The strange fate of Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann - under then Dr Kriesky government, his Cabinet, the Austria President, a Guru

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The strange fate of Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann - under then Dr Kriesky government, his Cabinet, the Austria President, a Guru

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The strange fate of Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann - under then Dr Kriesky government, his Cabinet, the Austria President, a Guru in his field of expertise and knowledge, the media.

I/we had been prepared to request that the UNI help us find/target a small Team to research into Professor Hofmann life and workings - get somebody to pay say $5,000 - the official we had been seeking help with, said this may not be necessary. (the enormity of what we got 7/1/14 to learn had not occurred/happened)
Yet the enormity - importance of Professor Hofmann role - will need to re calibrate many issues related that SIROP program and Indian Ocean, Gulf Region, COI, RIM associated issues and African Union.

The UNI opens again on the 7/1/14 - will have to trash out the issues - ( put my luggage in basement collect it when - if I change on the 6th that should not pose a problem. )

They are calling us names like old dogs, maverick - in England "amicable pig" because/on account of the other disciplines we have added to the original of the IOIMF - if/should those in Vienna get to know the added discipline which make up the working of IOIMF they would really go potty as they say in English. African para-science workings and others.

For the website
List of disciplines - how do we address the issues
Actual practice/application - again the complexities

We have been searching for the where about of Professor Dr Hofmann form some 20 years - some of the Rumors.

It had been arranged that we were to meet with a professor in charge of the Archive/data base of the WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) on Tuesday 7/1/14 and made our way there to be informed that he had not turned up and would communicate with our person in due time.

We refused to accept this approach so with the help of several young Students requested to be pointed/guided to the Interdisziplinäres Institut für verhaltenswissenschaftlich orientiertes Management Campus as it is /was not situated in the main building/Information center.

After several frustrating door knocking and repeating the same request and who we were and our respective interests finally made it to their Building D2 - entrance B - 2nd floor.

We were met by the Secretary of the Department - she had been very reluctant when we indicated we had come to meet anybody or those who had known and worked with Professor Dr Hofmann, including professor Mayrhofer the Head of the Faculty, she had said this would be difficult - she also indicated this has been several years back it would be difficult or there would be nobody who would know or relate to the issues and our request.

She decided we try Professor Styrer - given that it is the first day of work after the new year we pressed him, explaining we had traveled from London, the many attempts we had made in the past email, to the Universities, the media, private individuals, relatives, the Austrian government with no acknowledgement or reply.

He took us/my person to his office and explained he had worked and known Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann.

After the due introduction, explaining the Thatcher/ Professor Von Hayek era, PM John Major, PM Tony Blair and PM Gordon Brown and the current Coalition.

In the course of our conversation underlined that whilst in the past particularly then Lady Thatcher very many important such workings and contributions was was limited and restricted form talking, writing and discussing them in the greater public as such - there were would be no records, safe what the officials judge they ought to note and write in their Dairy.

The good Professor had wanted to know in greater details our workings connection and relation to/with Professor Dr Hofmann, saying we are the first person after more than 10/15 years who have come to inquire of him - so we explained, in Austria alone we had very many highly complex working arrangements as part of his Interdisciplinary Management Vienna. Again we never to took to discussing them or writing about them unless they were of high importance and confidential. We worked many issues of the former COMECON, USSR, Region Gulf, Africa and Indian Ocean Issues.

Most Important then Austrian government unique Neutral politic and the kind of special economic relation/workings they build through and via its institutions and leading personalities and establishments.

( From our days in Salzburg - the friends acquaintance we had from the University and later Vienna and Graz - the blunt and open discussion of the rivalry among the Professor and the University elite - we had shared some with Professor Hofmann)

The important discussions and debate then and the decision for Professor Hofmann to entrust my person with the Charter of IOIM for the Indian Ocean - I explained there were many other factors of the Cold War the details we did not go into, when we talk of the Cold War we are referring to the Intelligence and military workings of those Nations then and those we had come into contacts and what they knew, as part of Interdisciplinary Management Institute Vienna. - he had informed me of the date and time he had joined the University.

