia issues which was really none of their business - they chose to get involved and the mess they cooked up and the People suffered.  They were being manipulated like animals and they refused to learn and listen.

We had at the same time certain friction in EU over Yugoslavia and new member state form former COMECON - we would like to underline/stress just as many of you leading and great personalities you work/contributions in the world - we have been importantly involved in the issues, mechanism and criteria for/of those new EU Member state - the mechanism and process. These issues would seldom come not the main stream media - they had a separate mechanism and management discipline.  President Bush Senior and those from the State Department and US Service were well aware.

There was the important debacle of the future of Czechoslovakia - there had been hint of partition/separation. We were very well aware, contributed to the issues and helped managed them - for this we had to be in contact with leading personalities and politicians in Czechoslovakia which we were  and it is the first time we address this issues in public.

Once again why we say/underline to the whole world had we been allowed to migrate to France or Belgium - there would not have been a partition of Czechoslovakia. We had had very intense contacts with President F Mitterrand  and the then French Masonic entities/illuminati. The Masonic/Illuminati lodge in Dover and Folkestone - London.  Those conservative who knew of our work in London with then Lady Thatcher government, her Cabinet and other important London issues- how they choose to manipulate our environment, the daily harassment of those two Units, the Caravan - renamed Princess Diana and the Mobile Office/emperor ex North West Holst construction - Societe General des Eaux.

We had traveled to Bruxelles to explain to the Internal court of Justice our situation - regarding that SIROP program what took place in Kilburn - Brent and was taking place in Kent - Caple Le Fern.  We had written to Seychelles the Oppositions, the UN Institutions and the French government/masonic establishment explaining what was going on. We had also three Law Firms in Folkestone handling the issues, in Canterbury, Maidstone and London these were leading law firms.

There were those who knew of my connection with the high parties of Czechoslovakia - those who had established contacts with our person - because of the COMECON, change and the USSR - our ability to work those issues - In London those who knew and the conservative officials.
We had written over issues we would not normally write about regarding the Ukrainian - those in London who knew and those form the conservative party and the Masonic establishment - my respective call/plea for the past 4 years help me migrate or resettle on the continent and the issues I/we would work with would be very different.  ( We have a mad cow in the place and we say this very bluntly - meaning those/a white English female who use that CJD/Vache folle to listen on - using that very abnormal mechanism/antisocial system that is used across this country,  those who use such person/human for their objectives) Those in London from the voluntary and corporate sector who have been telling/throwing in our face "Mr Edmond they want to turn you into a Junkie" what this means and imply for the past 5 years.

We were staying/force to stay in a caravan in Caple le Fern - those working and in the close proximity of then two individual who would later head their respective country - the issues of the introduction of the Illuminati and masonic system in their country, they knew and were aware we/I was being,manipulated so as to bring about the division of their country. the very sad and strange things - they refused to do anything - just as the garbage of the Yugoslav breakup and the ongoing Ukraine development.

Safe we have letters to president Putin, several Ambassadors and Embassy explaining our situation - like those in then Yugoslavia who knew what was going and refused to do anything what took place and later what everybody wrote and took as history.

We want o ask everybody in London, the White House, Paris and then French Masonic lodge, the Italian, German, the EU Institutions and NATO command. Everybody choose to ignore what have taken place - the minority.

Will come a moment or a day as an old Jamaican saying goes "everyday the bucket goes to the well - one day the bottom of the bucket will fall out" in good Jamaican slang/dialect.

The dreadful thing all of us thought we will create a World Wide Web, give the people information this will free them, help create the Google and the Yahoo, and the Social networks - the people and citizens are just as daft as they were 20 years ago because if they were not they would not have allowed to happen what is happening  and their destruction with it and their children.

President FA Rene of Seychelles and his then Russian divisors monitored/knew and were aware of the issues and so to former President James Mancham - he turned out to be worse than former President FA Rene the way he spin's everything specially working and associated with the Moon Corporation then 1991 - events. How dirty and evil politic is.

This said - the so call experts reason/explanation for the breakup and separation of Czechoslovakia - we will add the Wikipedia links here - "The purpose of the illuminati, archaic, fraternal, Templar and masonic entities".

Crimean referendum, 2014 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_2014

Tensions mount as Crimea prepares for referendum

Hollande: le référendum en Crimée "n'a aucune valeur légale"

Putins Spiel am Rande des Abgrunds

Krim-Referendum: Der improvisierte Anschluss

Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

Yugoslav Wars

President of the United States

1991 - Mr Major’s 1991 Conservative Party Conference Speech


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:37 pm

Vast majority of Crimeans 'vote to join Russia'

Russia media say Crimea votes 93 percent to quit UkraineReuters UK

Ukraine's east on fire: Kharkov demands referendum, Donetsk prosecutor's HQ ...RT

Crimea votes to join 'former political master' Russia

Russia expected to move swiftly to annex Crimea as poll closes


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:43 pm


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:59 pm


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:27 am

Letter to the Editor - Russia and Crimean referendum


It is with bitterness and pain that Russians, whose historical roots come from Kiev, Russia, perceive events of the recent months in the Ukraine.
With the active incitement and intervention of a number of foreign states in the internal affairs of the Ukraine in favour of geopolitical interests, there occurred actually an unconstitutional armed coup in which illegitimate forces came to power with the intention of running the country.
Radical nationalists still continue to exert a strong influence through terror and intimidation onto the decisions taken in Kiev.
The interests of Ukrainian regions, the Russian-speaking population, ethnic minorities are being ignored.

