Woolwich: two shot in police incident live coverage

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Woolwich: two shot in police incident live coverage

Post  Sirop14 on Wed May 22, 2013 5:38 pm

Woolwich: two shot in police incident live coverage

We had been thinking of writing a complete different article about accountability, failed, due monitoring of those exile/refugee from Sechelles Seychelles in 1992/3 as per the stated International Organization for Migration, the UNHCR and many others since/give they had funded some of the exile/refugee who returned with then Sir James Mancham and the big con he paid for it /it was his money – the fools who believed in him and the Opposition in Seychelles and the SPF government never pressed for accountability because a great deal of unwanted muck would be discovered and reported.

For the past three weeks we are being bounced from one Office to another concerning our Legal and Resettlement request those who are aware and have copy of our email.

Yesterday we attend a session with MRC – Migrant Resource Centre near Victoria Station and they referred me to a special advocacy Group Liberty. We also informed the case worker of the meeting outcome.

This Morning had the option attending a special Housing Lawyer meeting in Dalston or chasing the Resettlement issues.

I decided to chase the later – found myself again near Vauxhall Bridge Road and the Police yesterday. I had been given the wrong direction hence had to ask for direction - in the end landed by 11 Governor Rd, the Office of IOM – International Organization for Migration – the discussion we had explaining I have been writing about our situation for the past five years as well as the situation of the 21, 000 exile/refugee form Seychelles and the UNHCR and many British and International Bodies say just do not exist.

They explained to me they had discontinued the work with British government and EU on Resettlement and that would have been to country of Origin – Seychelles. I also pointed and explained that I have had many years of correspondence with IOM in Geneva and Mr Gervais Appave who is a Mauritius National know of the issues and last year the Conference in Mauritius on Diaspora and their contributions to their National economy, development and Democracy – yet he completely refuse to acknowledge our communication.

IOM staff then pointed me to Refugee Aid, two floors lower – before leaving explained I belong to those who had great difficulty with our Seychelles working with BRC and how we helped and contributed to setting up Refugee Forum and their work.

I landed at Resource Centre One floor lower and they pointed be to Refugee Action, spoke to a Young German Receptionist and they informed me they do only case of those who have no papers,, legal Status and being deported or wish to return to their country. They can only refer me to a list of Lawyers including MRC.

After this three meeting/discussion we felt very terrible and downcast, went to Sainsbury to get something to eat and all along the way the Racist harassment by the White populace and use of that “ Satanic rage/rave anti social harassment against our person” on the way there we had called at the Old Office of UNHCR and the builders were not nice and all those by the side of the road who greeted us – the Homeless. Yesterday after the meeting had had a coffee by the Queen Mother Sport Centre.

I decided to sit on the step of MRC office in Vauxhall Bridge to rest and get our thought back. They were closed today. A lot of people passed and their buzz and look. After a while police Warden started to walk pass by - knew they would attempt to be nasty.

Suddenly an Asian Warden cam and question me – politely gave him my details, address and reasons for being their. Then other Warden came and a White one and he started using that antisocial/satanic rage/rave against our person to intimidate and bully our person. Some of the passer by noticed and realised what they were doing. Two van came an parked in front of where they were standing and let them know they were being nasty. That did not stop them.

The called the Central Police and said there was nothing wrong it was just routing. We came across six soldiers in Uniform and greeted them and two groups of Homeless being questioned by the police.

I caught the Bus and went about my business stopped to get coffee and ask for some panadol because my head was paining.

I landed on Caledonian road and red the news of the Machete attack and the police killing. “ I went out of my way to address the USA Homeland Security and the many USA policing authorities and the white House – because of the many killing over the past 30 years in Britain given my responsibility at a leading exile/refugee, High Management workings in diplomacy, big business, military, social issues and media – what we have address to Lady /Thatcher, PM John Major, PM Tony Blair and PM Gordon Brown, the UN, the Court of Justice , the Masonic institutions and the NGO, the Interfaith – when anybody hold and work that kind of responsibility any they are abused, terrorised – there are counter mechanism and they react and counter react when they do the outcome is very negative. The collateral fallout/spill over.

Then what the media and the police and the politicians and so call experts write about.

This was not Terrorist Attack - this was police provocated action and those from the Masonic Establishment monitoring our issues, instead of helping they use others to make our progress and work very difficult. Harass and Terrorize our person.

This is the corrupted benchmark - practise and all those from the Conservative calling for Britain to put out of EU then we can have British Justice and we have a great deal of experience, before Colonial Seychelles /East Africa and in Britain the past 30 years and events and the lie and coverups.


Man killed by two attackers in Woolwich – live updates

BBC man claims two men who 'hacked soldier wearing Help For Heroes T-shirt to death with machetes' were chanting God is Great

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2329089/Two-men-hack-soldier-wearing-Help-Heroes-T-shirt-death-machetes-suspected-terror-attack-London-street-shot-police.html#ixzz2U2ll3XxN
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Woolwich attack: terrorist proclaimed 'an eye for an eye' after attack


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