Möbelgruppe Kika/Leiner vor Verkauf?

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Möbelgruppe Kika/Leiner vor Verkauf?

Post  Sirop14 on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:15 pm

We/I am not unduly taken that many of our English readers will not be able to read this issues straight away because it is in German - the resources to Translate abounds.

We addressed a number of parties this morning about the government in Seychelles alone to manage Global environment fund and they call upon NGO, Graduate, Business entities etc to help. We cannot link the letter email we sent to the Seychelles Ministry of environment and energy - those who can access our email and know its contents.

We underline here there exist and has always existed other higher management dynamics those who like to lumps things together. We gave a few examples of how that SIROP program in the course of its deployment impacted many aspects of global environment, ecology, social dynamic and its core workings other related synergy and dynamics without going in to many details is case we are sworn at - those given to swearing.

We have been addressing how our greater Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee workings have impacted south Africa workings form big economy, the big diamond industry , the Stock market, the politic, gold mine and very many others - we have explained the work in process with that SIROP portal, we have to go to the process of accountability and what it requires - Just look at what the so call experts in the furniture industry are saying and attribute to this take over by the South African company - yet it is wrong, we know of the dynamic/synergy and issues impacting this take over. We can make negative or positive contribution towards it. This said those like Dr Henry Kissinger and many other who have known and worked with us - high management is not about manipulation - there are greater objectives. In the process of attaining and reaching thee objectives the synergy and dynamic released and what they impact and influence and affect.

In the connotation of greater global politic and diplomacy when a multinational embarks on an acquisition of a Furniture concern and as old as the German /Austrian. We know these companies very well. The unscrupulous will say my friend this is time to make money/make a kill we are not about making a kill and in the past those who have worked with us and use such information to make such important profits where we have landed.

President Bush Junior never quite understood those/such highly complicated workings and he " labelled then Talibans and Al Kaida and it took many terrible experience for his to make the difference."

Why are we saying this - that SIROP program is currently impacting certain important workings of EU mainly economy and politic, the USA - in comparison to its impacts in the 1987/88 it is very very modest - because many of the related structures, linkage built/put in to place had bee destroyed and decimated. importantly by very corrupted management benchmarks. Work on this portal to rebuild and remap that program is half way completed. Hence unlike in the 1987/88 when may be only one or two individual in Seychelles safe the president some technical adviser and Dr Ferrari, Sir James Mancham knew and understood some of the complexities the UNDP and Global Environment and energy fund is addressing in the current time. The important need to use past experience and develop management project linked to ongoing work of that portal project and real development in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean Region - impacting the Gulf, North Africa, the AU, India, Pakistan and south Asia.

We trust those monitoring the issues we have addressed will try and clean it up and present it to President Obama.

Had we addressed this issues 12 years ago those who would have accused us of red herring smoke screen creating. Some 15 years on we can tap on the due experience and knowledge and use it to work a better future.

We make the efforts to monitor the complex media issues and we have been trained to "detect signatures " those who care to use such terminology - we have other terminology. The current situation in Italy those who have worked with us in the past on the very issues.

We will be monitoring this issue

Wien. In der Gerüchteküche geht es gewöhnlich höchst indiskret zu - da gibt es auch für die Möbelbranche keine Ausnahmen. Und daher wird nun über etwas geplaudert, das (noch) gar nicht an die Öffentlichkeit gelangen sollte: Die Möbelgruppe Kika/Leiner soll verkauft werden, heißt es. Angeblich ist das Ganze auch schon ziemlich unter Dach und Fach. Käufer soll den sehr fundierten Gerüchten zufolge der südafrikanische, börsenotierte Mischkonzern Steinhoff sein, dessen Wurzeln in der Möbelindustrie liegen. Kolportierter Verkaufspreis: rund 800 Mio. Euro.
Die Transaktion klingt also schon reichlich konkret. Doch stimmt das Gerücht tatsächlich? Das ist schwer zu eruieren, weil von den Beteiligten nur äußerst dürftige Stellungnahmen zu erhalten sind. Kika/Leiner-Chef Paul Koch ist im Ausland - eine Anfrage der „Presse" blieb am Donnerstag unbeantwortet.



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