Witch-hunting for unwanted politicians is in progress. Kiev has forgotten about the February 21 Agreement signed by President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders in the presence of representatives of France, Germany and Poland on resolving the situation. This situation prompted the legitimate authorities of Crimea (60% of the population are Russians, 20% Ukrainians and 15% Crimean Tatars) to a decision to disengage with Kiev by holding a referendum on the future of the peninsula.

The right to self-determination is enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter. It has repeatedly been confirmed by the UN General Assembly resolutions (for example, 1970 Declaration on Principles of International Law, 1960 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples). In a situation where the people do not have an opportunity to gain their status and protect their rights in the framework of the State, in whose territory they reside, such people have the right to self-determination by the removal of that State and/or adherence to another State.
The 1970 Declaration mentioned earlier confirms the inviolability of territorial integrity of states, "observing in the actions the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples and, thus possessed of a government representing without distinction of race, religious creed or skin colour the whole people belonging to the territory".

The Vienna Declaration of the UN World Conference on Human Rights also stresses that states claiming to protect its integrity should have "governments representing the interests of the whole people belonging to the territory without distinction of any kind".

For more than its 20-year history of being a part of Ukraine, the Crimean people failed to realise their right to self-determination within the framework of the state because of the policies of the central authorities. In January 1991, a referendum was held in Crimea which resulted in a law of the Ukraine on the restoration of the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the Crimea. In September 1991 the Supreme Council adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. In 1992 the Constitution of the Crimea was adopted. However, in 1995 the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) and the Ukrainian president, without the consent of the people of Crimea and in violation of the law, the Constitution of Crimea was cancelled. Thus the status of Crimea was changed from an independent state within the Ukraine (according to the Constitution of Crimea of 1992) to a status of an autonomous republic as a territorial unit of the Ukrainian state.

Following the illegal and violent seizure of power in Kiev in February 2014, the situation in terms of the possibility of exercising the rights to self-determination within the framework of the Ukrainian state has deteriorated significantly. Uncertain groups controlled by the authorities in Kiev attempted to overthrow the legitimate authorities of Crimea and organise their criminal prosecution.

The authorities in Kiev do not represent the entire Ukrainian people, especially the population of Crimea, and even do not control a substantial part of the country where local governments take power into their own hands.

Thus the Crimean people left the possibility to exercise their rights to self-determination within the framework of the Ukrainian state; as a result the self-proclaimed Ukrainian leadership has lost the right to defend its territorial integrity.

In this situation authorities of the Ukraine in accordance with 1970 Declaration shall de facto "refrain from any forcible action which deprives people ... of their rights to self-determination, freedom and independence" and not to interfere within the possibility to carry out the will of Crimeans in a peaceful and a free manner. If they have obstacles Crimeans have the right to seek and receive support in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

On Sunday March 16, a referendum was organised and passed in Crimea in a festive atmosphere, with a great deal of activity by residents on the Peninsula. It was attended by 83.1% of registered voters, 96.7% of whom voted for reunification of Crimea with Russia. Voting took place freely in the presence of numerous foreign observers and transparent ballot boxes were used for voting.

The allegations are false that such a turnout was due to pressure from the Russian military representatives who are based in Crimea in the framework of the Bilateral agreement. The number of Russian troops in Crimea does not exceed the Bilateral agreement numbers.

Some countries qualify the referendum as inappropriate in accordance with the Constitution of the Ukraine and rejected its results. But it is irrelevant to the question of its legitimacy under the international law. The practice of realisation of self-determination rights by separation shows that, for objective reasons, it cannot be exercised in accordance with the national legislation.

The US in its memorandum submitted to the International Court in the case of compliance with international law regarding the secession of Kosovo said that "the declaration of independence can and in its nature often inherently violates domestic law ... However this does not mean that there was a violation of the international law".

Besides that the US and a number of other states upheld in the International Court the legitimacy of Kosovo. The International Court itself said that "general international law contains no prohibition applicable to the Declaration of Independence".

Besides that Crimea has more reasons to exercise its right to self-determination through secession than Kosovo. Kosovo was separated from Serbia via military action of a number of states without the approval of the UN Security Council. Kosovo declared its independence in the presence of a legitimate, freely elected government of Serbia. The referendum on independence was not organised on the territory of Kosovo; the Serbian population was deprived of the opportunity to express itself and declare independence from the region. There was not any situation that could have threatened the right to self-determination for Kosovo within Serbia (in the form of autonomy, etc.) at the time of declaration of independence in Kosovo. Russia has preceded from this in the International Court hearings on Kosovo and continues to base its policy towards the Kosovo region.

Leaders of some countries claim that "the people of the Ukraine have their right to choose their future". But this fully applies to the pro-Russian Ukrainians who cannot imagine their existence apart from the fraternal Russian people, Russian language and Russian culture.

When talking about the geopolitical interests of the West and global domination, all other "nuances" in the form of ideology, discrepancy of forms, human rights, appraisals and personal sympathies should be sidelined. The main task is to promote their zones of influence establishing new areas of their cultural civilisation models, domination and unification of all this space on the Western model in terms of American democracy.

The main obstacle to this global task of the West has always been Russia, which firmly stands for the right of people to live in accordance with their traditions, to speak their languages, practice their religion and culture.

Vladimir BELOUS
Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Seychelles


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Ukraine far-right leader Muzychko dies 'in police raid'

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:31 pm

What a load of pig dung - and terribly messy - we have addressed certain pertinent issues, then pulled back, to allow those super mess maker their freedom to create and make a bigger mess, then go on TV and Parliament EU and crap the citizens of Europe about their rights.

