The Satanic rave/rage – crack vibes over a second hand Portokabin

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The Satanic rave/rage – crack vibes over a second hand Portokabin

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:53 am

The Satanic rave/rage – crack vibes over a second hand Portokabin

We addressed President G Bush, the Justice Department, the CIA, Pentagon and other international institutions how in Kent those who used that satanic/rage/rave with the chain saw and that became the catalyst for the so call Terror attack on those Two twin towers. What the world went through, the Iraq people, the Middle East. The many draconian legislations which is and have been the principal cause of the world economic crash and melt down. The millions who will loose their jobs and become unemployed and business which have taken several generation to build destroyed for ever.

Because Germany is a principal motor of the EU economy and like wise in politic – we take time to follow the greater debate on their view of the economic meltdown and other social issues related. We have been doing this for the better part of 2008 given the state of things. We have written equally to former chancellor Schroeder, and Merkle and many other German political parties explaining that at play is more than just the economic situation – the abuse of Satanic vibe/rave/rage in vast sphere of economic and business disciplines and the consequences.

Most important the thread we addressed on several forums about that car which had been catapulted 115 meters in the church roof those who may think this is very funny. The forces and mechanism at work here. President elect Obama is a devout Christian and the time he took to pray before the inauguration. The Chapel net to the White House.

Since November 2008 we have been talking, asking around to builders and people we know to assist us in locating and purchasing a second hand portokabin for about £500 – one we had hope to purchase for £200 has acquired by a small building firm.

Incidentally in 2007 January the rififi at Tumbridge the £54 millions robbery partly to do with incident involving the same individuals – not the robbers involved.

The present box we have is all wet and water sipping through.

We have decided upon the advice of a large building company next to our place in Islington – Kiers construction to inquire from several leading second hand portokabin suppliers for a quotation and a decent deal.

Since late last night, early this morning, the cars, the lorries and a particular person we have complained and addressed so many thread s about the – anti social issues, the harassment and other threats because we have to work and live alone. This morning the involvement of those second hand portokabin suppliers – their use of the satanic rave/rage – threats about killing members of my family and community in th name of Freemason/masonic practice.

The Prime minister Office, the police and other who got involved and warned them to watch out. The arrogance of those second hand portokabin suppliers. They do not realize they are simple individual suing Satanic rave/rage and there are those who can counter this with other terrible form of satanic rave/rage and the consequences.

The matter does not end there. For the past seven days the positive buzz we have been getting from Washington given the new occupant of the white House. Those who drive around in their cars, lorries and other transporter who can pick all the buzz and those same individual – who did not know a the difference between the toilet paper in their WC from the many thing in their won garden back and front garden suddenly they know more than the new occupant of the White House and indeed others. How they acquired their information and knowledge. “So called Freemason”

They know from the news that there will be a heated debate in the Senate in the USA today about the proposed Economic package of President Obama of some $850 billions to revive the USA and global economy – those who know and have known about my responsibilities in relation to USA important economic issues and other important issues. How for the past 17 years we have been living in Kent those who haver manipulated these knowledge and information and the consequences. Then they lie – they know nothing , they have done nothing – we are the culprit. We must be taken to Guantanamo or the such or be eliminated.

This is why one of the first thread we addressed before President elect Obama took office the issues of the depraved practice in Britain and the results. Knowing what was to come and the results( Those who practice skimming. creaming of information and manipulation with their rave/rage to enrich themselves and sell the information, then crush us under their boots, make us live like salves or impossible to ear a piece of bread)

In the region we live, the issues of that Second hand portokabin they are strong conservative and liberal – the hate which become alive when there is a British election or European election to manipulate and influence us. During the year to manipulate our other many connections for their advantage and political advantage.

Most important the hate which have become apparent since the election of Barack Obama and the family moving in the white House – they are taking their hate on us.

The combination this morning to make life very difficult for president Obama $850 billions economic package which will be debated today. We have vast experience and knowledge of this practice and the results associated.

No or little wonder Individuals like President Robert Mugabe and former President Mbeki have made the kind of statements they have. Along with many others in private. Along with then issues that started that War in Iraq.

We are very aware of all and the many laws the Parliament have enacted to prevent and address such abuse of the satanic/rage/rave and other form of persecution and racial harassment.

Just like the knife killing and the gun killing is not being stopped in spite some of the most severe law in place. Those very abnormal practices. They are always right and always have a good excuse.

This is the situation which have been going on for the past 17 years in Kent and London, we have a large file at the European parliament and the European court – this does not deter all those bent on their evil practices not even the many terrible consequences.

We politely ask the USA visitors to our forum to point this thread to President Obama. We will not do so ourself in case they start saying we are trying to attract media attention and other such follies. Further we underline there exist discipline and mechanism to prove or disprove if such incident did take place/occur.


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