Labour overpaid for RBS by £12 billion, minister says

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Labour overpaid for RBS by £12 billion, minister says

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:16 pm

[size=18]We had that mega melt down in 2008 because of the corrupted, criminal workings/benchmark from the big banks, the Volunteer sector, the NGO in Britain across EU and the world beside many others.

We have had to attend discussion meeting at a very large church 12/6/13 and those who questioned why  not add the issues of the meeting at Facebook.
The important impact of that meeting on events related to RBS and other Financial news 12/6/13
We had not wished/wanted to address the issues, safe for the article about the RBS resignation and the Conservative Coalition debacle that Labour over paid for RSB by £12 billions – we/I was involve in those issues then PM  Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling as Chancellor.

In the past we have state those such issues were are not meant and supposed to share with the public - when you see this kind of muck you/one have to react.  The greater British public and the armies of social network refusal to react - what about the EU institutions.

Beside since we have opened that account with the French/Paris based cloud collaborative platform the many issue suddenly popping/exploding every where and what those utterly crooked, corrupted and criminal media are writing.

The same mess is going on as in the days of then Chancellor Gordon Brown and has been going on since the Chancellor of the Conservative came to Office he/they have been using discipline, dynamic and mechanism we manage and responsible for and how they impact Fiscal, monetary, Central bank workings and this nation economic and corporate workings - then we have those very unfriendly people in Seychelles what they churn out daily in their media both Seychelles Nation and SBA.[/

Labour overpaid for RBS by £12 billion, minister says
Labour overpaid by £12 billion when it bailed out the Royal Bank of Scotland at the height of the financial crisis, Treasury minister Sajid Javid has said.
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RBS share price drops 6% on news of Hester departure
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