There was/have been another incident which have triggered this incident - in term of high Interdisciplinary workings. Yet what the blasted and loony media are carping about and the many sickening experts.

Then those who come back raging and raving with that demented mechanism - wanting to know everything. Even after they have go to know the /their next big mess again.

We are concern - that even President Putin fail to note when such events take place and his goes along with the media circus instead of correcting them.

Again what we had written about taking aback seat in events prior to the Revolution - trusting those involved would be capable to get on and they failed. When we get/become overly engage what they then say/claim. We have tried to follow the issues at RT. TV

A Ukrainian ultra-nationalist leader has been shot dead in what officials describe as a special forces operation.

Oleksandr Muzychko, better known as Sashko Bily, died in a shoot-out with police in a cafe in Rivne in western Ukraine, the interior ministry said.

He was a leader of Right Sector, a far-right group which was prominent in the recent anti-government protests.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's parliament has voted to accept the resignation of Defence Minister Ihor Tenyukh.

Mr Tenyukh had been accused of indecision in the face of Russia's military takeover of Crimea.

The shooting of Muzychko happened just hours after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had held talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Deshchytsia - their first meeting since Russia's move into Crimea triggered a diplomatic crisis.

Born 1962 in Perm region, Russia
After Ukraine became independent in 1991 he set up nationalist groups in Rivne, western Ukraine
Spent several years in jail after conviction for extortion in 1999
Accused of leading "criminal gang" in Rivne
Russia accused him of atrocities in Chechnya
As a Right Sector leader he participated in Maidan anti-government protests in Kiev
Far right in Ukraine revolution
Ukraine's Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Yevdokimov said Muzychko died after opening fire at police and Sokol special forces, who had raided a cafe to arrest him and fellow ultra-nationalists. The authorities described Muzychko as a criminal gang leader.

During the raid, Muzychko fired at police as he was trying to flee, wounding one of them. Police then returned fire and captured him and three others in his "criminal gang", Mr Yevdokimov said.

"He was still alive as they were arresting him - but then the paramedics, called to the scene, found that he had died," Mr Yevdokimov said. The three arrested gang members have been taken to Kiev for questioning.

A Right Sector organiser in Rivne has now threatened revenge for the killing of Muzychko, saying he had not been summoned by investigators.

"We will avenge ourselves on [Interior Minister] Arsen Avakov for the death of our brother. The shooting of Sashko Bily is a contract killing ordered by the minister," said Roman Koval of the Right Sector in Rivne region, quoted by the Ukrayinska Pravda website.

Conflicting account
Earlier, a Ukrainian MP, Oles Doniy, gave a different version of events. He said two cars had forced Muzychko's car to stop, and he had then been dragged into one of the other cars. Later his body was found dumped, his hands tied behind his back and two bullet wounds in his heart, Doniy wrote overnight on his Facebook page.

Correspondents say Muzychko acquired notoriety in Ukraine after he was filmed brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle at a town hall session in western Ukraine, and then harassing a local prosecutor. After that, in February, the Ukrainian interior minister condemned his behaviour and promised to investigate.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

What if shots are exchanged and lives lost? Will Putin then simply be reacting to the pace of events on the ground? Or will Moscow actually have helped to orchestrate those events in the first place?”

Moscow says the activities of Right Sector and other Ukrainian nationalist groups pose a threat to the large Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin gave that as one of his reasons for intervening in Crimea.

However, some commentators say Russia has deliberately whipped up such fears, and that the influence of Right Sector in Ukrainian politics is exaggerated.

Earlier, Russian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Muzychko, accusing him of atrocities against Russian soldiers in Chechnya.

The Russian indictment says he tortured captive Russian soldiers in the 1990s, when Moscow was trying to crush Chechen separatist guerrillas. Muzychko denied the allegations. Reports say he led a group of Ukrainian nationalists who fought alongside the Chechen rebels.

Crimea withdrawal
In the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday, MPs appointed Gen Mykhaylo Koval as the new defence minister, after approving the resignation of his predecessor, Ihor Tenyukh.

Mr Tenyukh had offered to leave the post following growing criticism of his response to the Russian annexation of Crimea. Many deputies had described that response as indecisive.

Gen Koval has served in the country's Border Service, and was briefly detained by pro-Russian forces during their takeover of Crimea.

The BBC's Mark Lowen reports from the last police base in Crimea controlled by Ukraine
Mr Tenyukh said he had received requests to leave Crimea from about 6,500 soldiers and family members. That means about two-thirds of the 18,800 military personnel and relatives stationed there are staying on the peninsula, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Earlier, a senior Ukrainian armed forces officer, Oleksandr Rozmaznin, was quoted as saying nearly half of the Ukrainian military staff based in Crimea had opted to stay there and some of them were joining the Russian military.

Meanwhile, a toughly-worded statement from the G7 group of industrialised countries, condemned both the Crimean vote to secede and Russia's annexation of Crimea. The G7 called Russia's actions a "clear violation of international law". Russia has now been excluded from what was the G8.

Moscow initially reacted scornfully to the G7 snub, saying "the G8 is an informal club" which "can't purge anyone by definition".

But later President Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said "the Russian side continues to be ready to have such contacts at all levels, including the top level. We are interested in such contacts".

Barack Obama says Vladimir Putin has a choice to make whether to abide by international law or face "disruptive sanctions"
Also on Tuesday, US President Barack Obama addressed the crisis during a joint news conference with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, saying that Russia was "threatening some of its immediate neighbours, not out of strength, but out of weakness".

He expressed concern about the possibility Russia would encroach further on Ukrainian territory and about the large numbers of Russian troops massed on the border.

