"the Seychelles Government raises an international loan and buy C&W Seychelles in its entirety."

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"the Seychelles Government raises an international loan and buy C&W Seychelles in its entirety."

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:41 am

Dear Readers, visitors of/on Facebook,

It is interesting that Le Seychellois Hebdo should choose - this morning to ask readers and Seychellois their respective views as to {"One particular local newspaper is fiercely campaigning that "C&W Seychelles is ours" and that "it must not go to foreigners." Victoria Times says it objected to the sale of CWC to Baltelco of Bahrain and is proposing that "the Seychelles Government raises an international loan and buy C&W Seychelles in its entirety." Share your views on this issue; is it practical, can Seychelles afford such a loan and is it imperative that the company becomes Seychelles owned? Tell us what you think.*}

From 1987 we have been addressing those involved with the then Seychelles underground later united Opposition many pertinent issues about our Economy, Business, Finance and Politic and what they choose to do.

We can be over polite if required - this is not the time for politeness. We contributed that Mr Alan St Ange decided to move away form the SNM, the Mr David Pirrre Made the move he did - current situation with SNM. Because they refuse and fail to learn from the past Mrs Delhomme, Sir James Mancham and FA Rene mistakes - we are not Africa. In Africa the issues would have been resolved with uprising and bloodshed.

For the past 30 years we belong to those few Seychellois who have taken the pain to work with such issues. We found our self embroiled with big multinational like IMB then and Bill Gate, other leading USA then IT Computer and Communication Company. In Europe - the like of Siemens, Olivetti, leading French, Austrian, Dutch, British multinational in Computer, IT and Telecommunication. Our Training to contribute to their working, high management, development , Market, media and high politic. {Beside our involvement with our Exile and community}

Do - can anybody in Seychelles grasp - what to influence then IBM 1978 workings . control of the World IT and Communication and work with unknown entity such as Bill Gate and others to change - the/this situation. The grave dangers and gravity.

How many recall the issues of Commodore Computer and then Mrs Thatcher government politic - we were importantly involved and contributed to certain important aspects and decisions.

What the media have written about Vodafone, Car Phone Warehouse, and several leading British Brands we work in this special field we provide discipline, high management discipline with contribute to young innovation, developers of such technology, International finance and Market management.

After events of 1987 - that SIROP program and changes in the COMECON, the USSR and Germany reunification we became more involve in greater European Telecommunication politic - regulatory issues, science and new development - hence we say we contributed importantly that at CERN - Then Tim Brenner Lee and that Belge/French develop the WWW connectivity.

We have contributed to Satellite deep space issues for the past 30 years - we will lend in super crap if discussed in public.

We have contributed to many of France Bull Technology - mergers and acquisitions. European Space and Telecommunication program /Projects.
From this prospective - then FA Rene government and Iran to have their own communication Satellite. The important investments.

We have been working withe the Cable and Wireless issues from Britain /Europe for the past 30 years - major politic, market and acquisition and competition.

Under then PM Blair government - the politic and decision to break up and divide the working entity of Cable and Wireless - we contributed to some of the highly important decisions as against what the media and experts have written.

We have address those on our Forums and Blogs for the past 8 /6 years and many letter to the EU Institutions, Court, the USA and others.

With/Under PM Blair the development of the new phone and Fiber optic and future generation communication and how those British company benefits and made their fortune. We have also been involved in major market/shares crashed.

With this experience an knowledge our contribution that PM Blair formulate his politic of Africa Connectivity from Portugal, the terrible lies and cover up again what we have addressed and of late the connection with Seychelles/

Before this our important contribution that Atlast - those in Seychelles started this project and the discipline, high management mechanism and responsibility - the acquisition by Cable and Wireless and what we have addressed. The issues of coco net and the Durp Family.

We have been embroiled in the issues of Yahoo and Google we have addressed the issues on Forums and other space.

We have contributed to Window and other OS system over the past 21 years.

Many of Alcatel development and acquisitions.

India - telecommunication high politic and development - we help two of the large Telecom to come to Seychelles President FA Rene is very aware and has all the details so to Mr Guy Morel/

We contribute to the for Runner of the British company that acquire Wanadoo/Free serve and in turn Orange the politic of why Orange moved to Mauritius and the conception go Ebene Center and development/

To all the readers - those of you who read such issues about our person with great skepticism and those Arabs who have the capacity and resource to research and decide how much we can really get involved and how they link to our person to get their Financial managers to make the big decision and politic and what the media write afterwards.

There are those who study and research into global Strategic issues and the decision by the Arabs to acquire Cable and Wireless is one of those issue sand the little Seychellois will never understand not even their children.

Those who will have to be bold and ruthless and take whatever decision before it is to late.

Some of the important Communication issues in Europe we have worked the past 30 years and associated with Middle East conflicts and Wars. We have ask/requested President JA Michel government the SPPF/Pl and you in the Opposition to make it very clear and plain to or Arab friends - they understand and respect such plain statement - what they decide to do that is another matter and what can/may ensue.

