First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

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First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:54 am

First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

Parties sign ETCA documents

Seychelles and the Philippines have signed Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) documents discussed following the conclusion of the first Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) in Victoria.
The signing ceremony took place yesterday morning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based at the Maison Quéau de Quinssy, and it was Ambassador Barry Faure, secretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who signed on the part of Seychelles.

Laura Q. Del Rosario, undersecretary for international economic relations of the department of Foreign Affairs, signed on the part of the Philippines.
Ms Del Rosario is also the head of the Philippines delegation.

This first Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on Tuesday and yesterday was held in accordance with the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) signed in February 2010.
The JCM is aimed at fostering cooperation across a variety of areas including finance, trade and investment, labour and employment, health, air services, tourism, culture, fisheries, agriculture, education and human resource development, environment and renewable energy, and maritime security.

Representatives on the Seychelles side came from the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment; Seychelles Investment Board; Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Petro Seychelles; Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec); Small Enterprises Promotions Agency (Senpa); Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Tourism and Culture; Seychelles Tourism Board; Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority; Mayor’s Office; Seychelles Tourism Academy; Seychelles Fishing Authority; Seychelles Bureau of Standards; Seychelles Agricultural Agency; Ministry of Education; University of Seychelles; National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC); and Ministry of Environment and Energy.


We addressed the political repercussion of First lady Natali Michel coming out in support of that Senate constitutional and Parliament concept fro Seychelles - the concession the Ruling party and State House have made and on going development.

The Seychelles exile/refugee worked with very many complex Philippine since the days of President Ferdinand Marcos - their community in Britain and Europe. This country have a Bicameral parliament and how it works.

We have also worked with their SDA Church


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Re: First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:43 pm

We have addressed the issues how prior to the Advent Center - the ex synagogue, Country Life - those great Adventist brothers and sisters who never knew and refuse to know - beside researching at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and Vienna, the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies - one or two other less know entities - we had been the only Seychellois or Mauritian national allowed to use the Research facilities of the Philippine based in Kilburn - these relate to information not publish, confidential then Ferdinand Marcos government. Then USA - Philippine and Cold War. Then Philippine Grass Root community and Nursing Association. Then Mr Ken Livingstone.

After events of 1991 in Sechelles Seychelles - our/my decision to flee from Britain and London, landed i n Kent - when I came to church in London, the Sabbath class and the many discussion about my family welfare, progress in Kent and plan to migrate and return to Seychelles - many form the Philippine Church then Advent Center were concerned. ( That was about the time I/we encouraged President FA Rene to get the Philippine involved in our Tuna processing Industry) Those/a number of the m knew of my training, abilities and commitments/engagements. By their own standards kept expressing their concern why was my personal situation otherwise - their are Adventist involvement in Philippine politic and big business. They also knew that that Program was not about a Criminal or destabilizing program - they had got to know resonantly well our objectives. This how in turn it impacted their country and respective regional and international interests. They knew everything there was to know abut the USA Embassy in London.

The point and objective for some five/six years when they were building their church foundation the important relation we had in term of London/Indian Ocean and Philippine workings beside USA and Europe. When they were ready to move to their new premise what we prayed and talked which was two streets away, then Pastor Todd, we used to share some of our headache with him - how this would affect and change this important working relation and many other issues.

Both side began to take distance our person and they. By then President FA Rene was out of Office and JA Michel as President the changes.

When they moved form their London church, things became much more difficult - the above described relation and workings. We/I tried to visit the Church in Slough as often as I could. What we discussed there. Again their concern for a person of my experience and knowledge, I had not been able to return to my country and build or have a home there - their offer to come and spend some time with them in the Philippine. Both church knew everything about my private and family plight in Kent, and Seychelles. We have talked and prayed abut it/them.

When that big Earthquake and Tsunami came in 2004/5 our relationship and friendship was very disjointed and the efforts I took to explain - why and what hat taken place failed to sing Home - yet this was some 250,000 lives and some $100 billion in economic destruction. The mega sufferings and loss of homes. It is part of the SDA education and Stand. The same challenges and problematic in Seychelles and Mauritius or France. This is when i/we really got angry and took distance. These were supposed to be Bible people. When that great earthquake and Tsunami came I told them and the church of my wish to build a Home in Seychelles how I was being treated by the highly corrupted politicians in Britain then Tony Blair, then USA, UN, Europe, Seychelles and the African Union. I had attended several large Philippine Fairs in London and Godalming and talked those issues I had other none SDA acquaintances.