Mr Obama said he hoped the International Monetary Fund would quickly finalise an aid package for Ukraine, adding that it was important to help Ukraine hold successful elections in May.

Muzychko killing: Ultra-nationalist mastermind demands cops’ arrest, Interior Minister’s dismissal

Ukraine aid bill clears Senate hurdle after Republicans drop resistance to IMF loans - this mess is going to be far worse than Greece for the people - does anybody care.


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IMF agrees $14-18 billion bailout for Ukraine

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:27 am

IMF agrees $14-18 billion bailout for Ukraine

(Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday it had agreed a $14 billion (£8.44 billion) -18 billion (£10.86 billion) bailout for Ukraine, a deal that will unlock further credits to reach a total of $27 billion over the next two years.

The agreement is intended to help Ukraine meet debt payments looming this year after months of anti-government protests which resulted in the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich and a standoff with Moscow in which Russia annexed the Crimea region.

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to grant Ukraine between $14 billion and $18 billion to help the country avoid a default. The package is vital for securing further help from other international lenders like the World Bank and the EU.


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:25 am

We have written on this forum and other space - we were involved, those who called upon us then to help Greece entry into the EU and Euro monetary system. The need to note Greece is one of Europe oldest democratic civilization - unlike Ukraine

Yet events prior to the melt down in 2007/8 and after - we have offered time and time again to contribute to rebuilding a good measure of the Greece Economic workings - with all the corruptions and stinks. The highly corrupted position of the EU, events in Greece and what the inhabitants and populace have to face and go through.

Take the example of the last position of the Bail out money - the mega circus that everybody when through until the Troika accepted the Bail out money.

Yet look at the state of Ukraine, economic and society - EU, the USA and IMF decide they must bailout Ukraine - I have written of the High management mechanism Russia had to build/develop after the Communist change and in Ukraine they have copied/ absorbed a great deal of that structure and system - which mean as much as 30% of that money will find itself in the hands, pocket and control of organized Crime.

Last year beside the previous year, what we had been indicating/addressing about the Russian SDA Church and the British Ukrainian Society - the Important Conservative personalities. Those who knew and aware we were contributing to that country important issues - this goes all the way back to the Privatization of former USSR. Because we had dare address certain undercurrent - "those who broke into our place in Islington and poisoned the place/nearly had us killed" - the incident is available on our forums for studying and viewing. In the past we would have addressed the SFO directly - their reaction. We helped/contributed to setting up this Body.

The EU media, an many others recall/ the position of the three principal parties on the eve of the incident which cause/led to the fleeing of the Ukraine President - the deal which had been patched out. The unwritten issues which made this failed.

That Female former President of Ukraine was well aware too of the issue and working when she was in Office and the reason she got into big trouble.

We have been and contribute to contribute to the IMF/World Bank major synergistic workings - the evil lot in Seychelles who know are aware, how they are fleecing the Seychellois.  Those in the IMF/World Bank including former DSK knowledge. ( Mr Christopher Gill did study law and is related to former president JR Mancham as such what he ought to know, Rev Moon knew a very great deal more upon what he build his Massive Global Network the past 21 years.  yet our issues) There again - the young couples when they got married under Moon tradition/custom - earns $1000 -  to this day not even a Card from the Monies Global Institutions.

In Seychelles media the issues of the French building that fishing Port - we refused to react to /angry because - we have helped this process and those their reaction - this have been going on for a very long time and we have pleaded with President Obama and his white House to help us - to this end. What we had address about the Malaysian law suit.  We had been monitoring all those in London who have worked out issues the past 25 years the development of the IMF/EU and the USA regarding this decision and those who - knew we had carried out some basic work and this impacted the IMF/World Bank  decision.

In Vienna for the past 12 months there have been the saga of the Bank Adria - and the melt down, at University of Vienna unlike in Britain and the USA or France those with the discipline and science to understand and study the highly complex mechanism of such events and process  - yet. Our core Training come form that Institution and ongoing.  We had a meeting with/tried to set up a meting with their Office on Friday - the details will be on Camera - that is all they want and wait - we make the move  and synergy the issues and they collect/cash in - this crazy /mad system led to the 2007/8 global crash. Mr Bernie Madoff and others were very aware - knew what was going on and what took place events which followed.

What about Mr Soro

What about the Murdoch Family to name just a very few.

We got cold shouldered, insulted and laughed at this December and January in Vienna by the old acquaintance, people we had worked together, the many involved in big business in Vienna from former East Europe and USSR, my children and step children and the daughters of my favorite cousins, what they label /describe this situation - how come we can bring about such process and lend to it for the past 30 years and nobody give, pays or donate  a cent to our work - something is very very wrong somewhere. The EU High Institutions and those high Institutions in Britain very aware.  The SDA/Adventist name/call this the work of God and prayer. Who pays the Bills and other basic necessities - then we all kneel down and pray - the Church Building have to be rented and payed for and the Bills. With the very basic and limited resource called upon to work more and continue to contribute.  when  those with very vast resource cannot or just do not achieve what we are able and have been able to achieve the past 30 years. This include those currently in Italy - by the way former PM Berlosconi is very well aware of the issues and hence one of his reason to stand in the EU forthcoming election - he is another nice/great person politely said. No thank you nothing - "he could say like others before him we will help you get a load of compost for your lettuce or give you a few plants nothing. Or here is an old padlock lock up your things -  we have Sicilian friends in London"

The point is when anybody is involved/hold the capacity to contribute lend to such process - is required to become engage in the next process or it will fail or collapse.  Including the Greece, the Irish and other ongoing issues, Germany, France.

