President Barack Obama inauguration 20/01/09

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President Barack Obama inauguration 20/01/09

Post  Sirop14 on Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:06 pm

President Barack Obama very important and strong Kenya connections inauguration 20/01/09

We decided to follow this very great and momentous Historic event not via BBC – any English TV or CNN, instead three German TV, N24, Phoenix and Alpha ?.

The reason for doing this the utter filth broadcast by the vast majority of these TV Stations, their so called spin, con and demonazing/satanizing of everything including this very important Historic events in the end you do not know what you are seeing and hearing.

Because of the particularly uniquenesses of this event we switched on the TV from 9am until 1am after the event.

We have to remind ourself of our advice to others regarding what and how we write on this important development.

We have read President JA Michel address of good wishes too.

The reason we refuse to watch this historic inauguration from an English TV station – because of the excuse they have been giving the past 25 years, the English culture, hence the ugly so call spin, rage and rave with most of their program – most of the time they telling you what to think and how to see a given issues or events. Their terrible manipulation. The German TV not that they are all good. President JA Michel address to President Obama on the issues of Environment – conservation and Small Nation.

The big reason President George Bush with due respect got and found himself in very big trouble and Prime minister Tony Blair among others. Because of their scandalous hypocrisy, dishonesty. The abuse of that communication system, methodology, practice of satanizing, rave and rage with every topic politic, economic, education, war, employment, family, etc etc. just like the CJD infested the millions of cattle's – how this phenomena has infested almost the entire world and the results.

President JA Michel ought to be the first one to put things rights, he has been abusing this technique and his government since 1991. Then he dares address an open Letter to the US President to not the important position of Seychelles on the issues of environment and conservation. The use and abuse of this depraved system has a terrible impact on ecology, environment , conservation and the economy of small nations , their development.

Leave aside the small nations of the Indian Ocean. The mighty America is in this terrible mess because of the use and abuse of this system. Technique.

Hence the very abnormal practice in the Finance world, Banking, Market and multinational business and accounting ethics. The melt down globally.

The reason those and the vast majority use this technique, because they do not know enough, their information is of poor quality, they lack the knowledge, the want to cover up, they want to lie, they want to be dishonest, they want to defraud and cause terrible harm to others.

We appreciate what FA Rene, Mancham and the beginning of JA Michel have done for Seychelles and the Nation – the Indian Ocean. There are others who have worked and done just as much if not more. They are not mentioned. Instead the lies, the con and the spin goes on.

We have a thread running on several Forums including our forum on what led to the situation in Kenya in 2007 and the killing and blood bath. We have written a very great deal on it too. Those politicians be they in EU Africa or the USA who refuse to use/acknowledge the foundation, the real issues that have led, brought the country or economy to a position – instead they invent, the spin, they con, ask any of those who have studied in the many leading USA Universities – they will acknowledge this situation is not sustainable. It may work for a few months,,it will not last for years not in any democratic manner – safe if you use military and draconian methods like President G Bush and Tony Blair had put in place.

We have gone out of our way to wish Mrs Obama happy 45th birthday, our thread as dukelabrador and the issues of Roger Wittiker. The song we have chosen “ I don't believe in If any more”. We have given a very short detail of our education in East Africa -. specially Fort portal, the Catholic boarding college. The assassination of President JF Kennedy and the untold issues that/which led to his assasination. We also added our IOIMF web site.

We have said and written a few issues about President Ghadaffi very important contributions to changing OAU to AU, He know the issues and those that have covered up. With out President Ghadaffi contribution for an African Union, based upon the EU system - for the global euphoria, the mega con, the mega media manipulation – President Barack Obama would not have been at the white House today. He is a leading Muslim world leader - his belief in us, what we had done and wanted to do.

Having said this, given our knowledge and understanding of things – when such issues is not given due representation – they can cause very major mess up in given area of sphere or international issues. Those who are hiding the true reason why President Barack Obama was elected. We do realize not everybody have certain information.

Given the Market refusal to budge, the economy refusal to react positively to Obama election like it has done times and times again when other Presidents and other world president have got elected. Those who are e=refusing to acknowledge why president Barack Obama was elected. Including the like of President JA Michel who just use the spin to rip credit where others have worked hard. Very many other across the world included.

