In Britain, Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam nobody tol dus

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In Britain, Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam nobody tol dus

Post  Sirop14 on Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:12 pm

Over the long weekend had wanted to try and visit Prag or Warsaw - something has happened that made us question certain equation.

The Vienna we use to know some 23 years ago was a very different, that was the infamous episode over that SIROP program - those from the Seychelles Exile Community who had hijack that program with the help and involvement of high parties in the USA, Britain and Europe - they included former President J R Mancham, Dr Maxime Ferrari, former Minister David Joubert, former Minister Andre Uzice, the Executive of the SNM/MPR - those from the Alliance Party who knew of the issues, including Mr Lewis Betsey and Mr Christopher Savy. The Berlin Wall had not come down. There were underground, exile from some of the COMECON countries in Vienna, the Old and new Community. Including the Polish and Jewish Community of Vienna then 1989 Summer. The important network that SIROP program had build/set in place which the like of former President James Mancham and other did not know - were not aware. How and why my person had allowed only a very few to know the workings of that Historic program. The spies and the Traitors were everywhere in the Seychelles exile, other exile communities we were networking and the British and many other Nations based in London then.

In writing that SIROP program and again we have stated this, time and time again we knew of the many dangers, abuses, dishonesty and corrupted working we would encounter and bound to encounter in the implementation - we have also quoted the Zanzibar Revolution - where by those who were alive like Lord Oxford and a few who recall - it was not those that have taken over the revolution and credit that started the revolution it was Johnn Okello - we have been told and recounted this events by none other than former Judge EJ Stiven and all those who overheard the debate and discussion in Seychelles. That not just that SIROP program any military attempt and involvement to change Seychelles - the dangers and process. Those who would one person, then have him removed or eliminated and take over and take the credit. ( That was also an important reason we had not favored a military intervention in Seychelles)

Had we the means and resource would have endeavored to write and talk about other more complex aspects of that Program workings - there was a very important aspect of Jewish workings, involvement, from the British community, the USA, France, Israel and elsewhere. We need people who would not be bullied, intimidated and pressured to address some of the important issues - those who have painted and presented the world with very distorted and wrong facts. Nobody in the world would dare to say/write in their national political debacle that they were importantly involved as we have, the Soviet and later Russian political elite we were in contacts with, equally in some of the former COMECON countries, the Vatican, the Orthodox Church and other Illuminati institutions. Including those in Israel - those very entities who had offered to support and provide whatever assistance was necessary to change a Communist Seychelles then cold War. It had to come form very high up and very important personalities. As such those who knew how that program was being worked out - synergies and dynamize. We were in the position to drive very many important and historic development, political workings, media of then events surrounding the COMECON change, then USSR, those knowing who had come to use to include and drive a given agenda they were particularly interested in or was paramount to their country or business or Institutions. Take Sir Robert Maxwell alone the very many issue we have refused to address in public. What about the Israeli government, its Intelligence Service and others. Those in the USA and those in Vienna, Paris and Amsterdam and South Africa.

We have been teasing a lot of person in Vienna the past 10 days saying when we were children had listened to Radio and Vienna music and how as we grew up build an image and later when we came to exile in 1976 the Vienna we faced and was confronted with - the Vienna which we have seen and got to experience in December 2013 is a very different Vienna - the very many different nationalities from the former COMECON and the USSR, their attitude, comportment and impacts on the crowd and society - just we have monitor, work and address the issues in Britain and London.

Just as we wrote that SIROP program - then debacle and minority talk what will happen when these people have their freedom and they begin to invade or travel to those Western countries like France, Britain, Austria/Vienna then and the future. Would we regret that we have taken part in a horrible experiment, process and change - the crowd we have come across in Vienna and we are certain across Austria we have been attentive to the media issues and private comments - one would be out of one mind to go to any of them and say my Friend do you really know why you are free and enjoying the freedom and the walk around in this capital, country and place. Yet the importance arrogance, their unfriendliness, their attitude we do not care how you are, how we got freed and who helped us. We are here now and our children and families you put up or shut up attitude. Can you imagine the French, the British or Austrian going in their country and comporting this way - including the Sechelles Seychelles and we have also written a great deal on that too.