Then what the media and the USA, EU will ram down the throat of everybody - about democracy, corruption and all the rest. The Tax payers and the fools of Europe/ the world will have to work hard their children to repay the money.

There are those sensitive on Facebook - what and how they come to post/respective reaction upon hearing or picking up a give issues. in good old Seychellois or Mauritian or Reunion talking we say you are talking with you "toes, foot, knees and elbow".Example the issues of the furniture manufacture form Vienna the issues of the Dirndls and a lot more - we could have turned our Facebook crazy - precisely for these reason try to calm/play down the issues.

On RT.TV some aspect of the challenges and issues gets talked - we are dispointed.  

This is why we have been pleading with President Putin to change this terrible situation grant us asylum and we go to stay in Siberia - with animals and trees and Birds.

IMF Bailout Fatigue Among Republicans Delays Ukraine Aid

IMF agrees $14-$18 billion bailout for beleaguered Ukraine

Who In Ukraine Will Benefit From An IMF Bailout?


Obama hails IMF aid for Ukraine as 'major step forward' - " Unless others step in as we have done for Ireland and one or two other place - this program as detailed is total madness - the people are going to suffer terribly and if they have any blood or water running in their vain will riot and turn the country on its head - the whole garbage had been very badly planned and concepted. Just as the blasted Irish peace Process was managed synergized by other highly other complex workings and then Senator Mitchel - the reality. In Ukraine the situation. If my person had to go to Vienna and discuss the issues they would say let them Swim - a great deal have changed - Bank Austria is having got sell its Bank because of the default. To indicate how terrible this situation we ask those from the IMF/World bank, those from the USA High Illuminati Institutions, Russia to study the debacle of the Royal Bank of Scotland. it has lost £50 billion of Tax payers money within one year. I/we had a meeting in Vienna over this issues and had almost agreed to meet those from RBS in London to offer a solution. We mean solution - after all under PM Blair and PM Brown we have contributed importantly that RBS became what is was. My/our fear in-spite of having the capacity to have helped/saved RBS some of that major £50 billion lost we refused to engage - because of the working mentality in London under the current Conservative Coalition - at least under Blair and Brown we got some credit for the muck we handled - this Coalition wants us to clean the filth and then completely shut up". We could have gone back to Lord Oxford Children/ Ukraine British Society and have a frank talk - they need to come to our person not use to them this time. There are very many issues we have not addressed in Public. May be we can just get in touch with former President Bush Junior people/connection and they many help - the price to pay afterwards

We want to address our Russian Friends in Sechelles Seychelles - you sit down and have Whisky and Beer with Mr Ralph Volcer - why and how the Russian community acquire the Coral Strand Hotel, Go to President FA Rene ask of his past highly important Russian issue we have worked out not Mr Ralph Volcer. We have a very serious situation.
Minister of Economic Development predicts record capital outflows


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:51 am

Russian prime minister flaunts grip on Crimea with visit

Crimea to be special economic zone with tax breaks

Every vice-premier, minister personally responsible for Crimean situation - Russian PM
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Ukraine crisis: Nato suspends Russia co-operation

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:45 pm

We would like to refer to the like of Wiki Leak and others who have not told the world everything what is going out there - among some of the issues - from then Lady Thatcher government to Gordon Brown our contribution to some of NATO important workings, policy and decision. Since the conservative Coalition coming to Office, events and this process is minimal. As such when those who take and make decision took decision which were deem unrealistic, based upon crackpot information and conclusion - we were able to come back and help put things in order - prospective.  Those in the USA well aware and High Government workings globally.  Since the Conservative Coalition - the wired and highly abnormal system in place and what  it is leading to.

We were and have been involved in the many initial issues of former USSR workings with NATO Civilian, Military and Space - what it took  and over night what is taking place - those who just refuse to listen - they judge/have conclude in their logic Russia is like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq or Yugoslavia.

Tonight they ought to send  special individuals on the resting/grave of  president Yeltsin, President Mitterrand, Chancellor Kreisky, Lady Thatcher and the Italian Premier Julio Andretti ask/find out what really took place. Beside a number of other leading personalities in the USA, Germany, France Including, Vatican, Israel the UN - still alive

NATO foreign ministers have agreed to suspend all practical civilian and military co-operation with Russia.

In a strongly worded statement, they condemned Russia's "illegal" annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region and praised the Ukrainian government's "restraint".

Moscow is believed to have massed tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine's eastern border in recent days, causing alarm in Kiev and the West.

Nato's top official said there was no evidence troops had been pulled out.

BBC diplomatic correspondent, Brussels
Nato sources say some 35,000- 40,000 Russian troops are massed near Ukraine's eastern border.

The Russians say this is a military drill but I am told that what is worrying Western intelligence experts is that there is actually very little exercising going on. The troops are simply deployed and waiting.

Tanks, mechanised infantry, and special forces - many of them among Russia's most capable units - are all in the field and they have the logistical back-up to keep them there for some considerable time.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Angela Merkel he had ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian troops.

But Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters: "Unfortunately, I cannot confirm that Russia is withdrawing its troops. This is not what we are seeing."

Ministers from the 28-member bloc gathered in Brussels for their first meeting since Russia's annexation of Crimea.

They agreed to suspend Nato co-operation with Russia in a number of bodies but added that dialogue in the Nato-Russia Council could continue, as necessary, at ambassadorial level and above "to allow us to exchange views, first and foremost on this crisis. We will review Nato's relations with Russia at our next meeting in June".

