very strange development has come about regarding the accident/explosion 330,000 volts cable

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very strange development has come about regarding the accident/explosion 330,000 volts cable

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:02 pm

To the Children, families and friends.

Trust you are all well.

A very strange development has come about regarding the accident/explosion 330,000 volts cable, in Feb/March 2006 Isling ton Upper street. The Lawyers correspondences to us/me saying that the electrical company EDF have stated, there is no Hospital record of the accident, nor Police, fire Brigade, nor Council, Mayors Office or their own engineers record of the accident and repairs.

In england there is a dead line of three years from the date of the accident to claim or file a court case. I/we decided to contact our Housing Lawyer and seek his advice.

We went to our GP and requested a report of the incident and diagnosis they made posted in duplicate to the two firm of solicitors handling the case. One of them contacted us saying on the medical Report the accident took place in February 2005 not 2006 hence the dead line to claim of start a court case has lapsed.

We/I immediately asked them of the procedures to take the case to the European court and eventually- the EU Parliament. They said they could not advice us.

We decided to call the other law firm involved explaining our fears that the medical report may have been tampered. We also told them on the photo we took there would be a date and time. They said they would check it and come back.

Meanwhile we have been searching our emails all four of them for copy of the sent email to Islington Town Hall, the Mayor Ken Livingstone, copies to the Prime minister then Tony Blair, Several parties in Seychelles, politicians, media, EU institutions and USA – including to you the children and ex wives/girlfriend. All these emails have been deleted – they are not there.

Very many of you will be asking why are we posting several issues on the web or forums we did not do in the past. Because not of fear - because we know what they have done and are up to. The cover up.

The electrical company wrote to the lawyers and stated this incident never occurred, yet all the witnessed, the pictures, the GP record and the xray we had done. The email to Ken Livingstone. Islington police told me very bluntly we are very lucky to be alive – because they know about the incident. The question one must ask what kind of country one lives in and why are they covering up.

We will be posting a copy of this email on the web/forum

Yours Sincerely,


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Re: very strange development has come about regarding the accident/explosion 330,000 volts cable

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:14 pm

Before this email copy vanish we have publish it here

Drummonds Solicitors
Windsor House
Pepper Street


Your ref: xxxxxxxxxx
Attn: Ms Elinor Skinner

Dear Ms Skinner,

Please refer to our phone conversation of 16pm 16/01/09 on the above subject. Your company letter of 7/01/09 and recent one we received 16/01/09

We are very concern at the attitude and approach of EDF and their reply. In short what they are stating or trying to imply. This incident did not happen - I/we are inventing.

Yet we went to Islington Police Station, We went to the Islington fire Service and the Town Hall to report the incident.

What about the witnesss, the actual repair work, the fire brigade attending the incident and the pictures did also invent this.

We got angry and decided to contact our Housing solicitor Hopkin Murray and Beskin because they know of all the Racial related issues we have had to face, other abuses by Council Officials and countless incidents of harassments.

They advice me to go straight to my Local GP and get a copy of the report I/we made and post it to you. We are enclosing them here recorded delivery copy to Direct 2 Solicitors.

We also called the Direct 2 Solicitors, informing them of the contents of you letter 7/01/09. Also telling them we were collecting a copy of the first report we made to our local GP.

Given the issues of Anti Terror issues we have been involved, our file at the Home Office the Prime Minister, the involvement of the USA State Department, the UN and the European court of Justice We believe we ought to stop being nice and polite and state a few facts which Direct 2 Solicitors strongly advice not to include.

EDF is France leading electricity company – my position a Head of the Sechelles – Seychelles EU community for the past 30 years in EU. Our Fraternal, Masonic and Christian heritage and connections. The countless large French Multinational Projects we have been involved in.

We also wish to note our capacity and ability to regulate in instance. The issues of Enron and its collapse among others.

We have and are also very important involved in big business in Britain from the days of Lady Tacther our ability to gear very large multinational, get them into large contracts. In this case the coming to Britain of EDF, the politic and other related issues.

The Police, other police authorities in EU are concern that that incident was a very serious attempt to have me killed. Given other attempts.

Given the gravity of such a situation the fact we network with very important community Network in EU and across the world – the reaction of some of our Network friends.

We have already addressed the European Court and the European Parliament on this incident.

We are in a good mind to address the French Senate, President Sarkosy and other relevant French high parties including both Masonic Lodge. We are even prepared to address the French Judiciary. EDF know when we go down that road the serious implications.

There are other graver implications we cannot address here. Among some of them the Court Cases for damages and compensation in Britain – the British Judiciary system systematic blocking every time we brought one of those case and involving some of the best and leading law firm in London and the South East.

These have had very serious political spill over in the India ocean region, African Union and the Gulf Region. Those who have go to know the issues and how they have come to dislike the British government, its people and every things it stand for.

Given we have been forced to making the statement we have here, those in Britain who have been using mob and other nasty individuals to make constant remarks about we are not good Freemason –

We wish your Firm a pleasant year 2009.

Yours Sincerely,

cc. Direct 2 Solicitors


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