Mrs Obama is a trained Lawyer, President Barack Obama is lawyer from Harvard. Beside the issues of Roger Wittiker in Germany over the past 25 years, our Seychelles East Africa community fight to change Seychelles and East Africa – importantly Kenya. Duke was a very special Labrador born in Kenya, the issues of the East Africa independence, constitutions, and the bloody Revolution which came to Zanzibar. Duke landed in Seychelles every body specially Seychelles Police who knew Duke. The property where Duke lived at Point Larue had belonged to QC Clement De Letempt, Mr Raoul and Mr Tieno Nageon. The issues of building Seychelles Air port, our Constitutions, as a young lad in our spare time under the Takamaka trees when the tide was out – we would listen to Roger Wittiker song on tape given to us by worker of NASA/Philco Ford Tracking Station- “I don't believe in If any more” among other songs. The person who purchased the property from Sir Nageon, had played importantly part in many issues of Zanzibar and Kenya. Served as acting chief Justice, later Judge and magistrate in Seychelles, Mr A Parkar from Zanzibar, Mr Ramnijk Valabjhi, the great Kenya Lawyer Kapila, FA Rene, Lawyer Jacques Hodoul, Judge Rasool, Mr Robert Frichot, Sir George Souyave, The Bonntard family, Mr Sauzier and indeed Mancham. The real owner of Duke the Labrador. Later the issues of President Kenyatta and his wife and family. Kenya politic beside Kenya the very many leading judges and lawyers atr the time, colonial issues.

We also know of the madness and terrible Bench mark which has developed and practice among Lawyers in the Commonwealth and across the world today, the terrible state of the Justice System. .

The very many in East Africa, OAU, Britain, the USA who to con, cover up about the elements and changes in the COMECON created and invented their own agendas and issues. Our terrible Fight to remind and keep those issues alive and at what cost. The politic of East African from the British view and USA.

There is also an important element which Tony Blair got all wrong and President Bush and many others – the issues of Taliban and Al Khaida. Because of the demonize and satanize of every thing how those who work with them used our Zanzibar Arab, Muslin issues and connection – distorted it so much, confused them with Iraq and Saddam Hussein in the end the bloody wars. They lie yet again how Zanzibar was changed over the past 18 years along with Seychelles and Mauritius those who lie and cover up. They could do that because they had been elected, their political party dictated it or their media advicesor or the fraternal establishment they belong. The real reasons for the global meld down and unless a good measure of aspect of that practice is eradicated things will get worse. Just like they both invented the WDM, the setting up of Guantanamo Bay Camp and other draconian directives.

Something has happened here which most of the great debate are failing to notice. The debacle of the two world Religion Christian and Muslims. The real children of Abraham. The 2000 years bloody fude and Holy Wars. The notion in world politic and world order of the importance of a given nation or nations. First Christian, then Muslims, African were not supposed to have religion or know God. The state of the world economy and power. The way the Arabs and Muslims are treated today. Yet it is somebody of African mix blood that have been given the privilege to become the 44th US President.

Note: We have not edited this thread properly.

Thinking over the above thread and issues – we must acknowldge the positive work and achievements of President G Bush. A number of very important discussion forums who have been summing up his work, achievements and negative achievements.

The most important, positive achievements is towards African Union. In very many fields – the reasons. USA role in the world to counter the Chinese, Russian, Muslim and EU influence he has ended up by doing a very great deal for African Union, maybe more than he would have wished. If he is at all to be remembered – because of his important effort and contributions to Africa he left Office more popular in African Union than the USA or any other parts of the world.

For this we from African Union, the nations from African Union must thank him – now somebody will say SIROP14 are you not falling on you own sword – the CIA, Pentagon, American public and media synergy, dynamic behind the election of Barack Obama as 44th USA President.

We have very in depth experience of the changes in COMECON, Germany Reunification, USSR, almost China to know how they work things out and why. Before him other US President. The African Union have evolved, gone are the days when the USA can and could create havoc in a given Africa country or region. The system put in place and in place will not allow this, precisely for such eventual development and global abuse – including China, Russia, the EU or the Arab nations. Since the putting in place of those mechanism – AU can control, manage a very important aspects of its many international interest – which before it did and could not. There is a great deal to be done still. We the nations of the Indian ocean with our very unique archaic/fraternal heritage like our ancestors we can apply those and due mechanism which can influence local, regional and international development importantly- including changes in given country, the government, system , economy and politicians. Bring into play political, economic forces and individuals we believe can lend to positive development, progress and changes or manage a given situation.


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