The leverage the West holds over Russia

L'Otan suspend sa coopération avec la Russie


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Putin could invade Ukraine within a week, warns Nato chief

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:51 pm

This is the same NATO we are working with/making important input in 1987/88 - they used the Conservative politicians to say we had the capacity of Weapon of Mass Destruction. Upon what basis they started the Gulf War and the real why

This is the same Nation that messed big time in former Yugoslavia then grab everybody and send then to the ICC safe their Generals and Executives

This is the same NATO that help start the mega mess in Libya where are we now.

Putin could invade Ukraine within a week, warns Nato chief
Russia has all the forces it needs on the border to invade Ukraine within the next three to five days, Nato’s top military commander has warned.

The Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and the US Air Force General Philip Breedlove described the situation at the border as “ incredibly concerning”.

He said Nato had spotted signs of movement by a very small part of the Russian force overnight but there was no indication it was returning to barracks.

"This is a very large, very capable and very ready force" Mr Breedlove told The Wall Street Journal.

Ukraine's ousted president Yanukovych says loss of Crimea is 'major tragedy'


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Ukraine Could Be Plunged into Civil War, Warns Russia

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:27 am

Ukraine Could Be Plunged into Civil War, Warns Russia

MOSCOW—Russia's foreign ministry warned Tuesday that any use of force by Ukrainian authorities to dislodge pro-Kremlin separatists who have seized control of government buildings in three cities in eastern Ukraine could plunge the country into civil war.

Ukraine’s richest man seeks to end pro-Russia stand-off

Ukraine crisis escalates as pro-Russia activists declare independence in Donetsk


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Ukraine conflict: US condemns Russia gas warning

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:30 am

US: Russia uses energy supplies 'to control Ukraine'
Valves of gas pipe-line are seen not far from Kiev on 4 March 2014. Nearly a third of the EU's natural gas comes from Russia

The US has accused Russia of using its energy supplies "as a tool of coercion" to try to control Ukraine.

It comes after Russia warned European countries of possible gas supply cuts because of Ukraine's energy debts.

Separately, Nato has defended the accuracy of satellite images which it says show Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border in recent weeks.

A Russian official earlier said the images depicted a military exercise that was held in August last year.

Nato says the satellite images it unveiled early on Thursday show some 40,000 Russian troops near the border in late March and early April. They also reveal sophisticated warplanes and helicopters.

Later, Nato released additional images, some dating back to 2013 and others from early 2014, purporting to show the same areas unoccupied prior to March.

In a statement, the alliance says the images show that Russian claims that they are old were "categorically false" and that there was no evidence of military activity in these areas in 2013 or early 2014.
Mechanized infantry brigade/motorized rifle regiment near Belgorod taken 26 March 2014 Nato has released satellite images of the Russia/Ukraine border areas. It says the areas highlighted show troops near Belgorod, south-western Russia, on 26 March 2014
Mechanized infantry brigade/motorized rifle regiment near Belgorod taken on 7 March 2014 This image of the same location taken earlier in the month - on 7 March - shows a somewhat emptier site
Russian military build dup at formerly vacant Buturlinovka air base taken on 2 April 2014 This photo, taken on 2 April, purportedly shows Russia's build-up at the formerly vacant Buturlinovka air base, some 90 miles (145km) from Ukraine border

In Washington, state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki condemned "Russia's efforts to use energy as a tool of coercion".

She added that gas prices Ukraine was having to pay Moscow were not set by market forces, and that Washington was working with Ukraine to provide financing and help it find enough gas.

There are fears that current tensions between Russia and Ukraine could trigger gas shortages in Europe, as pipelines transiting Ukraine deliver Russian gas to several EU countries.

Cannot play media. You do not have the correct version of the flash player. Download the correct version

Could Russia turn off the taps? The BBC's Daniel Sandford reports

Russian energy giant Gazprom says Ukraine owes it $2.2bn (£1.2bn; 1.4bn euros) and recently doubled the price it must pay.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote to 18 European countries on Thursday warning that Ukraine's delays in paying for Russian gas had created a "critical situation".

The letter released by the Kremlin says that if Ukraine does not settle its energy bill, Gazprom would switch over to advance payment, and if those payments are not made, it would "completely or partially cease gas deliveries".

Previous Russian gas disputes with Ukraine have led to gas shortages in several EU countries. The EU says it has extra supplies to deal with any such disruption now.
Self-rule demands

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama has spoken to German Chancellor Angela Merkel by phone about the growing crisis in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists remain barricaded inside government buildings in Donetsk and Luhansk.

President Obama told Ms Merkel that the US and its allies should prepare for fresh sanctions against Russia if the crisis escalates.

The separatists in the east - a mainly Russian-speaking region with close ties to Russia - are demanding referendums on self-rule.

In Donetsk they have declared a "people's republic". Gunmen have been seen among the protesters in Luhansk.

Ukraine fears that the separatist actions are a provocation similar to the protests that gripped Crimea days before Russian troops annexed the peninsula last month. Russia denies the claim.

President Obama and Chancellor Merkel also discussed issues relating to talks due to take place in Geneva next week between Russia, Ukraine, US and the EU to try to end the impasse - the first four-way talks since the crisis began.

US-Präsident Obama und die deutsche Kanzlerin Merkel fordern, dass Russland seine Truppen von der Grenze zur Ukraine abzieht.

11.04.2014 | 06:23 | (

Die deutsche Kanzlerin Angela Merkel und US-Präsident Barack Obama haben Russland erneut zum Truppenabzug aus dem Grenzgebiet zur Ukraine aufgerufen. Das teilte das Weiße Haus nach einem Telefonat Merkels und Obamas am späten Donnerstagabend (Ortszeit) mit. In dem Gespräch habe der US-Präsident betont, dass USA und EU eine Verschärfung der Sanktionen vorbereiten müssten.