What made me address this issues here pastor Todd and the Moderator for the Fund raising event made this statement - it is now how much you can give it is about your commitments and moral/human engagements. Many members of all three Philippine church know and I have informed them I have been practicing as an Interdisciplinary Management Executive for the past 30 years.

Some of the Church members know of my Involvements and engagements in Regional Indian Issues at very high level and my efforts to have a place in Seychelles so OI can have a place to work from instead of London/Britain. Their own many projects. Question is ti right or Fair many ancestors build that country, I belong to those few individuals who contributed importantly to change that One Party State and communist system from Leadership prospective. From my work and engagements - forget that big earthquake and Tsunami which should have shook and opened their minds and eyes. Their National have now married Seychellois and they have build homes in Seychelles and we still have nothing. Not even a Tin shed. " Until Christ come/return we all need a roof on our heads, to eat, work, educate our children and live"

I presented planning application some five years ago to Seychelles government and those I had requested for help and support - nobody or very few replied. I had as objective of recruiting some Philippine expertise to help us get started. My parents had/have ask me to come Home and do some cultivation. By the way that pastor from ex agriculture department know everything about my wish and yet.

I/we addressed some of the FIC church members and state that Disaster can/could be avoided and in the terminology/workings of Interdisciplinary Science - the science and discipline available to avoid such freak incidents.

I hope and looking forward to talk the issues in details with some of the Philippine church members from all three Philippine church and I trust/hope some/one of you will - would have learn to listen.

We have noted the many errors spellings - we have decided to add a few links to this forum related to Philippine

Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines

Alcantara Consultancy Services


Alliance of Filipino Organisations

The Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers (CFMW) working in Partnership with the Filipino Migrant Community in Europe

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Filipino communities in Northern Ireland (AFNI) and the Belfast Migrant centre!_January_2012.pdf

Filipinos in the United Kingdom

Overseas Filipino


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Re: First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:14 pm

Three foreigners arrested for fraud

The Fraud Unit of the Seychelles Police has arrested three foreigners who are members of an international fraud syndicate.
A communiqué from the police said that the arrest occurred in Victoria on Friday afternoon.

The three syndicate members had presented a forged HSBC Bank draft and a HMSC Bank letter which falsely represented that the fraudsters held Euro 500 million in funds in HSBC Bank accounts and that these funds were available for investment in Seychelles. The fraudsters presented these documents to the BMI Bank as collateral to open banking accounts.
Before any transactions could be conducted on the newly opened bank accounts BMI was alerted by HSBC Bank, London that the documents were false.

Fraud Unit members were alerted and quickly arrested the three syndicate members.
During the arrest operation a variety of documents as well as laptops and other IT equipment were seized for forensic investigation.
The Seychelles Police together with the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) are cooperating with Interpol and other international law enforcement partners to determine the scope and extent of the criminal activities of this syndicate.

The three arrested persons appeared before court yesterday on charges of forgery and have been remanded until December 13.

Comment: We took a good deal of time working and addressing the issues of Sechelles Seychelles - that SIROP combine program - $500 - $800 million, the vast untold/related issues with Nations like/such as Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia - ASEAN nation, this Program impacted, drove and synergize and what their media and international media wrote. We ask everyone to take a big pinch of salt or get a large glass of water and add sugar and salt then drink it. Just as those sharks were biting the backside and legs of those visitors to Seychelles - the phenomena. Those three individuals picked up the issues of Philippine we have been working on - beside we contribute to HSBC acquisition of Midland Bank then Mr Purves, setting up their HQ in London those who know and events. This incident is just a pin head on the iceberg of corruption, criminal benchmark and those who have amassed $/£ Trillions - fortunes on that back of this Program - when we call into work/function appropriate accountability, regulatory mechanism then everybody and all the criminals scream Terrorism. Events the past 23 years, including the involvement of International institutions - what they write and explain afterwards.


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Re: First Joint Committee Meeting between Seychelles and the Philippines

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