Immofinanz: FMZ Rosental an Warburg-Hendersen verkauft

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Immofinanz: FMZ Rosental an Warburg-Hendersen verkauft

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:03 pm

Given that Vienna have this super University Campus - beside the Old University special department with advance study possibility into more complex and complicated economic issues workings - forensic studies in economy and business.

Our respective workings have been impacting Austrian/Vienna big business for a very long time some 25 years and that added SIROP program - the dullness in Vienna and Austria economy and business and suddenly is begin to sparkle - had we not gotten involved, that transaction would not have gone through.

The workings to fight corruption is to address care accountability of issues and working.

Um rund 18 Millionen Euro veräußerte die Immofinanz das Fachmarktzentrum in der Nähe von Graz an einen Fonds der deutschen Immobiliengesellschaft.

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