State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa

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State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Post  Sirop14 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:39 pm

State visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa - 01.07.2013

Seychelles, Sri Lanka sign three cooperation accords

Seychelles and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka signed three cooperation agreements in the fields of education, defence and air services yesterday morning at State House.

The ceremony was witnessed by President James Michel and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is here on a historic three-day State visit at the invitation of the Seychelles head of state.

Mr Rajapaksa was warmly welcomed on arrival at the Seychelles International Airport last Saturday afternoon by President Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie, chief justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, and the president of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, ministers, chief of defence forces Brigadier Leopold Payet and other key dignitaries.

Representatives of the local Sri Lankan community were also present to welcome the Sri Lankan President who is accompanied by a high level delegation that includes the Minister for External Affairs, the Minister for Sports, the Minister for Public Relations and Public Affairs, and members of Parliament among other high level staff.

Speaking after the signings, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam said that “the Seychelles and Sri Lankan governments have both recognised the potential for greater cooperation between our two peoples, and it is with this in mind that we have been working tirelessly to create the necessary frameworks and opportunities for these mutually beneficial engagements to take place”.

Home Affairs and Transport Minister Joël Morgan signed an air service agreement paving the way for the establishment of air links between Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

President James Michel welcomed the decision, adding that the air links would boost trade and tourism between Sri Lanka and Seychelles.

“The new flights will surely open doorways for business, tourism, cooperation and trade exchanges between Seychelles and Sri Lanka. Seychelles can become a gateway to Africa and other parts of the world. The air links will be a catalyst to ensure increased cooperation between our two countries,” said President Michel.

The Minister for Education, Macsuzy Mondon, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills establishing the framework for close cooperation in areas of vocational training and youth development. The MoU also outlines an annual leadership programme for 25 Seychellois youth in Sri Lanka.

Minister Adam himself signed an MoU on cooperation between the Seychelles Ministry of Defence and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. This agreement allows for greater exchange of military delegations of all levels and exchanges in the areas of defence education and equipment and technical cooperation.

The Sri Lankan Minister for External Affairs, Professor G L Peiris, signed the agreements, on behalf of the Sri Lankan government.
During a press conference later at the Kempinski Resort, Baie Lazare, Minister Adam and Prof. Peiris talked of the strength of the relationship between the two countries and the efforts the two leaders are deploying to build on the partnership of mutual benefits.

“This partnership is not only on paper but is practical with high level exchange visits every month,” said Minister Adam.

Mr Adam noted that the two countries are gateways to different parts of the world – Seychelles to Africa and Sri Lanka to Asia – and added that SriLankan Airlines will be flying to Seychelles possibly before the end of this year although everyone recognises that aviation is a complicated business.

There is also a possibility of code-sharing between the SriLankan Airlines and Air Seychelles.

In the financial sector, the Bank of Ceylon of Sri Lanka is to open a branch here and Prof. Peiris noted that this can become a reality by October.

He noted that Seychellois businesses in the tourism, investment and fisheries sectors – be they big or small – can bring their expertise to Sri Lanka and vice-versa. For his part, Minister Adam noted that 93% of long liners in Seychelles have been built in Sri Lanka.

The MoU with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills to establish the framework for close cooperation in areas of vocational training and youth development, presents an opportunity for young Seychellois and entrepreneurs to tap into the existing possibilities in Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka understands that no matter how many degree holders you have you also need to have technical people. What Seychelles is able to tap into in this agreement is to have our own people trained in technical courses like mechanics. This will allow us to build on Sri Lanka’s expertise and at the same time bring practical solutions to our education sector,” said Minister Adam.

Prof. Peiris noted that President Rajapaksa is pleased with what has been accomplished between the two countries since President Michel visited Sri Lanka in August last year.

“This is a perfect example of good bilateral relationship between two countries. It is structured and sequenced,” he said, adding at the two island states have much to contribute to the architecture of the world in regards to economy and other fields.

Sri Lanka thanks Seychelles for IOC membership support


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Flag-raising ceremony marks anniversary

Post  Sirop14 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:51 pm

Flag-raising ceremony marks anniversary

The Sri Lankan community in Seychelles marked their country’s 68th Independence Day celebrations by a flag hoisting ceremony at the residence of the high commissioner of Sri Lanka to Seychelles, Tikiri Gunathilake, at Carana, Machabée.
Another key moment of the day, was the reading by the high commissioner of the message for the occasion from the President of Sri Lanka, Miathripala Sirisena.
In his message, President Sirisena expressed his country’s pride of the progress made towards safeguarding the freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity of the Sri Lankan nation and strengthening national reconciliation and economic and political rights of all the country’s citizens.
“This occasion is of special significance because we commemorate the dawn of freedom at a time coinciding with the taking of clear and resolute steps to firmly establish democracy and good governance, the rule of law, and a truly meaningful parliamentary system; to establish a long lasting and stable structure of good governance in keeping with the mandate given by the people one year ago. We are resolved to continue on this path to create a socio-political environment for all citizens to live securely without fear,” said President Sirisena.
The president also talked on his country’s new drive for development and the strength of its freedom largely depends on developing indigenous skills and knowledge, while zealously guarding the rich cultural and social heritage of the past as Sri Lanka moves ahead to the victories of the future.
“As we commemorate independence, let us dedicate ourselves to provide a truly ethical, virtuous, wise and equitable service to all. Let us pledge to consolidate on peace and freedom achieved and build this future for our land and people,” urged the Sri Lankan president.
Other messages read were from Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.
The ceremony also saw observances from multi faiths of Sri Lanka like Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Islam.
The celebrations to mark the 68th Independence Day anniversary of Sri Lanka will continue on Saturday with a cultural show at the 369 Restaurant.


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