The front or back of the Horse - Officials and Chancellor Osborn say we are in 0.3% growth and avoided triple dip recession

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The front or back of the Horse - Officials and Chancellor Osborn say we are in 0.3% growth and avoided triple dip recession

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:20 pm

The front or back of the Horse - Officials and Chancellor Osborn say we are in 0.3% growth and avoided triple dip recession.

We would not write this article "safe for those who have and hold no respect and the golden rule to return respect" among certain crowds in Britain, White, Black, Green, Brown and Yellow - events of the past 30 years in Britain and Europe. We have known and worked with a large Breakers yard in Kent the past 21 years too.

For the past 30 years in Britain we have lived in Kilburn, Clapham Junction, Hounslow and Ashford Stanhope - the high percentage of issues which never made it to the press.

In London and Paris the streets are full - those who politely call them pick pockets - we have worked in the field of Interdisciplinary Management and those crowds we have mentioned above who knew exactly " who we were coming and going as they say, yet" - How they harvest information and what they do with this and these in formation - how it is passed on and sold. At three of our Community forums, the African, the European and the Indian ocean we have been addressing those issues over the past 10 years. They use the same method to steal you information, identity, finger your person, under PM Blair and John Major the issues of stalking and the laws - They do not have to come into your House and they have developed the technique to find a very great deal about your person and life.

In the Village and the former House of the Family who were quasi Family/Parents a large Family of Traveller/Roma have moved in and since what has been going on.

This Morning we address the Policing authorities of the USA other places of the development - most of those Traveller/Roma Families in Kent know my/our person and capabilities reasonably well - what about those who can look onto the future and read cards etc.

We have some 250,000 Mauritian and 8,000 Seychellois in UK, their knowledge of British economy workings the past 60 years boom and bust.

It is not right for the Coalition given how they came to power, the Hacking Court Case and the Mega Television Scandal, to be saying that Britain has avoided the triple dip and is growing by 0.3% when it is those Traveller/Roma Family "winding the horse manure and other such manure out of our person, system and higher responsibilities" causing the pseudo 0.3 % growths phenomena - we have worked with Lady Thatcher John Major, PM Blair and Brown , all four of USA past president, if nor more, in Germany , France and Italy and EU in general. The fact that the Oppositions cannot detect such criminal and fraudulent workings and statements and the greater Public with the forest of social networks.

To prove that we are not talking about cheap manure here - in the same media the scandal of the Emir of Dubai Stable scandal of Drugging - this blew up because on the back of the mechanism which we have addressed for the past 30 years counter reacting and will continue to counter react and there is nothing anybody can do about it - until the situation stop.,

The Emir Horse/Stable or not - this is not serious and for a Village of good working reputation for the past 50 years. There are those who will judge this criminal and highly corrupted method and way doing thing, is all right all long as it is working - we remind and ask every body do not forget 2007/8 why it happened. Involved were nations, millions - this situation is just a small Family.

The bigger Criminals are the politicians,, the media and so call great experts for not having the ability to per-sieve, distinguish and analyse, asses the situation properly.

What about the EU media, the Commission and the many experts and mega resources, they cannot detect, analyse and asses properly the facts - this is why we have written to Seychelles regarding the Climate, Indian Ocean Strategic dangers and the many mega resources they are setting up and how they go about working the issues and reporting if one can call this reporting.


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