Pakistan voters celebrate as Sharif looks set to win

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Pakistan voters celebrate as Sharif looks set to win

Post  Sirop14 on Sun May 12, 2013 4:55 pm

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif, who advocates free-market economics, is likely to pursue privatisation and deregulation to revive flagging growth.

He has said Pakistan should stand on its own two feet but may need to seek a another bailout from the International Monetary Fund to avoid a balance of payments crisis.

The PML-N leader has said he could do business with the IMF, meaning he may be open to reforms like an easing of subsidies and a widening of Pakistan’s tiny tax base to secure billions of dollars from the global lender.
But his main job will be to ease widespread discontent over endemic corruption, chronic power cuts and crumbling infrastructure. He has described Pakistan as a “mess” and said the key to moving forward is speedy growth.

“A better-than-expected result for Nawaz could prove to be an albatross around his neck,” said Muhammad Malick, a popular current affairs broadcaster.

“With an overwhelming majority of seats and without needing the crutch of coalition partners to form government, he will have fewer excuses for failure on key policy issues such as the economy and terrorism.”

Sharif will likely press for negotiation with the Pakistan wing of the Taliban, whose bombing attacks failed to derail the election, but he could run into resistance from the military which has lost thousands of soldiers fighting the insurgency.

Despite Pakistan’s history of coups, the army stayed out of politics during the five years of the last government and threw its support behind the election.

However, some fear the military could step back in were there a repeat of the incompetence and corruption that frustrated many Pakistanis during the last government’s rule.

Pak-India ties
Sharif, who was toppled in a 1999 bloodless coup by former army chief Pervez Musharraf, may take steps to improve ties with Pakistan’s arch-enemy, India.

Efforts to boost trade between the neighbours have stalled due to suspicion on both sides.

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Pakistan voters celebrate as Sharif looks set to win

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Sharif’s impressive election victory inspires new hope

Comment:How many recall Mrs Thatcher and PM John Major efforts to get Banazir Butho educated in Britain elected, events and her assassination.
Come the election Nawaz Sharif, how he got elected the first time and why - the connection, very important our workings, input in his Office, the President Bill Clinton , President Bush - having said our important in put in his Office in Term of Interdisciplinary Management High working. Events which led to a great deal of negativity and the position of Pakistan Army former army chief Pervez Musharraf - who was toppled him in a 1999 bloodless coup. Again our input in his Office and events. Yet what the media writes and those who know the greater issues be they in Pakistan, India, Europe, the USA and Russia or China.

Why General Pervez Musharraf risked a great deal by coming back to Pakistan for the election. His arrest/

Had this situation been in African Union how they would have reacted and responded - this is Pakistan and we have to rely on Democracy working hence our reason for addressing the issues in Public. When any Head of State have/has worked with our person in Term of greater interdisciplinary high management working and he/she get elected a second or third term, those associate and who will form part of that working will remember most of the past issues and try to reconnect.

We do believe Imran Khan must know/is aware of some of the issues - not just form a global prospective but regional Indian Ocean. However one very crucial and important fact - that was PM Tony Blair era and today we have a Conservative Coalition in Office and their ruthless ability to exploit, manipulate and destabilize a great deal of international and regional workings and then lie, cover up and use the media to tell their stories. The Media and Hacking Scandal has not taught them anything. Unless there is a coalition we fear very much for the Pakistan Nation and its people - those who know our person and would exploit it very ruthlessly in Britain as they have one in the past then - do as if we just do not exist. The utterly corrupted workings.


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