Today we/I decided to visit the Jewish museum and have taken some pictures which we will publish. Having participated and been involved is some of the highly important and significant issues of the COMECON change, the involvement of Vatican to read what we had to black and white on the Museum wall. The debacle of Dr Kriesky, the debacle of Dr Waldheim and then Lady Thatcher and PM John Major the British establishment, masonic and otherwise were well aware - yet what they choose to write and the manner. Some of the Simon Wisental debacle. What say if we had done/worked as had been recommended and advised by then Britain establishment - the COMECON would not have change the way it did , the USSR neither - those who had wanted total victory, the West over the former COMECON system and people and likewise the former USSR, and we had to balance in between.

On our part we have written that some 250000 Jews were helped to immigrate form the former USSR and the former COMECON to Israel and USA, beside the Ethiopia debacle. As such when anybody get/become involved in such a complex and complicated historic event, development the need to follow up and monitor what goes on - we have done some of this and written about them too.

Today we were given a somewhat bitter education - we had to read on the wall of the Museum that Many of those Russian Jews who had tried to migrate to Israel and the USA had become bitter with their lots and life in the West and made very serious efforts to return to the former USSR - but they would not be accepted and they choose to stay in Vienna and thus help revive and rebuild the Jewish Community in Vienna and Austria - their number totaling some 6,000 today. Get get help with housing, social and personal support and those who wish work and business.

What is my our interests - we have written time and time again that behind that SIROP program we the Seychelles choose to engage our French greater ancestral workings, from the Arcadian, the fraternal, the Illuminati and military high connection, from Quebec, Canada, the USA , Australia, South Africa, the Indian Ocean and they their ancient workings relation with the Jewish nation, people and respective belief some 6,000 years ago if not more. We the Seychelles exile/refugee of the Indian Ocean our unique rights and heritage - which the British and other had argued we had not right to work with , represent or engage with. Yet how they choose to manipulate and take massive advantage and abuse them to their advantage.

The Seychelles and Austria equation is nothing new - our then Royal connections and the reason many of our ancestors found themselves ban in exile from France, their ancestors killed, imprisoned and the long list of events of History. We the Seychelles exile, our children represent and work their Indian Ocean heritage and many complexities. to the modern day Seychelles Austria relation in/with all its problems, challenges.

Given the very rich history of the Jewish people and communities in Old France - then Roman France, then Roman Germany and then Roman Austria - the fact that we have been able to contribute to such current rebuilding of this nation and people and what they have gone through and what have been written in so call History.

That SIROP program is half implemented and the Jewish state today and their respective role/ workings in the Indian Ocean and the world, their vested interests. We have also written that because of that SIROP program the Heinz Family came to invest in the Tuna industry in Seychelles and we had equally contributed, beside the involvement of Lehman Brothers. We had been very prompt to address them when we noted that suddenly they were taking the Seychelles government on the course to bankruptcy, the manner and approach and instead of Seychelles the Global melt down that/which ensued.

We have been indirectly requested by the EU High parties to enter into negotiation, the African Union office too - the need/necessity to stress that a good/great deal of the corporate issues/working of that SIROP program was linked to other greater Jewish corporate workings in Europe, the USA and across the world beside London, south Africa etc. They need to be reappraised and reconnected.

This said, looking in the eyes of the many who walks the streets of Vienna - the need to redefine the economic workings of EU and as such this program - having stated we began to rebuild that program online in October 2012 and the marked impact on EU Economy workings and social issues - having had to wait that the politicians and those who lead /have important responsibilities make very grave and big mistake then reengaging that Program - having stressed and stated that Program was an important part in driving many aspects of the EU enlargement, economic and social programs - the synergy/dynamics. Very unlike the British approach to EU economic workings, formula - the Austrian approach, had we to build a stronger workings via Vienna those who would see and distinguish it and their respective comment and conclusions. "As PM Tony Blair would say the stuff that is coming out from the Austrian Academic institutions is very different to what is coming out of the British Academic Institutions"


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