We have been embroiled in the great Nokia, Siemens and other great Phone Company development and ,market issues.

For this reason in conjunction with the SIROP program have lobby for that Stock exchange in Mauritius how this situation would have been resolved.

We have been importantly involved in regulation the madness of the Lehman Brothers in Seychelles and global. (Given that important international conference on Association of Small Island Nation - the envisage politic, economic practice and Finance - part/ important reason for everybody in Seychelles and the Region to think very Hard. Had that Senate/2nd House of the National Assembly been in existence how very different Seychelles economy and politic would have been)

There is nothing wrong if Seychelles government and other Seychellois parties get together and decide to acquire Cable and Wireless and float on that Stock exchange or Regional stock exchange.

There are those from the British Royal Family who have refused to take our advice and what/how this/things ended. Again what the experts have written.

We ask/request everybody to think very hard.

We have also endeavored to contact the people behind Victoria Times and their reaction/respond it does not suit them. Can somebody politely point them our article/comment - thank you. Do they have a Facebook page.



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Re: "the Seychelles Government raises an international loan and buy C&W Seychelles in its entirety."

Post  Sirop14 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:30 pm

Exchanging internet traffic locally will help the industry to grow, says DICT - 23.07.2013

Many internet users are unaware that data often has to travel to servers in Europe or America and all the way back again in order to access local websites.

Mr Choppy addressing delegates at the opening of the workshop yesterday

According to the head of the Information Society Division at the African Union Commission (AUC), Moctar Yedaly, this is precisely the reason why accessing online local content in many African countries is often slow and at times unappealing to users. It’s also why Seychelles is one of over 30 African countries identified by the AUC as being in need of a national internet exchange point (IXP).

“Many years ago, if you wanted to travel from one African country to another African, you had to go through a hub outside Africa, like London or France, and go back to Africa,” Mr Yedaly explained.

“The same thing is happening now in terms of internet traffic. The consequence of that is the user will pay the link up and the link down and this makes it very expensive in terms of communication and inefficient in terms of delivery.”

Mr Yedaly said that the AUC had found that $600 million was being paid to outside service providers for communications between African countries per year, a figure which he said could be drastically reduced with the widespread implementation of national and regional IXPs.

In this vein, the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), in collaboration with the AUC and the Internet Society are conducting a two-day best practice capacity building workshop to support the establishment of an IXP in Seychelles.

The workshop, which commenced yesterday at Le Meridien Barbarons hotel, is part of the AU’s African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) project to support the establishment of IXPs across Africa.

The Internet Society, an international, non-profit organisation that provides leadership in internet related standards, education, and policy, has been selected to deliver best practices and hands-on technical workshops in which all internet service providers (ISPs) and stakeholders in Seychelles were invited to take part.

The AXIS project aims at keeping Africa’s internet traffic local to the continent by providing capacity building and technical assistance to facilitate the establishment of IXPs in Africa. As countries establish their own IXPs, internet traffic will be routed locally, creating a downward pressure on costs and stimulating growth in and distribution of local internet content.

As the IXP would need to be built as a bridge between the internet service providers, it would have to be undertaken by the private sector, but the AUC would facilitate technical assistance, project management and also financial assistance for the purchase of infrastructure needed to set up the IXP.

The principal secretary for ICT, Benjamin Choppy, said that the government had always believed the private sector should be the main players of developing the internet industry in Seychelles.

“The possible setting up of a national IXP infrastructure is to be viewed in the same light. We do expect that the private telecommunications sector undertake this, and from the government’s side, we will do as much as possible to facilitate and support it,” he said.

“The primary benefit that I foresee will particularly apply to Seychelles is that the local internet service providers will be able to exchange traffic between local networks more readily by using a common exchange point.”

As a result, said Mr Choppy, it can be expected that there will be local benefits such as the improvement on the speed of access to locally-hosted websites and other interactive services. The latter is regarded a special development now that government is making more use of the internet to make its services and information more accessible to the population.

The end goal of the workshop is to establish a mutual agreement from the participants to establish an IXP. Mr Yedaly said that the common obstacle experienced in trying to convince ISPs to build national exchanges was the natural instinct of the operators to keep their traffic within their own network.

“That mindset of operators keeping the traffic in their own quarters, and then from there sending it back, has to be changed because it doesn’t help them in terms of capacity and it doesn’t make them competitive on price,” Mr Yedaly said.

Speaking on behalf of one of the local ISPs, Kokonet, Bernard Moutia said that he was in favour of the proposed IXP.
“We welcome anything that encourages the development of the internet in Seychelles,” said Mr Moutia. “Kokonet has always taken a position of being forward-looking, and if setting up an internet exchange point is going to encourage that, we support it wholeheartedly.”

The best practice capacity building workshop is the first of two workshops. The second workshop, which focuses on the technical training required to build an IXP, will be planned once the consensus has been reached among the local service providers to build the exchange.



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