We explained how what has been written about Lady Thatcher and Professor von Hayek is not complete/correct - the role of Professor Dr Hofmann and many other very important personalities.
Much more important the setting up of some of Seychelles Communist Institutions among then the Seychelles Institute of Management, the Central Bank, the COI issues and he retorted that Professor Hofmann was a very complex personality - who appreciated such complex workings and the fun or prestige he acquired and appreciated.

We than encroached that SIROP program without having the opportunity and time to go into the greater details. At this stage the tone of engagement had changed - he explained that Professor Dr Hofmann had suffered for sever depression - in certain medical, intelligence and para-science workings - we knew very well what that meant and entailed and so we introduced that leading professor under PM Blair who was purported to have committed suicide and he had not - we know the other side of the coin, because we had been involved

This is what is going to shock and surprise or amaze very many - he had died some 10 years ago after painful and what amounted to traumatic moments of his life. He had been in treatment in a Psychiatric establishment and they would have his medical records - just in case and the he suffered laps. This had come about after the loss of his Wife, over extended responsibilities example amount one of then the British /Von Hayek workings, Europe issues , the USA, USSR, former COMECON, Africa, the gulf Region - these we/I am including them - he had given other reasons.

We want to take everybody back to 1986 in London - when things had began to move in Europe and the former COMECON, in Britain those from the Establishments who judge and the media they had the sole rights to control and dictate events - then benchmark of Interdisciplinary and Para-science workings in Austria - there would be books, notes and manuals. Particularly the British Fraternal/Masonic workings who judge they were in better or greater position to influence certain workings - we had decided to develop a unique mode/mechanism for communication with then Professor Dr Hofmann and we have addressed these in many instances. They were to work/be applied only in certain Officials workings and mechanism - those surrounding then Lady Thatcher who judge they need to add/introduce and include elements of what we have come to term "satanic dynamic, vibes, rages" from then on the massive abnormality which began to engulf a great deal and high percentage of the many workings, issues we had been involved relating to Europe, the ex COMECON, the former USSR, the Gulf Region and Africa.

What need to be added here that a large number of very powerful individuals, personalities for all their wealth and power lost their life and were killed and death ensued of required we can take the time and list some of them - the strangeness and manner they were affected and came to their death. The results of that very abnormal mechanism - benchmark - this is where we/I did not get the opportunity to ask/inquire of the good professor - we are very certain the dynamics and forces at work impacted his health and many other issues.

We were also informed that Professor Dr Hofmann had cut contact with all his projects, ideas he had set into place, the many associates, and the University because of ill health - they had barred him form the University. The later is most important.

Because what we have written - Professor Dr Hofmann had refused to embrace the so call new or alternative benchmark and mechanism developed/put into place to work the many high issues and over all communication - the price he had to pay. We had many such experience working with then Italian Fraternal/Masonic issues, the French and others.

What is the sad part is that his very children - took distance form him and he must have died a very unhappy person and that unlike the norm of the University when such an important professor die, the write and comment, special function - he was completely ignored and shunned.

For many of you the public who did not or do not have such high connections and workings it will be a massive shot and disbelief - how can such a personality become involved in such important issues and then land in a psychiatric establishment and suffer such pain. It cannot be true all his work and involvements will be challenged - if one study European history the past 1000 years across Europe this case and incidents about/very many.

The funny side - the many leading world intelligence service and leading world institutions, like the UN he also worked for then, the Vatican, the many Masonic and Templar Bodies, other research institutions we have refereed his work and involvements - surely must have done their research and followed up for what we wrote and addressed and what they came up with and discovered and their respective conclusions. It is very bitter and painful.

This said we inquired surely many of his earlier works and writings, books would have been saved and archived - the Professor retorted that his work were insufficient and insignificant to note/demand and require such attentions.

