Ligne aérienne régionale: Air Mauritius réticente

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Ligne aérienne régionale: Air Mauritius réticente

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:52 pm

es opérateurs économiques ont repéré d’importants potentiels en ce qui concerne le commerce entre les îles de l’océan Indien. Un des facteurs facilitateurs serait une ligne de transport aérien reliant ces îles. L’idée de la Commission de l’océan Indien (COI) est qu’Air Mauritius, Air Madagascar, Air Austral et Air Seychelles fusionnent ou alors qu’elles trouvent un partenaire stratégique. Par contre, à Air Mauritius, ce n’est pas la priorité.

«Air Mauritius se trouve dans une situation assez difficile en ce moment. Si on avait atteint une vitesse de croisière, on aurait pu considérer cette idée», a confié le président du conseil d’administration d’Air Mauritius, Dass Thomas, à l’express hier soir, jeudi 20 février. «De toute façon, cette décision incombe plus au gouvernement. Pour le moment, il s’agit de consolider les bases détruites durant ces années. On ne peut pas laisser Air Mauritius périr pendant qu’on crée cette compagnie régionale.»

Cette position, Dass Thomas l’avait déjà défendue dans une étude qu’a publiée, au début du mois, la COI en faveur d’une stratégie partagée par les îles de l’océan Indien en transport aérien. Le document regroupe les positions exprimées par plusieurs acteurs de l’économie ayant participé à un symposium en mai dernier.

«Statu quo, pas une option»

En ce qui concerne la position d’Air Austral, le directeur général se dit davantage en faveur d’une meilleure connaissance des autres compagnies aériennes de la région avant toute coopération.

Par contre, Jean-Claude de l’Estrac, secrétaire général de la COI, pour sa part, lance, toujours dans l’étude publiée: «…le statu quo n’est pas une option ! Le temps des décisions et de l’action est venu. C’est aux pays membres de la COI et aux transporteurs de l’Indianocéanie, avec le concours du secteur privé, de décider de la formule qui sied le mieux à nos économies.»

Pour l’économiste Georges Chung, «le moment est venu de voir ce que la région de la COI peut produire et de dépasser les intérêts étroits des pays individuellement». Les exportateurs adoptent la même position.

Jocelyn Kwok, directeur de l’Association des hôteliers et restaurateurs de l’île Maurice, indique dans le rapport que les destinations régionales comme Shanghai, La Réunion, Johannesburg ou Nairobi représentent un potentiel pour les groupes hôteliers. Cela, en partenariat avec diverses compagnies aériennes et pas exclusivement Air Mauritius.

Comment -

We have read the above article with interests. At our Froums over the past 7/8 years we have addressed this issues and our Old AKS forum -

Beside Joint Universities Project, the Army, the Police eventually - right at the begging of the formation of the COI there was a project for  a Joint Indian Ocean Regional Airline. Part of the argument was competition and good management.

Since the COI we have had a few International crises in the Airline Industry - When President FA Rene was in Office and Air Seychelles did not even have a nice Office  and the Talk of Regional Airline - we reminded everybody of this issues and explained our work and involvement in Global Airline Industry from Construction and had offered to help/contribute where we could.

Because we had know importantly the long Term plan of the UAE in developing a major air hub in the region and controlling Regional Travel Industry - they had not started to muscle in on our national Travel Industry.

We came to Seychelles - when Air Seychelles had move to its New Old Office and met with Officials on this subject - beside our contribution in the New Office of Air Seychelles.

At the high of the 2007/8 global crash - the situation developed with Air Austral what we wrote to the Officials, French government - reminding them of the original concept for a Joint Indian Ocean Airline

We have seen the attitude of the UAE conglomerate they are playing dirty politic and Religion in the Travel Industry - they have the capacity - to do a great do mischief.

What about Mauritius very position at the high of the Crises - many will not like what we are about to say - we have the capacity to contribute to Mauritius national Carrier if anybody care we can write and publish the issues.  The cock up  with the Fuel advance hedging.

We want to ask our Mauritius friend a good question - that very new modern Terminal - it was not all Dr Ramgoolam idea and  hard work - we contributed to this/it.

Coming back to the above issues - we are reasonably aware why Mauritius is not attending the next Carnival de Victoria - two side of the coin.

The Mauritian media, people and Institutions must be reminded upon what dynamic/synergy Mauritius signed that historic Protocol.

There are many of us married to Mauritian Wife or Husband and have children - Family life can be bloody terrible at time - we have to face it and live it.

The same way we are in the COI and that Historic Protocol have been signed we need to learn to live and work with it.

Way back in 2005/6 when the talk was on the table and the Mauritian Consultant involved - the COI had not been involved.  The need to develop a Travel/ Tourist  business model which will work and protect the Regional small Nation Industry.


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Re: Ligne aérienne régionale: Air Mauritius réticente

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:54 pm

Minister Morgan holds consultative meetings with airline executives


Executives of airlines providing services to Seychelles have for the last few weeks been meeting Home Affairs and Transport Minister Joël Morgan to discuss business issues and concerns they are faced with.

A communiqué from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport writes that the airline industry globally continues to be fluid as companies look to regain financial strength either through mergers, strategic financial investments in other airlines, membership to global airline alliances as seen in the United States of America, Europe, and Asia and within the region further expansion to open up the Asian markets.

As a global business, the airline industry has seen its fortunes rise on aggressive promotions and better managing route and seat capacity. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade group for the world's biggest airlines, has said that it expects industry profits to hit a record US $19.7 billion in 2014, an increase of more than 50% on the US $12.9 billion estimate made for 2013, adds the communiqué.

According to the world respected Economist magazine, despite the headline number, the airline business remains vulnerable “to oil-price shocks, accidents and terrorism. And profit per passenger according to the IATA expects to be less than US $6 in 2014.”

Seychelles despite being appreciated as a ‘must visit destination’ still remains a small player as far as airlines are concerned. It is for this reason even as Seychelles as a destination seeks modest gains on improving visitor arrivals for 2013 that the services on offer must be at a minimum above the rest within the region when benchmarked.

“It is my intention to understand fully the concerns of the airline companies flying into Seychelles for we value their presence and the exposure and possibilities they create. I am receptive to ideas that they may have on improving the product on offer at our airports, primarily the international arrivals and departures, as well as our domestic operations both on Mahé and on Praslin, or what they perceive as hindrances to their operations here if and where they exist,” said Minister Morgan.

To date, Minister Morgan has held meetings with the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHTA) where both organisations were able to put their points across in regards to airline operations into Seychelles.

“At the end of all these meetings, we seek to improve and as well better place ourselves so that we may not only attract other airlines to our skies but as well to work to get those airlines who have left us, or announced that they are, to come back at some point in time,” added Minister Morgan.


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