Comment - We write often about the issues and problem of our Sechelles Seychelles Community gaping back at us - the issues we address,they do not understand/refuse or could not careless or bothered. During Cold War Seychelles and the rest we used to make it a point to visit and acquiant, explain and share with the many underground or then exile communities given the situation in their respective countries. We have addressed the issues of the Earl of Oxford children and the British Ukrenian society and the Russian/Ukrainian speaking SDA Church. The methods,connections and Network we use, developed and put into place to protect,work and promote our Seychelles exile/refugee and diaspora issues - should it come to the point we have to handle very grave situation we have put/got in place such connections and networks - not that our issues would get massively dictated and totaly control. Such workings need to be natured, maintain and manage - one never know what await a nation/people - againcthis was the cause of the main reason for the fall out with the executive of then MPR/SNM, Minister David Joubert Faction - how they have been proved wrong and the many other nations in exiles who have meanwile developed and put in place such workings.

Beside the original concept wich changed the COMECON, the USSR,the Warsaw Pact, brought the Berlin Wall down helped Germany reunified. The Momentum it gave to the world of NGO workings as against the Elected government their terrible benchmark and dreadfulness, deciet and lies, over manipulation of the very people who elected them in office. That was why - all those in London who inisted we move to Bruxelles in 1991 if we cannot return to Seychelles and form or take part in a Government to promote this cause by the EU institutions. Those in Britain/London who refused/opposed that we/I migrate to Bruxelles so that they can control my person and workings in London/Britain. The respective attitude and reaction of the very many NGO's and Communities we have helped and supported -this is not a question of the survival of the strongest and the fittest - because to make and bring the change it did in then COMECON,then USSR,the Berlin Wall and Germany Unification -they were not all super human, a great many were very desperate, marginalized and opresed and sufferings - yet. Then we have in Seychelles or their country workings and International again what we have been addressing - the Opposition in Seychelles who failed and refuse when they were in exile to understand and support such issues, policy and workings and now, the Future of Seychelles,the Indian Ocean Region.

We are adding the links of the Ukrainian Association in Britain here - their resources and those who lead then -given the issues of the Cold War we addresed yesterday - the HQ of Ml5.

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)


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Ukraine crisis: Exchange of fire in Kramatorsk, minister says

Post  Sirop14 on Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:25 pm

A gun battle has erupted in the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk, the acting interior minister says.

Arsen Avakov said it began when unidentified gunmen tried to storm local administration buildings and police fired back.

Several other official buildings were reported to have been seized in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

The confrontations come amid rising tension between the new government and pro-Russia protesters.

Earlier, gunmen occupied a police station and a security services building in the town of Sloviansk. Official buildings in Druzhkovka were also reported to have been taken over.

A Donetsk regional police chief also quit after pro-Russia crowds marched on a police station demanding his resignation.

Eastern Ukraine has a large Russian-speaking population and has seen a series of protests since the ousting of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych in February.

The new government in Kiev accuses Moscow of orchestrating the unrest in eastern Ukraine. But Russia denies responsibility.

Protesters in largely Russian-speaking Donetsk, 130km (80 miles) from Sloviansk, have been occupying government buildings for days and demanding a referendum on becoming part of Russia.

VIDÉO - Le président ukrainien par intérim a convoqué samedi soir à Kiev une réunion de crise du Conseil de sécurité national après une nouvelle offensive des séparatistes pro-russes dans des villes de l'est du pays.

Ukraine verliert immer mehr die Kontrolle


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Putin urges Obama to prevent bloodshed in Ukraine

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:20 pm

MOSCOW, April 14, 23:54 /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin urged his US counterpart Barack Obama in a phone conversation to use the American side’s capabilities in full to prevent the use of force and a bloodshed in Ukraine, the Kremlin said Monday.
“The Russian side stressed that protest rallies in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Slavyansk and other cities of the Ukrainian Southeast are a result of the Kiev leadership’s unwillingness and inability to take into account the interests of the Russian and Russian speaking population,” the Kremlin said.
Protests against the new self-proclaimed Ukrainian authorities, who came to power as a result of a coup in February, have erupted in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking eastern territories, namely the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions, with demonstrators demanding referendums on the country’s federalization.

Ostukraine: Separatisten rufen Putin zur Hilfe

Quand les experts militaires français planchaient sur une «agression» russe

Comment - Just as those we were in touch in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan ad Iraq given the issues of High Interdisciplinary management role/function - those who refused to listen, the ultimate price they had to pay.

It is a shame given the communication possibilities compared to then Yugoslavia situation, Afghanistan and Iraq - President Putin refuses to listen, we have shared the issues facing then President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin - when they did listen how thing were resolved.  The situation we are in is worse than all three above mentioned.


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Ukraine forces move against separatists

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:25 am

Ukraine’s military has begun operations to retake government buildings seized by pro-Russia separatists in eastern areas, the country’s acting president said on Tuesday.
Oleksandr Turchynov, also the parliament speaker, said the deployment had begun in the Donetsk region, where many of the approximately 10 towns affected by the protests are located.

Ukraine's Interim Leader Announces Start of Operation Against Protesters in ..