Yet over the past 20 years we have come across a great deal of his thinking, works which have been abused, pilfered and hijacked and stole by other Professors and so call great serious personalities - this is the horrible and dirty side of life as those who had tried and endeavored so very hard that this same fate befall our person - those form our Nation and politicians involved.

this development will take time and had discussion to sink in/be digested properly - towards the end of our encounter had tried to explain to the professor that the EU, the USA and other other major Nations were concern and highly interested in the SIROP program and the it is ongoing - the entity of the USA and its resource or that of the white House and he took a very unhappy position.

We did not have the chance to explain we had been involved to develop a wide rage of communication platform and the reasons - those who abuse their powers and control one sided communication as the only truth and reality. Anything else is criminal or must be treated as such.

Then there is the special focus of Africa and Indian Ocean/Gulf Region Benchmark Professor Dr Hofmann had helped to set into place - what is one to make and conclude of it. What will the many public who know the issues have to say their past and present Head of state - the Ghadaffi Family and others. The Many in Mauritius - associated issues of Mr Rivalland and Mr Jean Marc Harel.

(There is the need to underline/stress after we left Vienna in 1981 and began applying, workings, contributing to the issues of Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management, across Europe the very many important issues regarding University workings, Academic, college Education, politic of education, EU politic and policy on Education - this expanded to the USA and other countries - one day if given the time we may explain how and why they work - Professor Dr Hofmann and many other were, had been aware of those issues and those who knowingly use our person knowing of our ability - then what the officials write an their media - hence we ought o know and have a fairly good grasp and understanding of the personal rivalry, battle , corruptions and mega scandal surrounding Prominent Universities, education discipline and benchmarks)

The above said, what abut the very many in France we have worked indirectly and associated - form L'ENA and other high management institutions of France, Ireland, Italy - most important those from European Economic forum and today WEF. What will their respective comment and remark be given what we have addressed over the past 15 years.

Least the former Russian Intelligence/Academicians, what we have written and what they may have know and will use to dig and find out more and the Chinese - is this the corrupted benchmark of the West/Europe workings and he had striven so hard to contribute to change - impact and the legacy.

We want to repeat - because of the dead end we had encountered - had approached the Vienna University to help us put together a small team of researchers and we would find/lobby for funds so they can do an independent research and write about it -
With that SIROP program - the benchmark, the associated issues of the Gulf war, Kuwait invasion, the second war, the Somali issues, the Afghanistan issues, the elimination of Saddam Hussein and the setting up of the Guantanamo Bay Prison and the Rendition program - the highly corrupted, dishonest and very critical approach, arguments and reasoning to legislate the Terror issues and Legislation - all those involved and who got caught and their fate and lives. If it suited their respective interests would not hesitate to dispatch or meat the same fate to almost and individual weak or strong , poor or rich. Just look at the fate of many in former COMECON and the USSR. Similarly in Africa and other developing countries. Just look at the very Sechelles Seychelles.

We did not have the time to address the issues of Wikipedia, the Wiki leaks and the mega scandal involving the USA and British listening issues.

We concluded the meeting by providing him with details of that SIROP.Webs project and that IOIMF.EU website and our private details.

In addressing the issues we have here and the manner we are also thinking of the thousands of young graduate and their future responsibilities - what they have been told and will be told how information is managed and the greater objectives and those involved. Yet across Europe the Occupy Movement and many others who are calling and demanding a different approach and workings for the Academic establishment and such elite institutions - or else Europe and the world will fail. There is the important need to redefine such workings in the Indian Ocean, region and Africa too. If sanity is to exist and function.

We had addressed the issues of the VCJD and the scientific relation/connection to humans his respective views and notes. As against what the so call experts have explained - told us, the mass.

What would the many royal Families in/across Europe we have refereed the issues and person of Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann think and have to say - the many other Illuminati of Europe and the world we have address these issues.

By the way just look at what they tried/would have done to Mr Dominique Strauss Khan had others not intervened.


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