January boom for Eden Island

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January boom for Eden Island

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:34 pm

January boom for Eden Island

It is pointless addressing this/such issues on SFP Blog or Facebook = the vast majority of our brothers and sisters just cannot put two and two together - Meaning.

That SIROP Program and our greater EU Seychelles workings/Portal had contributed that in the first place Eden Island get started and the debacles and we have followed them very closely.

I/we had joked with many at the Hostel we stayed, the University of Vienna and other places we had to visit - the issues of my divorce and the difference of life in Austria between Sechelles Seychelles and the fact that after 36 years still in exile and the beautiful house Eden Island have in Seychelles. We have lost everything - we do not even have a toilet in that Seychelles and we are expected to battle on.

As a direct results of the visit I/we undertook to Vienna this December and issues we address the synergy/dynamic which influenced and is influencing these sales - by the way in Vienna at the University they have develop discipline to study such economic and financial issues - we trust the police and the politicians in Seychelles will take time to read and study why we write these things here - in other countries when anybody get involve and you do not say thank you they go about destroying and asking for revenge.

At a time of global economic uncertainty, Eden Island is bucking the trend and showing returns on investment which are way above the average.

For Eden Island Development Company, the start to 2014 is proving to be a time to remember, with record sales in the month of January of over US $12m and the honour of achieving three prestigious International Property Awards at a ceremony in Dubai.

“Both the sales volumes and the awards received confirm that we are offering an exceptional product,” said Peter Smith, marketing director for Eden Island.

The estate consists of 580 units and, with 460 sold to date, the remaining 120 units still available are expected to move fast taking into account the current levels of demand.

One of the most positive aspects has been the fact that existing owners continue to upgrade or buy second, third or more properties in the development.

“This is a really positive endorsement from the very people who have already invested,” Mr Smith said.

“In fact some 25% of the new homes on Eden Island are owned by homeowners who have upgraded or bought second or more properties,” he noted.

The properties themselves conform to the Creole architectural style of the area, with large verandas, high-pitched red roofs and simple lines.

“It is truly unique,” Mr Smith said. “The central location means that residents have easy access to Victoria and a variety of facilities available in Seychelles as well as having everything they need on the estate itself.”

No wonder then, that Eden Island was so highly commended recently at the International Property Awards, Arabia and Africa 2013/4 held in Dubai. At the ceremony the development was named as the Best Development: Multiple Units in Seychelles and also Best Development Multiple Units for Africa as a whole.

Eden Island also received a Highly Commended accolade in the Development Marketing category.

At the ceremony, Eden Island was congratulated for its careful attention to detail built on many years of research into geotechnical, marine, architecture and into its target markets.

The high standard of landscaping was also praised, with the organisers commenting that all the plants flourishing on the island today were grown in its very own nursery.



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