Putin: "Unfähigkeit der Regierung in Kiew" Schuld an Krise

Le pouvoir ukrainien face au casse-tête de la reconquête


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R4 million seized in Russian cyber crime case

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 11:05 am

R4 million seized in Russian cyber crime case

Given that we are on the alert regarding development in Ukraine - including any indication form Sechelles Seychelles direction - { How many recall the politic of forcing/getting all the small governments to signed that Global anti terror Legislation - the manner President J A Michel and his Officials went about this - yet they have far more to answer before the UN, the ICC or International Court than the few we know of - the same applied the way those twisted and manipulated the issues of the Somali Pirate and Seychelles important involvement - in the first place who /what had triggered this situation.}

Those International diplomats and politicians who know of Seychelles important relation with Russia  - there are far bigger fish and criminals out there yet Nation  and Seychelles government had to show and publish this issues.  President J A Michel many have been asking why we did not include this in our thread yesterday - we will do so this morning after publishing the picture of the Catchpole and rye Edwardian and Victorian bathroom upon you 10 years in Power - we the Seychelles Exile/refugee gave you that wife of yours and mother of your daughter - how you thank us and what you have done to her - there is not difference between these three incidents and the way you treated her and those exile/refugees.

We have come out in the open and addressed many important issues between our exile/refugee workings the past 36 years with the USSR, COMECON  and Warsaw Pact and the Nation today over the past 25 years our contributions and impute - he waits when we have worked then go around the world it is his government doing  and they believe him because they are so corrupt they cannot differentiate and distinguish between their figures and their toes.  They also collect and make a very great deal of money on the back of this practice - political approach - so call diplomacy.

Part of the objective of contributing and putting in place some of the Social platform  not to big mouth nobody to inform and help educate - share information.  There was an issues two night ago  and former President Mancham may recall them - USSR/COMECON Gas/Energy issues until the dissolution of the USSR and the COMECON.

The new Energy/Gas politic of Russia to date - the crucial question how much of that money have passed through Sechelles Seychelles  and is still passing through there -  them we get the like of President J A Michel manure. Those involve think/hold the view  this is great politic and way of doing things - it stinks. Under old Russia many would have been shot.

What about the Privatization of the former USSR economy/Industries and that of the former COMECON  and Germany - the money that passed through that Sechelles Seychelles and the reasons.

This is not politic it is called pouring more oil on fire.

Just like the President Taylor,  those who set him up the same way and he landed in the ICC.

Russia–Ukraine gas disputes - for the attention of former President J R Mancham - this Wikipedia article is just part of the real issues, events and process, what drove and synergized those issues and events and we call this reality

Privatization in Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - a very terrible Wikipedia article loads of gaps.

Privatization, the Entrepreneurial Sector, and Growth in Post-Comecon Economies

Economic history of the German reunification - Wikipedia ...


Almost R4 million has been seized by the Supreme Court of Seychelles in a court case taken by the Attorney General’s office on behalf of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) against a Russian organised cyber crime gang with registered offices in Victoria, Seychelles.

The order for the permanent seizure of over US $325,000 (equivalent to approximately R4,000,000) was given by Judge Karunakaran when he directed that the funds be transferred to the Republic in accordance with Section 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The criminal proceeds had been lodged in a Seychelles bank account owned by Onwa Limited, an international business company with a registered address at 306 Victoria House, Victoria, Seychelles.
A Grand Jury sealed indictment issued by the United States Southern District Court of New York in 2011 charged that this cyber crime gang engaged in a massive scheme that infected four million computers in over 100 countries.

The indictment alleges that the gang used malicious software which digitally hijacked the infected computers to ease the defendants’ commission of internet-based fraud.
According to the indictment, the FBI believes that criminal proceeds of over US $14,000,000 had been achieved by the fraud.

One of the key gang members identified in the indictment was a man of Syrian origin but with a Russian passport named Andrey Taame.

The indictment identified a number of countries and bank accounts, including a bank account in Seychelles, where defrauded monies were believed to have been transferred by the gang.

The documents submitted as exhibits by the FIU in its application to the Supreme Court of Seychelles for an interlocutory order against the funds lodged in the account identified that Intershore Consult (Proprietary) Ltd was the registered agent, that the registered office address of ONWA Ltd was at 306 Victoria House, Mahé, Seychelles and that a Seychellois at that address was the director and a shareholder of the company.  

In October 2009, the director signed a resolution resolving to open a bank account in the name of Onwa Limited with two Russian citizens, including Andrey Taame, as the only authorised signatories on the account. A copy of this resolution was certified as a true copy by Apollo Business Solutions Seychelles (PTY) Ltd.

Taame is currently a fugitive from the FBI and a WANTED NOTICE can be found on the FBI website. It appears that Taame never visited Seychelles.

“The order by the Supreme Court Judge for the seizure of the monies under the Proceeds of Crime Act is a highly successful outcome and reinforces the commitment of the Republic to confronting the abuse of its offshore sector,” says a communiqué from the FIU.

The joint investigation into this criminal activity took over two years to complete as the predicate criminality took place in different parts of the world and because of the  time required to obtain the relevant information in Seychelles and to seek cooperation from overseas partners in the US, Europe and Russia.

A fundamental aspect of the statutory remit of the FIU is to ensure that Seychelles and particularly its financial services sector cannot be used to conceal the proceeds of crime and to ensure that organised crime gangs and money launderers who seek to abuse the financial structures in the Republic will end up having their money and property confiscated.

The recent non-compliant Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) rating reinforces the need for Seychelles to re-establish its reputation as a State committed to preventing the use of its jurisdiction for criminal and terrorist financing purposes.

This case is one of a large number of cases currently being investigated jointly with the agencies of other States linking Seychelles’ offshore companies with local directors and shareholders to Russian and Eastern European organised crime.


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Re: Brutal Crackdown in Ukraine‏

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